Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Break Up

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Break Up

Cancer and Scorpio both fall under the same element, water, meaning they are naturally drawn to one another. This is an exceptionally compatible couple who felt peace and comfort in each other’s presence since the moment they met.

Their first encounters likely consisted of subtle hints of affection, quick glances, and lots of quiet thoughts about making the first move.

Scorpio Man and Cancer woman are equally intense, emotional people. They have a lot of love for one another.

He is attracted to her intuition, gentleness, and nurturing, almost maternal personality. She is drawn to his confidence, big personality, and passion for life.

These two are well-matched, both having lots of emotions. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and he bottles his heart up for long periods. He wants to wait to get to know her well before trusting her with his most profound thoughts, insecurities, and emotions.

If they have the privilege of many years together, these two will develop even stronger feelings, a stronger bond, and crazy good communication skills. They are nearly polar opposite in many ways, but these differences are what makes their relationship so strong.

The question is, can they make it through their first few years together?

In the event of a breakup, Cancer Woman is naive, and Scorpio Man is vindictive and spiteful.

She focuses on the relationship, examining it to see if she can mend it, and then quietly works to repair it. His feelings are easily hurt, and he fights with Cancer Woman to win the argument rather than find a solution.

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He fights not to find a solution together but to win the argument and to win the breakup. He longs to be correct, sometimes even at the expense of a great relationship.

Scorpio Man Temperament

Scorpio Men are brimming with life. These water signs are ten pounds of fire and passion in a five-pound sack.

He is mysterious and has a lot of depth to his personality. He has a lot of intense, powerful emotions but is a master of concealing them. He is not one to trust his instinct. Instead, he prefers sound logic and practical solutions.

As a lover, he can be an extremist. He offers passion, ambition, true love, and intense sexual attraction. In exchange, he expects a fully compliant, obedient, and submissive woman.

While he is a master of concealing his feelings, he doesn’t always maintain control over them.

When life hits him hard, he crumples to the ground and stays there for a while. He can have a hard time pulling himself out of hard times.

Also, he is susceptible to bouncing between utter despair and outrageous joy. He definitely needs someone in his life to ground him and help him learn to accept and control these vast mood swings.

Sadly, he can be oppressive in his relationship. While he doesn’t intend to be, he is.

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Cancer Woman Disposition

This lady has a lot of submissive traits that make her want to follow someone with a bold presence.

She is in tune with her intuition, pays attention to her emotions, and seeks out a peaceful lifestyle. The Cancer Woman is often perceived as naive, vulnerable, and even child-like with her innocence.

She is so nurturing and compassionate that many people tell her she has a natural maternal instinct. She feels compelled to love and support those who are closest to her.

Yes, she can be meek and even subservient, but she still maintains a lot of respect for herself. She knows her worth and will not tolerate unkindness for long.

Believe it or not, she is slow to make a romantic commitment. She knows that she wears her heart on her sleeve, and this is her one act of caution in an attempt to protect it.

Cancer Women can rotate through their emotions just as quickly as the weather may change. One minute she’s sick of the relationship and planning a way out; the next, she is giddy and so hopelessly in love that it almost hurts to breathe.

This woman does not outright relay her thoughts or feelings to her man. Instead, she drops subtle hints and clues and expects him to always pick up on these cues.

She does very well in the presence of dominating, leading, emotionally-stable men like the Scorpio Man.

In the event of a breakup, she is more likely to experience true heartbreak. She doesn’t withhold her love during a relationship as an act of self-preservation; breakups hurt her a lot. Even if she does mend the relationship with him, her complete trust will likely be gone for good.

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What Causes A Fight Between The Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman?

While Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman are highly compatible, they do have their differences. If they are not proactive about working through their differences, they will not last as a couple.

Their issues can be succinctly solved by the Scorpio Man treading more carefully, being more careful in how he speaks to, and acts towards his partner; meanwhile, the Cancer Woman can shake off some of her codependence, speak up, and also learn to accept his masculine, more dominating characteristics.

Here are the three most common problems that put a wedge in between the Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man.

1 Communication Issues

Scorpio Men tend to have a more dominant, even overbearing personality. Conversely, Cancer Women are more submissive, quiet, and peace-seeking.

Scorpio Men do not accept their feelings well, usually opting to push their emotions away rather than experience them. Cancer Women lead with their feelings, trusting their intuition and emotional senses to make decisions.

Because of these traits, Scorpio can feel presumptuous to Cancer, while Cancer feels annoyingly amenable to Scorpio.

2 Different Preferences in the Bedroom

The Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman feel a strong draw to one another, and both are equally intense, emotional, open, and loving. However, their slight differences become very evident when it comes to intimacy.

Scorpio Man needs sensuality, attraction, and good sessions with his partner to feel true joy. Granted, he does want a deep connection and commitment to his lover, but these aspects are not necessary for him to enjoy sexual intimacy with her.

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Cancer Woman, on the other hand, has fewer physical needs. Rather, she has emotional ones instead. She needs commitment, emotional ties, open dialogue, trust, and genuine love to enjoy herself during their love-making sessions.

While this couple is equally matched sexually speaking, she prefers traditional sessions, and he wants high energy, adventure, and passion.

3 Scorpio’s Possessive Traits

Scorpio is prone to upsetting or even angering Cancer with his excessive demands. He naturally wants to dominate the relationship, control his partner, and ruthlessly demand her emotional attention.

While she does appreciate the countless opportunities to show her love, fall into his leadership, and trust him, she gets tired of feeling like she is constantly giving. He does provide a lot of love, time, and thought back to her, but she does not exhaust him by expecting and consistently asking for these gifts.

Not only is Scorpio jealous and possessive, but he also never lets go of his suspicions. While he desperately wants to trust his person to be faithful and true, he can never allow himself fully believe.

Ironically enough, she also has fleeting moments of insecurity and possessiveness.

Unfortunately, Scorpio Man does not cater to nor tolerate these brief jealous emotions nearly as well as she does. He is faithful, and quite frankly, it irks him that she doesn’t trust him 100% of the time.

Can Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman Work Out Their Issues?

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman are highly compatible and very likely to work out their issues, so long as both of them want to make the relationship last.

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Healthy and robust communication is what Scorpio and Cancer need to take their relationship to the next level. They love each other deeply; they just have different ways of expressing this. If they can have open and honest discussions about their needs and how to meet them better, they will do well.

This couple manages their thoughts and emotions in nearly opposite ways; clear communication on why and how they do this will really solidify their relationship.


The Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man pairing is an exceptionally compatible match with a high likelihood of working.

After being in a relationship for many years, this couple will develop a strong bond and efficient communication skills. Many Cancer Woman and Scorpio Men who are in long-lasting relationships say that they communicate almost by means of telepathy.

This couple must be willing to learn how to communicate healthily and want to understand one another better.

If he can reel in his authoritarian ways, and she can step outside of her comfort zone, they will undoubtedly make their relationship enjoyable, mutually beneficial, and long-lasting.