Sun Sextile Neptune – Creative and Connected

Sun Sextile Neptune

Sextiles are always associated with positive connections between two astrological bodies. The Sun Sextile Neptune natal placement is an especially positive connection.

Individuals with a Sun Sextile Neptune natal placement are going to find themselves radiating a magical charisma and at the same time being in touch with a subtle inspiration that fuels their creativity.

Let’s explore what the positive combination of the Sun and Neptune has in store for an individual.

The Sun – Purposes And Consciousness

At its most basic sense, the Sun represents the ego.

This covers both the good and the bad of it. The Sun simultaneously gives us the answer to the question “who are you?” while also throwing some roadblocks our way as we work towards self-actualization.

It also has one of the most powerful effects on our overall astrological chart. The Sun is grounded in the here and now. It is about reason and not instinct. While the moon represents those aspects of our minds that are working beneath the surface, the Sun is literally what we shine out into the world for everyone to see.

Neptune – Subtle Inspiration

Neptune is one of the most interesting planets when it comes to astrology.

Neptune represents a deeply powerful and mystical influence. It is the planet of dreamers, and it is also the planet that has a connection with psychic awareness. As with everything in astrology, there are beneficial as well as challenging aspects about this planet.

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When Neptune appears in your astrological chart, you’re going to have a natural skill when it comes to spiritual or dream matters. Where Neptune pops up, individuals are called towards their dreams and can have a touch of magic about them.

Neptune also poses some challenges. All of this contact with the ephemeral nature of dreams can make individuals with Neptune in their astrological charts deceitful. In addition, those same skills that make people naturally in touch with the mystical side of things can also pull them towards escapism.

Sun Sextile Neptune – The Outgoing Mystic

The Sun Sextile Neptune natal placement is incredibly interesting. It combines the outgoing nature of the Sun with the mystical qualities of Neptune. This brings out a creative personality that is gifted with the rare ability to manifest their creative drive. Think less struggling artist, and more someone alive with the gift of their creativity, whether or not that’s bringing in enough money to live on.

Let’s take a closer look at the interesting effects of Sun Sextile Neptune going to have on our personalities.

1 Psychic Sensitivities

Sextiles create a positive feedback loop in astrology. Whenever two planetary bodies are connected with a sextile, their qualities flow back and into each other, which can amplify their effect.

We can see this very clearly in the psychic sensitivity of somebody with a Sun Sextile Neptune. Before we get too far in this section, it’s worth taking a second to explain what we mean by psychic. Psychic can be interpreted as intuition or something deeper. Whichever direction you take it, the Sun Sextile Neptune natal amplifies this quality.

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Individuals that have a Sun Sextile Neptune are going to naturally have an amped up sense of psychic connections. This can manifest as having powerful intuitions, hunches that always turn out right, or a more open connection to psychic phenomena.

This openness can also be a challenge. Openness to new connections can also bring in negativity. An individual with a Sun Sextile Neptune might find themselves connected to bad psychic energy a little more readily than other placements.

2 A Deeper Charisma

There’s something magical about an individual that has a powerful charisma. People just feel drawn to this person, and they want to be in their orbit. If the Sun represents our ego and the aspects of ourselves so that we show to the world and Neptune governs a mystical, psychic connection to those around us, we’ve got the recipe for a powerful charisma.

Individuals with Sun Sextile Neptune natal placements will naturally have a charisma that can’t be resisted. How this shows up in their lives depends on how the rest of their chart looks. They might be the life of the party, a stand-up comedian, or a natural-born leader working for a humanitarian cause that they care about with all of their heart.

The naturally outgoing characteristics of the Sun are going to power up Neptune’s mystical qualities. A person with this sextile might as well be glowing with a mystic aura.

3 Humanitarian Drive

All of this connection with the outside world is also going to drive a person with a Sun Sextile Neptune natal placement towards humanitarian concerns.

This is a person that not only has a lot of openness, they can support that openness with their ability to care for the people that enter into their lives.

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This is a drawing of the position of Neptune in the sextile. Neptune might be mostly known for its mystic qualities, but it’s also known for being merciful. When this sense of mercy connects into how the Sun shapes our ego, it encourages people to pursue humanitarian goals.

A person with a Sun Sextile Neptune natal placement is going to want to find a way to give back to the world around them. There are countless ways that this can manifest in an individual’s life, but you can expect that their natural charisma is also going to be playing a role here.

Depending on how the rest of their chart goes, a Sun Sextile Neptune natal placement is just the type of person to start organizing a community support effort or step up into a leadership role when times get tough.

4 Discover Your Artistic Side

One of the easiest to identify aspects of the Sun Sextile Neptune is their connection with their artistic side.

Whether that’s painting, creating music, or any other way than an individual finds an artistic outlet, Sun Sextile Neptune is all about being in touch with art.

This can often be a missing component in the life of someone with a Sun Sextile Neptune placement. Because the sextile is so easy going, it can often go totally unnoticed. This can cause individuals who are overlooking their Sun Sextile Neptune to feel like they’re missing out on something in their lives.

5 An Escapist Ego

Sextile placements are generally very positive, but the Sun Sextile Neptune placement does come with a few challenges.

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These challenges largely stem from the fact that there isn’t a lot of tension in the Sun Sextile Neptune natal placement. This means that things can tend to go ignored and not challenged from the inside. This is a natural relationship that is going to need outside energy to be complete.

One of the ways that this often turns office to escapism.

A person with a Sun Sextile Neptune placement can find themselves entering into a closed feedback loop that favors escapism over facing immediate and pressing concerns in their lives.

Because this individual is naturally creative, and that creativity is connected into their ego through their Sun, this is the type of individual who can fall off the map while they pursue something esoteric. When this shows up in a negative manifestation, it’s because this person is actively hiding that from responsibilities they’re looking to avoid.

Navigating this tension is going to be all about adding some friction to the Sun Sextile Neptune relationship. Draw the emotional or material energy from other aspects of your natal chart to give yourself something to grab onto, and you can pull yourself out of the escapist feedback loop that can pop up with this placement.

6 High Sensitivity’s Trade-Off

The Sun will be magnifying Neptune’s natural sensitivities. While most of the time this means a charismatic individual who’s going to be keyed into the subtle workings of the world around them, it can also pose some serious challenges.

Having too much sensitivity can be a huge challenge until you learn how to regulate it. In its worst manifestations, it can feel like you’re living with the volume on full blast all the time. This can get incredibly exhausting until an individual learns how to properly channel Neptune’s creativity when it’s amplified by the Sun’s energy.

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One way to look at this aspect of a Sun Sextile Neptune natal placement is to see the Sun as a battery. The Sun is plugged into Neptune’s psychic sensitivities, which dramatically increases how effective they are.

Navigating the world with everything so heightened is a challenge that it takes time to master.

Bottom Line

Having Sun Sextile Neptune natal placement is a natural gift.

This is going to open up an individual to their own psychic sensitivity while projecting a sense of charisma and compassion to the world around them. This person is also going to be in touch with their artistic side and be able to bring their creative aspirations to life.

Individuals with this placement are also going to face some challenges when it comes to living life with their sensitivities turned up.