Venus Square Pluto – A Complete Guide

Venus Square Pluto

Do you know what square aspect of planet signifies in your natal chart?

The square aspect of planets in a natal chart reflects the challenges, tensions, and hardships in life brought by the involved planets. The challenges work as a stimulus for motivation.

The square reveals a reluctance to make big decisions, especially when it becomes inevitable. It pushes you to a situation where you are left with no choice.

It demands you to evaluate every side of the story to reach the best possible outcome. The planetary square aspect is an indication of self-reflection. It will help you to equate balance in areas of life where the square aspect happens.

Planetary Square Formation

Up to 4 planets can form a square together, but a planetary square is usually a combination of 2 or 3 planets. A T- square is formed when 3 planets come together, and the Grand square comprises of 4 planets.

Importance Of Venus In Astrology And Synastry

On the one hand, astrology helps people know their personality traits better in the light of their zodiac signs. Synastry, on the other hand, plays a vital role in describing the accurate display of the compatibility of two individuals.

Venus is the second personal planet. It symbolizes courtship, adoration, personal tastes, and aesthetics. It represents an individual’s values and choices about relationships, finance, and material possessions.

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The hot Venus rules the love and decides what type of partner a person must look for. It is the planet of pleasure and relaxation in life.

Having Venus square in synastry means to love your partner from depths of heart and soul and gauge your relationship’s harmony based on zodiac compatibility.

Importance Of Pluto In Astrology And Synastry

Serious Pluto is associated with birth and death.

It originates from the outstanding attraction, passion, and vulnerability. In the birth chart, Pluto is notorious for creating tensions among partners, as this is the planet of sadness and struggle.

Its intangible nature is an indication of a destructive relationship. It is a tremendous renewal as well because what harms us also makes us stronger.

Its combination with Venus square in synastry is undeniable. It governs a potent force for evolutionary transformation in zodiac signs.

Venus Square Pluto – Overview

Governing Venus Square Pluto in your birth chart indicates that you know your skills and talents. You are never afraid to use your strengths to favour you whenever required.

The relationship of a couple ruled by this planetary combination is noticeably romantic and intense. Such couples’ energy is overwhelming and tremendous because they often display manipulative or controlling behavior.

Sometimes the arguments cause some fatal emotional wounds to each of them because they cross the limit, and the situation becomes worse in the heat of the moment.

The rift of power struggle leads the couple to the possible darker paths of this planetary aspect. Pluto’s constant effort to use the power appropriately often sabotages the beautiful relationship.

Venus Square Pluto relationships often experience power struggles.

The square aspect indicates the need to learn the ways to balance the relationship. Venus is a representation of feminine and sensual nature. Its association with love and money focuses on who controls the companionship and makes big decisions.

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Venus Square Pluto partners have a beautiful and intensely sexual relationship based on give and take. The energy flows between the couple in a complementary fashion.

Pluto’s inherent fear of submission often destroys the harmony between two love birds, especially in situations where both try to dominate each other.

The energetic Venus\Pluto duo symbolizes a significant redeeming power of pure love. The outcome of which is accepting and valuing your partner as much as you value yourself. Your synastry reveals a substantial growth of both physical and spiritual realms.

It’s about facing the adversities and challenges of life to embark on the journey of life together, holding each other’s hands. Venus Square Pluto is about finding the equality in your relationship and embracing that equation with all your heart and mind to cherish true love transformed by intense fire and passion.

This relationship in synastry is about the mutual growth of two blooming hearts.

Venus Square Pluto – Challenges

The square aspect of Venus makes individuals more vulnerable from an emotional point of view. Their inclination towards love, praise, and attraction are often more intense than others and results in obsessive behavior.

The intense sentiments lead to insecurities that make their relationship toxic and unpleasant. Their battle to control their extreme emotions usually makes them more possessive to guarantee that their relationship moves in the direction they want.

Their emotional fiasco can ruin their relationship. At one time, the Venus Square Pluto couple is exceptionally close and enjoying the bliss of sexual fantasies. However, they soon feel distant from each other because of their obsessive nature and desire to rule their partner.

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This abnormal behavior stems from their childhood, and the realization of this helps them get rid of it. Governing the square of the planet of love, love is the centre of their life and comes naturally to these individuals.

These individuals tend to fall prey to suspicions and insecurities about those they love. It might not only be about their partners in love, but they can have doubts about their parents, siblings, and friends too.

Their questioning behavior often takes a toll on their relationships and eventually ends in destroying that companionship. They demand absolute loyalty from others and usually fail themselves because of their self-doubts.

Venus Square Pluto – Pros And Cons

Venus Square Pluto Pros and Cons

Love, pleasure, sex, money, and self-worth are essential enigmas of life. Venus plays a vital role in forming any relationship, particularly the sentimental associations. The real challenge among couples is the spiritual commitment from your partner.

Pluto knows how imperative growth and change are. It is mandatory to let go of things instead of holding onto them for an extended period. Lovers should accept Karma and accept plutonic shadows. Such behavior indicates a profound transformation.

Pluto’s learning about moving on in life and accepting what a man can not control is the most important lesson that an individual has learned. The relationship between Venus and Pluto is the relationship between beauty and the beast.

This companionship can bring the worst out of them. Pluto’s obsession can make Venus feel drained both physically and emotionally. The imbalance expectations can make Venus feel like a slave to Pluto because of its overwhelming possession.

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However, their understanding can make their life heaven on earth because of the emotional attraction they have for each other. Their interest and charm for each other reflect a super sexy and seductive aspect of their life.

The struggle for love and power is inevitable, but you have to choose one. This choice distracts them. Venus perceives love as a cure, and for Pluto, it is about discovering the truth.

Venus Square Pluto is about exploring and knowing what appeals to you and why. It is about facing your shadows and truths, accepting things, and letting them go. This combination is about knowing yourself in and out to embrace the peace that is the most precious gift of this planetary duo.

Venus Square Pluto Transit

The transition of Venus Square Pluto has a profound impact on these natives’ love life. Tensions, threats, and ultimatums are evident if any one of the partners feels ruled by the other. This simmering tension may result in a painful end of the relationship.

However, sometimes the relationship may withstand these adversaries, and it is only possible because of the powerful dynamics of the companionship based on true love.

During the transit period, love life is poorly affected. The transition may severely transform the kind and gentle behavior to clingy and envious and turn you into a control freak if they are not looked after.

Every time the transition is occurring, it gives individuals a chance to undergo intense emotions of love. You do not want to control your partner, but you unintentionally do this. It would help to avoid break up if you amended your behavior.

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Respecting others’ freedom is the base of every relationship, and Karma strikes back at you. Choose the course of your actions wisely and practice self-control to live your life to the fullest.

Bottom Line

A companionship with Venus Square Pluto in a natal chart is about sensuality and beauty. It reveals a relationship between authority, leadership, power, and control with hidden and deep-rooted insecurities.

The square aspect may create rifts and tensions between the people and signs it resides in. This couple is magnetic and attracts awe and praise from others. The possessive and obsessive aspect of their personality results from some past betrayal, rejection, and loss.

Venus and Pluto are both extreme in their sentiments of love and hatred. Their belief about falling in love, at first sight, enable them to solve their issues based on intuitive thoughts. They possess the ability to learn a lot about themselves and their partner to subside their inner demons.

Together they make a loving couple, and their closeness in bed is their therapy to forget the bad experiences of the past and look forward to a bright future together.