Sun Square Pluto Transit – A Disturbing Effect on Personal Relationships

Sun Square Pluto Transit

Astrologers have always guided human beings for their betterment.

Astrological assistance has proved beneficial to instruct human beings regarding their relationship compatibility, strengths, and weaknesses of their personalities under their ruling planets’ influence.

Your birth chart captures the planets’ position at the time of your birth to analyze the planetary aspect. Planets are continually moving.

Technically they are on transit.

Transit Aspect In Natal Chart

Astrological transits are a part of predictive astrology. Predictive astrology is not about foretelling what the future will look like. Instead, it instructs about a wide range of possibilities lying ahead of you.

It is about forecasting an individual’s behavior to tackle various situations aligning with their personality and nature.

When the current moving planets are positioned above our birth chart planets, they form a transit in our charts. Astrologers claim that if a birth chart does not favor a similar aspect, the energy of transiting the planet decreases.

On the contrary, having the same aspect multiplies the effect of transiting the planet’s energy.

Sun Square Pluto Transit – An Unsettling Effect

Sun is the reason for life and its vitalities. It regulates all activities of life. This transit steers a dormant aspect between the inner and outer planets involved in a natal chart.

Pluto is a notorious planet and considered the God of the underworld. It attributes obsessive qualities, power clashes, and a quest to explore the deeper meaning of life and embark on new journeys to explore new horizons.

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Pluto gives its natives the power of regeneration and new beginnings. Individuals born with Sun square Pluto transit often face ego clashes with their loved ones because of their possessive behavior. They want to uphold their authority to them.

Owing to Sun square Pluto transit’s unsettling effect, people born under this aspect tend to interact with dark and forbidden forces. They might face challenges and crises in their life due to their failure in harmonizing relationships.

A Desire For Power Control

During Sun square Pluto transit, people want to be more in control. Extreme behavior, arguments, and clashes affect them badly. Due to their strong desire to lead everything as per their choice, these natives undergo intense life experiences.

The emotional intensity often reveals their deep-rooted psychological issues, concerning fear of neglect, rejection, and death. They become defensive or withdrawn.

Such an obsessive behavior might spring because of past life terrors and mental or physical tortures. Such behavior can also lead these individuals to addictions or unlocking spiritual doors to transform their personalities completely.

This transit qualifies them for facing the worst and enables them to channel their passions in the right direction and boost their natural talents and inner strengths.

Failure is not acceptable for these people. They need to understand that fanaticism is only shaking their confidence, and radical decisions will only raise more suspicions and further losses.

During this transit, they become an easy target for manipulation. People know their weakness of holding authority over everything. They use that to harm them. These individuals need to practice modesty and rationality to control damages.

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They should harness their obsessive behavior because it is slowing down their regenerative abilities more than usual.

Sun Square Pluto Transit – Time To Test Your Relationship

This transit becomes a source to validate many relationships. It uncovers many secrets. It is not only the test of people but also their associations and companionship compatibility.

During this period, people often become more stubborn and obsessed with dominating their partner. Their provocative behavior becomes a reason for draining their energies and creating rifts in their relationship.

They need to learn to accept challenges and to control their behavior to become rational. Only rationality and balance can develop their relationship. It is in their hands that they should not turn small disagreements into real wars and frustrations.

To harmonize your relationship, you need to change your behavior. Keep in mind that hurdles in your way will evolve you into your better version and help you attain a higher conscious level.

Life is not difficult. It requires you sometimes to let go of things. You cannot control everything all the time. Altering your behavior brings a relaxed attitude and calmness in life.

Ultimately this transit aims at transforming you and letting you know of your inherent powers and disempowerment. Outside pressures will test whether you surrender to obstacles or face them headstrong and change them in your favor.

It makes clear that you need to eliminate superficial and unnecessary emotions to attract growth and self-development.

Sun Square Pluto Transit – A Power Couple

Sun square Pluto transit sometimes becomes an indicator of a violent relationship. The ego conflicts and heated encounters lead this power couple to succumb to pieces.

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Both the partners take everything personally, hurt their emotions and fail to sustain their relationship due to their authoritative behavior and misunderstandings.

This power couple is obsessed with each other and cannot bear even a bit of neglect from each other. Both want to restrict their partner to them only. Jealousy also casts a disturbing effect on their relationship.

Their relationship does not demand any sacrifice from them except sacrificing their egos and dominating behavior. If they channel their intense energies into their ambitions than their actions, this will expose them to a balanced and perfect life.

Instead of making efforts to change their partner, they should focus on practicing this change themselves. A constructive direction and cooperation can save their relationship.

It is challenging to control Pluto’s negative energies, but Sun’s positivity accentuates caring traits that serve to induce an inherent ability to shun off negativity and pessimism.

This power couple can live the life of their dreams if they practice compromise and cooperation in their relationship. To creatively harmonize their relationship, they should spend more time with each other.

If they decide to express their sexual taboos, addictive manners, and even the occult, it may endanger their relationship. On the other hand, opening up in front of their partners to let them know their reality may also strengthen their trust. It can become a reason for getting rid of pains and conflicts.

It will help them understand each other, and while listening more to each other, they won’t be tempted to dominate the companionship.

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Bottom Line

During the Sun square Pluto transit, the natives of the zodiac wheel need to comprehend what makes them consume all their energies to be authoritative in their relationship. Knowing the reason will make them relaxed and grow into higher beings.

People born during Sun Square Pluto transit are passionate for success in life, but their arrogance gives an impression of their thirst for power and control.

Transit only lasts for a day or two, and they should keep themselves cool and calm during this period. Their controlled reactions will save them from facing unnecessary upheavals in their lives.

They should focus on elevating them up instead of being worried about obtaining an authoritative position.