Sun in the 8th House Synastry – A Powerhouse of Passions, Protection needs, & Kundalini Energy

Sun in the 8th House Synastry

From the ancient civilizations to the natives of the digital world, people often resort to astrology to find the answers to questions regarding life, commitments, and relationships.

Relationship synastry with its planetary aspects and houses in individuals’ and couples’ lives has always satisfied our curiosity with its answers about the influences of the sextile, trine, square, and opposition of planets in synastry chart and the traits of houses.

Synastry chart interpretation is among the oldest ways to know yourself, your partner, and your compatibility level. When your Sun falls in the 8th house of synastry, it breathes a passionate aura that is repellent to faint-hearted people.

It is the house of deepest sentiments, needs, insecurities, and kundalini energy. Keep reading ahead to fully comprehend the significance of the Sun in the 8th house synastry.

Sun – Planet Of Life, Light, Conscious Mind, And Creative Energy

Astrology associates the Sun with giving life to everything in this universe. It carries excellent psychic abilities and represents our conscious mind. Owing to its creative life forces, it attributes life purpose in our birth charts.

Sun represents our ego and self-realization. In synastry, this is the boss planet that directs individuals towards their life purpose. It is the representation of logical reasoning.

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Contrary to its rival Moon, which dwells in the past, the bright Sun is about the present, now and here. Sun advises you to embrace your reality instead of dreaming or imagining what you could have been. It encourages you to accept yourself as who you are.

In the synastry chart, Sun has gifts of enormous powers to make its natives shine brightly and develop triumphantly over time. When your Sun falls into your partner’s chart, it makes them live and enjoy your magnetic vitality.

It becomes an inspiration for growth for them. They feel confident in your company and cherish your love expressions. Sun’s infectious happiness radiates confidence to embark on happier journeys for shared experiences.

The Sun person takes the responsibility to create ease and comfort in the life of their partners. They are confident about their abilities to revitalize and invigorate a successful life for them.

The Sun’s position in the synastry chart makes individuals stand prominent and refine their self-confidence and sense of pride.

8th House In The Synastry – The House Of Passionate Sex And Intimacy

In synastry, the 8th house is the house of intense physical attraction, deepest desires of sex, and intimacy to enjoy the sensual pleasures. This house stimulates a desire for one-on-one relationships.

Unlike the 7th house, which is all about commitments, marriages, or sometimes flirtatious manifestations, the 8th house becomes a decision-maker about how often you would like to have sex, who would stay home with children, and where to invest to multiply your wealth.

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In synastry overlays, the 8th house implies life’s most profound connections and inescapable emotions. This house is not only about forming an intense, intimate bond with the partner, but it also represents real-life situations where one thinks beyond enjoying physical pleasures.

Sun In The 8th House Synastry – How It Defines Your Relationship

The Sun in the 8th house synastry implies a bond that might seem dark and mysterious and compels you to run away from it.

But you feel helpless to escape your partner’s charismatic attraction that makes you dream of burying yourself in your lover’s arm and enjoy a roller coaster of sexual pleasure and relief.

Sun person might feel trapped in the claws of 8th house person. It might make you feel upset because you feel helpless in resisting the fascination of living the rest of your life with the 8th house person.

Oscillating with Sun’s power, your ego, and your dominating nature makes you feel miserable by anticipating that your companion is transforming you completely. But the connection that you both feel with each other does not let you go far from your partner and makes your relationship one of its kind.

That’s why astrologers say that Sun in the 8th house synastry is not a welcoming relationship for timid people as it is not easy to enjoy its complexity.

1 A house of extremes

The placement of Sun in the 8th house in synastry makes it a house of extremes. It is just like you are afraid of reading mystery novels, but you could not help but read.

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Both Sun and the 8th house person are like a moth to a flame. They have shared interests in life. Both like to talk about their sexual fantasies and pleasures. Sun’s ability to read their partner’s thoughts makes 8th house person feel exposed and vulnerable in front of their partner.

The Sun person acts generously with the house person to transform their relationship pleasantly. But the power struggles, gameplays, and jealousy are common traits in their relationship.

Despite all these differences, they openly discuss everything.

2 A house of mystery and darkness

While the Sun feels captivated by the house person, it sometimes finds itself trapped in the dark world of the 8th house.

There is a robust psychological atmosphere that sometimes confuses the Sun person. However, because of the partners’ attraction, the Sun finds it almost impossible to leave its partner.

While Sun sometimes gets afraid of the 8th house person, it also becomes a fascination for the Sun. The mysterious partner awakens the unknown secrets of the Sun that allows it to understand itself completely.

However, this type of darkness can scare many people away. Despite the negative energy, those who stay behind find a way to stick with their partners for life.

3 A house of strong desires

Both partners in such a relationship feel drawn to each other like magnets. They understand each other’s deep desires while still being afraid of how such a relationship will manifest. However, their bond allows them to look past their fears and accept each other with open arms.

Even in their initial days, both partners feel connected to each other. Their sensual energies sync and allow them to have an experience of a lifetime.

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Although such a relationship is charged with sexual energy, the same relationship becomes a roller coaster when talking about emotions.

The partner of the 8th house feels compelled by its darkness to hide things. On the other hand, Sun person feels angry at being left out. This emotional war often causes the relationship to end on a sour note.

Bottom Line

The Sun in the 8th house synastry is a complicated relationship. Both partners are dominant personalities who need to control their impulses and try to understand their lovers.

If both parties fail to overcome their darkness and ego, this relationship can never work in the long run despite the electric chemistry.

However, when the partners start communicating, this union becomes perfect as they begin to complement each other.

When the Sun and the 8th house person understand each other and allow one another to breathe, their relationship grows stronger.

As soon as the lovers start giving each other the room they need to process their emotions, their relationship becomes an everlasting union that can overcome every hardship and challenge.

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