Venus in the 8th House Synastry – A Complete Guide

Venus in the 8th House Synastry

Astrology has always attracted people’s interest because it can help answer almost all of their questions.

The desire to know about the future takes individuals to astrologers who predict future events after reading their birth chart. The planetary position holds quite a significance in this regard.

In ancient times, reading a person’s birth or natal chart was a strenuous and time-consuming task, but today astrologers take advantage of various computer programs to ease their work. The birth chart, zodiac sign, and the planet’s position reveal a lot about human personality.

Would you like to find out more about planets in various houses and their role in synastry?

To get the answer to synastry overlay interpretations, keep reading.

Planets In Houses – Natal Charts & Synastry

The birth chart is the starting point of an individual’s astrological analysis.

The images of the sky indicate the moment of someone’s birth. It is mandatory to know the exact date, time, and place of birth for creating an accurate chart.

Each birth chart comprises of 12 houses. The exact degree and sign of every house are different. For astrological interpretations, the houses containing planets in them play a significant role in influencing a particular house’s rulership areas.

Significance Of Reading Synastry Chart

Reading the two individuals’ synastry charts is about the revelation of the planets’ astrological relationship. The nature of the relationship concerning each planet shows the inherent capacity of the House representation.

For example, if an individual governs three planets in Scorpio, it will land within a particular house in the compared chart to display the house’s rulership. The synastry layout shows the connections between them.

Because of the various themes propagated in natal charts, it becomes a representation of diversified relationships. Some might be pleasant, whereas some others might be envious.

Reading a synastry chart is a way to comprehend the quality of a relationship. But do not just rely on your analysis of natal charts or synastry. Listen to your heart; value your intuition.

Synastry astrology is just a technique to determine the potential of your companionship. It is not all about the final verdict of your association.

Significance Of Houses In The Natal Chart

The houses rule various areas of our lives, including personality traits, physical appearance, attitudes, partners, coworkers, career, friendship, enmity, siblings, neighbors, monetary conditions, education, travel, social circles, interpersonal and organizational skills, children, family members and so on.

The two distinct categories of houses are

  • Personal houses
  • Interpersonal houses

And their further division is based on

1 Angular Houses

These are the action houses and numbered as 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th. They are responsible for connecting you with reality and teaching you the ways to deal with it.

2 Succedent Houses

Succedents are the followers of angular houses. Their numbers are 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th. They are responsible for developing your administrative skills.

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3 Cadent Houses

Cadents are the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th houses. They are situated between the two houses mentioned above. They are mainly responsible for highlighting the thought processes.

Relationship Between The Houses

The 12 houses are connected and dependent upon each other in various ways. The most important relationships among them are the axis pairings and the states.

Axis pairing is about the houses covering the same axis forming natural pair to display shared energies. Like the zodiac’s four elements, houses have four states known as beginning, growth, cooperation, and ending.

House Group & Zodiac Elements

Beginning – 1st, 5th, 9th houses

Growth – 2nd, 6th, 10th house

Cooperation – 3rd, 7th, 11th house

The ending – 4th, 8th, 12th house

And the elements are categorized as

Fire Beginnings

Earth Growth

Air Cooperation

Water Ending

Venus – The Planet Of Love

Astrology relates Venus with love and romance because of its association with the goddess of love. This bright planet is visible in pleasant weather. Since ancient times people called Venus the morning and evening star.

Besides love and romance, this planet also shows a deep connection with sex, beauty, fertility, liberal arts, friends, companionships, pleasures, females, aesthetics, harmony, abundance, innovation, marriage, literature, social gatherings, love affairs, laziness, and procrastination.

Astrological Interpretation Of 8th House

Pluto rules this correspondent of Scorpio. Known for its unpleasant reputation, the 8th house dominates transformation, birth, death, physical affinity, healthy social relationships, inheritance, and property.

The astrologers call it the house of debts, bank loans, alimony, lawsuits, secrets, intuitions, wisdom, knowledge, and occultism. In general, this house governs the secrets, the things that you want to hide from others, life-changing emotional experiences. It is about the transformational rebirth of a person for good.

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The 8th house represents fated encounters and the obsessive nature of individuals. Planets within this house need to be analyzed carefully to comprehend the details of the ruled areas. It might symbolize someone’s death.

People belonging to this house might possess an inherent desire for acquiring secret knowledge of the occult. They might seek pleasure in exploring secret sciences. Their jealous and controlling nature compels them to manipulate, dominate, and be prone to take revenge.

The 8th house governs other people’s money. It indicates the financial position of your partner that you might take advantage from. The beneficial planets placed within this house symbolize wealthy partners or spouses, whereas the detrimental planets indicate financial crisis and debts.

It also indicates inheritance or fortunate legacy to raise your monetary standards. It is also a revelation of mystical experiences and potential hardships to trigger a positive change in an individual’s life.

This is the house of physical intimacy and profound attraction.

Venus In 8th House In Natal Chart – Meaning

People with Venus in the 8th house in their charts may encounter secrets, mystery, and fear of losing their love. Because of the 8th house’s association with death and Venus’ relationship with love, Venus in this house sometimes implies the spouse’s death in some mysterious circumstances.

Those who govern Venus in the 8th house are irresistibly attractive and mysterious. Their fantasy towards practicing secret knowledge sometimes offends their partner and becomes a reason for ruining the beauty of their relationship. They are incredibly possessive in their romantic companionship and attachments.

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The ill placement of Venus in the natal chart can lure people to toxic relationships. The Venus in the 8th house symbolizes painful associations that might lead to transformational changes to alter an individual’s idea of love and choosing a partner for them.

The obsessively attached people to someone often suffer a lot and face some hurtful experiences. Their extreme behavior results in pain. Until they realize this thing, they keep on experiencing pain the same way. It might also transform them and lead them to form long-term relationships that indicate their emotional well-being.

The combination of Venus and the 8th house is neither easy nor pleasant. It displays traumatic love experiences. It also changes their beliefs, harbors their anger, jealousy, and desire to take revenge to make them realize how their altered personalities can help them for their betterment.

The advice for people with their Venus in the 8th house is to accept the change to live a love life of their dreams. They should understand that physical attraction is not the only thing for a blissful relationship.

Venus In 8th House In Synastry – Meaning

Venus, in the 8th house in synastry, reveals a bitter relationship between partners. Despite their great physical attraction towards each other, the Venus person often feels saturated with mystery and attraction of the 8th house.

The element of secrecy makes their relationship intense and glamorous. However, it is advisable to avoid challenging encounters because of the partners’ chart’s interchanged aspects.

Their association may lead them to wounds and heartbreaks that will eventually encourage Venus to bring forth its positive impact and healing effect. The possessive relationship, in some cases, also invites jealousy and betrayal between partners.

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It heightens the sexual and emotional feeling making your partner fall deeply in love with you. The sexual intimacy and sentimental regenerations might make you feel more obsessive and possessive about your partner.

Like a moth to a flame, both of you seek ways to draw in each other’s arms.

However, above every other aspect, Venus’ placement in the eighth house is about physical attractions to help people enjoy their erotic intimacy that drives its vitalities from the spiritual realms. Their playful bickering and exciting spontaneity keep the flame burning.

Bottom Line

Venus is a symbol of deep love. The 8th house is about physical attraction when put together. But, it also signifies a challenging and toxic relationship that can break your heart. Such a relationship brings individual pain and suffering to influence a transformational change in the partners’ personalities.

Such relationships are about confronting personal weaknesses for life-changing experiences and approaching a love bond from a different and altered perspective. The transformative and addictive craving for physical closeness sometimes becomes exceptionally complex and consuming for both partners.

Within synastry, the position of Venus in the 8th house is not supportive of partners’ natal charts and indicates the possibility of a painful relationship.

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