Libra Man Obsessed with Scorpio Woman

Libra Man Obsessed with Scorpio Woman

It only makes sense that the universe would nudge two of the most magnetic signs in the zodiac to one another. Do you have a Libra Man stepping on your coat tails trying to keep your attention? Here’s why.

Libra men are smitten with Scorpio women because they love to have what’s hard to get.

The bond that forms between a Libra man and Scorpio woman can be equally magnetic and a passionate affair; Scorpio is just as aware of that as Libra is.

She’s hard to pin down, but he’s harder to keep around, which is something she also knows. Both sides will have to fight for one another. Luckily enough, a good pursuit keeps both sides feeling alive and intrigued.

Scorpio is bright and knows how to play her cards to her advantage. She can be just as manipulative as Libra is and will work with him any way she wants. She is one of the few signs which won’t fall for his silver tongue and beautiful words.

He knows they’ll look good together, though sometimes Libra is a little too clean-cut for Scorpio. He loves her brash, daredevil self and lives vicariously through her antics. He can be very convincing to Scorpio, but it’s going to take some time. They can make a lovely pairing; they complement each other in many ways. Especially considering they likely have similar placements due to the planet’s positions, they can empathize with each other on a lot of issues.

This is good too because Libra loves to be empathized with and understood. He wants someone who is compassionate and intense, which is precisely what Scorpio embodies. He adores and respects her loyalty, fierceness, and strength.

But what cause a Libra man to become obsessed with a Scorpio woman? Find out as we explore this cosmic couple and discover why he finds a Scorpio woman irrestiable.

Scorpio Women

Scorpio women tend to keep heads turning every time they walk into a room.

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They’re charismatic, mysterious, alluring, and intelligent. Scorpio women know how to keep the people around them guessing and are good at it. Like any water sign, they’re incredibly emotional and feel everything deeply. She’s fierce and independent and will humble you if you try her; after all, she is Plutonian and Martian.

She can be as cold as ice or as hot as fire. She can be harsh and brash if she feels the need to. Once you lock her in, she’s yours, and she’s highly possessive. When a Scorpio woman is in love, it’s an endless, unceasing fire.

She’s obsessive and will do everything in her power to keep you coming back for more.

Libra Men

If there’s one thing a Libra Man loves, it’s a good challenge.

Ruled by Venus but also being an air sign can leave him superficial and preferring to receive love and affection, as opposed to giving it away.

He loves the chase. So much so that some Libra men never settle down and bounce between new relationships to forever stay high off that new relationship buzz. With that said, the electricity he feels off of a Scorpio Sun woman is like nothing else he’s ever known, and he loves the intensity.

The Libra man is aloof and loves to have his ego stroked, anywhere, anytime. On the flipside, they can be incredibly charming, flirtatious, and fabulous lovers when their hearts are in it.

They’re typically attractive men and will do anything they can to keep your attention; they’re also genius. They use their intuition, wit, and intelligence well, and these traits can spin into dangerously effective manipulation. So guard your heart and use logic, especially in the initial stages of the relationship as you’re learning him.

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They love attention and showing off as much as they can. Libra Men are typically over-achievers and generally attractive in every way possible.

Why A Libra Man Becomes Obessed With A Scopio Woman

She’s Sultry

She’s the epitome of sex appeal, and she knows how to channel it.

Scorpio women are typically naturally beautiful, and when that’s paired with their sultriness, they become irresistible. Libra men can’t help themselves when it comes to someone like that. She’ll lure them in with her aura, and they’re suddenly helpless. Libra men love the taboos and intensity that Scorpio women bring to the table.

She’s Smart and Capable

Scorpio women are at least three strides ahead of you at all times, and Libra loves that about her.

She is extremely intelligent and she knows it. Libra men are usually well off in mental affairs and a Scorpio woman will always appreciate a brilliant man. Libra men don’t tolerate helpless women, which is why the independent Scorpio woman is so appealing to him.

Scorpio women know how to be self-sufficient and generally don’t need anyone. If she chooses a partner, it’s out of pure love and admiration, never out of necessity. Ironically enough, her independence makes him love her much more and will have him putting in even more effort to woo her.

She Picks Up Where He Leaves Off

Scorpio women love to take the lead, and Libra men are easily influenced. As previously mentioned, she’s capable. She fills in his gaps. He’s analytical; she’s emotional. He leads with his mind; she leads with her heart. She’ll remain mysterious till he drops the act of superficiality. He’ll say anything he can to pique her interest, and she knows it.

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She’s True to Herself

If there’s one thing she’s going to do, it’s stay true to herself. If anything, it’ll be an inspiration to the easily-influenced Libra. He’ll consider her brave and altruistic, regardless of whatever her expression may be.

However, it can become a bit of a burden at times due to how stubborn she can be in the long run. She’s fiercely independent no matter the cost, and that will always keep Libra coming back for more.

Scorpio is also extremely loyal and rarely falters from the people she pledges said loyalty to. She loves to express herself in artistic ways, and that’s something Libra can appreciate, considering Venus rules them.

She’ll Keep Him Guessing

Scorpios are naturally mysterious people that enjoy keeping their motives hidden; Libra men seem to love it. Scorpio women are an endless puzzle for Libra men to figure out. Why not chase someone you can never catch? It’s intoxicating.

Scorpios are notorious for being hard to figure out, and Libras love to be loved. Libra man will tirelessly work to get Scorpio woman to chase him, and he won’t stop till she does. Libra is also endlessly curious, so he’ll never tire of trying to piece her together. She’s unpredictable while he’s traditional.

The Relationship

The relationship between Libra Man and Scorpio Woman has the potential to be a match that would even challenge the Sun and Moon, given the best circumstances.

Libra knows exactly how to woo Scorpio, and she’ll lean into his romantic, masculine antics until she figures out whether or not he’s noble in his pursuit. Once she unveils his motives, the relationship takes a pivotal turn.

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If he’s genuine and willing to commit even after the new relationship high subsides, he’ll find his peace in her intense affection. This, in turn, calms her naturally suspicious nature.

However, the relationship will find itself at a very abrupt ending if he proves to be unclear or has ulterior motives. Scorpio is very all or nothing in nature and wants to break through Libra’s superficial surface; if she finds that isn’t going to happen, she’s not sticking around.

Scorpio can paint a vast array of colors onto Libra’s blank canvas; these two can lead an inspiring life together as long as they provide each other with the tools to do so.

Scorpio finds herself attracted to Libra through his soft, warm smiles and smooth-talking; she stays attracted when he puts action to his words.

Scorpio is naturally unfaltering; she’s a fixed sign after all. She needs consistency and action due to typically being very set in her ways. Libra is a cardinal sign and is the ignitor of the flame in their relationship. Scorpio is a huge fan of Libra’s thoughtfulness and needs it to be a constant in their relationship. Otherwise, she’ll feel ignored and unfulfilled.

Scorpio wants to stay at the center of Libra’s attention to ensure it doesn’t end up elsewhere. Libra has a naturally flirtatious air about him, and it’s something that attracted Scorpio to him in the first place. Scorpio women are typically very jealous and over-possessive; it can bring a lot of unnecessary strain into the relationship if she isn’t careful to keep these emotions in check.

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She can get carried away with her emotions because she feels everything so deeply. Libra appreciates her intensity and walls that seem to crumble once they truly commit to each other, but it can be easily turned off if she gets carried away.

This explosive couple can keep things kosher by allowing Libra to bring in the necessary balance and giving Scorpio the transparency she needs from Libra.

Libra enjoys a little bit of mystery from Scorpio and thrives off the intensity she brings when it comes to love. Each side of the duo has a flair for drama, and each person loves to keep the relationship almost cinematic.

They can have a long-lasting relationship if they stay away from their ingrained habit of self-sabotage due to Libra’s need for external validation and Scorpio’s jealousy.

They’re a beautiful couple and can last a lifetime.


This pairing is one perfect match. Whether the relationship lasts or not is in question, but the intensity of these two lovers is a dramatic cinematic masterpiece that is well worth the watch.

He will have to fight hard to win her over, and once he has her, she’ll have to work equally as hard to hold him.

Scorpio and Libra love a good challenge, making this a fiery and passionate relationship that has the potential to be unforgettable and magical.