Sun Trine Mars Synastry – In Love, In Tune, & Heading in the Same Direction

Sun Trine Mars Synastry

Trines are one of the best things you can see when it comes to synastry. This is an easy-going bond that naturally connects individuals right at the moment life takes them in complementary directions.

If you spot a trine in your synastry, it’s almost always a good idea to explore it and see where it takes you. Let’s get started by covering the basics of this cosmic relationship and then see how it affects your romance here on Earth.

The Sun In Synastry

The Sun is one of the most complicated planetary bodies in all of astrology. It’s often summarized as just being the ego, but the Sun is actually much more complicated. When we get down to it, the Sun represents how you live in the world.

Yes, the Sun is the light that you shine outward which often overlaps with the ego, but it is also the source of life-giving energy. This means that the Sun powers anything it’s in a relationship with. This is especially the case when it has a positive aspect such as a trine.

The Trine Conjunction In Synastry

Trine Aspect

There’s a lot of power when it comes to the Trine aspect. This is defined by a 120 degree angle connecting two different planetary bodies. Trines are often seen as the best possible aspect with sextiles coming in as a close second.

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Trines positively associate the planetary bodies they connect. You can think about this as a relationship that positively amplifies the qualities and energies of the two planets that connect. This enhancement often appears in our lives as relationships that are more successful, naturally easier, and mutually beneficial.

Mars In Synastry

Mars is associated with the God of War and this should give you a good idea of what this planet represents in astrology. Mars is associated with action, passion, and aggression. When Mars has a positive aspect with another planet you can expect energy to run high and passions to be even higher.

Mars also has a strong relationship with desire and sexuality. It’s pretty lucky to have Mars have a trine aspect with someone you’re in a romantic relationship with. In our case the passionate, often sexual, energy of Mars is going to be flowing freely when in a trine aspect.

Sun Trine Mars Synastry – How It Affects Romance

Ever wanted to know how a Sun trine Mars synastry might affect a relationship? Here’s what couples can expect from this trine.

1 In Tune With Each Other

Have you ever met someone and it just felt like the two of you instantly clicked. Almost as if you were both operating on the same cosmic wavelength?

You might have met someone that you had a trine synastry with. A couple that has a trine synastry are going to have a natural connection that feels in tune with each other almost immediately.

Where other couples have to spend quite some time getting to feel each other out, a couple with a trine are going to almost instantly feel that they’re on the same wavelength.

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2 Support and Growth

All couples have to find a way to grow together. People inevitably change over the course of time and this is one thing that even the most unified of couples have to find a way to manage together. However, two individuals with a Sun trine Mars synastry are going to have natural luck when it comes to growing together.

The energy of the Sun is all about growth. In a very literal sense, it is the source of energy that sustains all life and growth on our planet. It is also going to sustain the growth for both of these individuals.

This couple are going to help each other grow. They will support each other when they try new things and they won’t be worried about jealousy or drifting apart whilst each other explores new and exciting directions for their lives.

3 Individuals Together

We’ve all known couples who get together and then become two different versions of the same person. Their styles start to overlap, their expressions are shared, and they even start adopting each other’s mannerisms over time. A couple with a Sun trine Mars synastry are not going to show that kind of unity.

These are two individuals who are never going to lose their own unique characteristics. They’ll become more in tune with each other over time, but they’re always going to be clearly distinct individuals in this relationship.

Rather than being a source of conflict, this is a source of attraction for these two. They’re going to find their differences a source of a dynamic energy that keeps their relationship alive.

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4 The Couple That Adventures Together, Stays Together

This combination of the Sun and Mars leads to a lot of adventurous energy. The trine amplifies this flow of cosmic energy in a helpful and beneficial way. This couple are likely to be constantly looking for new adventures to take together.

They might be travelling the world together or regularly going on outdoor expeditions as a couple. No matter where their lives take them, they’re going to see it as an adventure that they share together.

The Mars individual might appear as the leader of these adventures. They may be choosing the destinations or be the one blazing the trail on the hike. However, it is the Sun individual that acts as an emotional and logistic battery sustaining these trips. This relationship is less of a leader and a follower and more like two veteran explorers teaming up to acomplish the same mission.

5 Partners in Love and Business

The Mars individual is going to have a lot of ambition and fiery direction. The Sun individual is going to bring a lot of power to fuel that ambition. The balance of the trine means that this flow of energy is going to be harmonious, and these individuals are going to head towards success together.

It is not uncommon for this to show up as a supportive relationship in a business endeavour. Whether it is romantic or platonic, these two individuals have a complementary set of skills and a shared set of goals when it comes to their financial undertakings.

Best of all, this partnership in business doesn’t have to interfere with their partnership in love. This is a couple who can be perfectly comfortable working with each other and then being romantic without worrying about mixing love and business.

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6 A Well-Balanced Relationship

Balance is incredibly important when it comes to relationships. Many successful relationships are often marked by couples who have a way of spitting things 50/50. In this trine, the Sun and Mars individuals are going to be naturally balanced with each other.

This is one of the biggest advantages of finding a trine and your synastry. This aspect is naturally in a nearly perfect state of balance. This minimizes the conflict between the couple and helps them see each other eye to eye.

7 Travelling Together

One of the biggest factors for falling in love has to do with where someone is going in life when you meet them. Two people can be perfect for each other, but if they are heading in opposite directions they might not ever get the chance to explore that. A couple with this trine is going to be heading in the same direction when they meet each other.

This could be related to them literally moving into the same city, or it could be the direction that life is taking them. When the Sun and Mars individuals first meet, they are going to quickly realize that the plans they have laid out for themselves are nearly identical.

This puts their relationship on a smooth set of guide rails. They won’t have to worry about careers or other plans splitting them up whilst they build their lives together.

8 Conflict Resolution Through Shared Activity

Conflict resolution is always one of the most important issues in any relationship. How a couple chooses to resolve their conflicts can come to define their relationship. Two people with a Sun Trine Mars synastry are going to have a natural advantage when it comes to resolving any arguments.

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It all comes down to one easy trick for this pair. They both love staying active and they tend to love the same activities. This means that they can find conflict resolution through getting out and doing something together.

Sun Trine Mars Synastry Friendship

If you have a friendship that has a Sun trine Mars synastry, you can expect this to be an easy-going partnership between like-minded individuals.

This might not be the most emotionally deep friendship you ever had. The Sun and Mars are more known for their outgoing and adventurous qualities rather than their deep emotional characteristics. However, this is someone that you can rely on because they are moving in the same direction as you.

This is also a good time to strike out on new projects together.

Wrapping Up The Sun Trine Mars Synastry

If you’ve got a relationship that has a Sun trine Mars synastry, you’re in luck. This is an easy going and well-balanced connection between two individuals whose lives are taking them on the same journey. Individuals with this trine should embrace this natural bond and see where this rare connection takes them.