Libra Sun Capricorn Moon: A Steady and Driven Force

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon

Libra sun Capricorn moon people are known for their strong work ethic and dedication to duty. Libra’s intelligence and ability to relate to others easily draws people to them. The earthy grounded sign of Capricorn helps them to stay committed through projects, relationships, and life goals.

Read on to learn how those with these placements deal with love, work, and family in their day-to-day lives.

Sun In Libra

Sun In Libra

The Sun governs our ego and identity, so Libra has a strong sense of who they are as an individual. This is because the sun gives us the self-confidence to face life’s challenges head-on with grace and dignity. Libra is the sign of diplomacy, partnership, and harmony. Libra people are well-known for their fairness in all matters. They are diplomatic, balanced, and just.

Libra sun people are ruled by the element of air, so they are excellent communicators. Libras take their time before making any decisions, preferring to have all the information before committing themselves to anything. However, once they do commit, it is for keeps! As soon as a Libra decides they want something, they will stop at nothing.

Libra is in the 7th house of relationships, partners, and balance. They are romantic, charming and seem to attract many people into their lives. Libra is also ruled by Venus, so they are very social, enjoy celebrating, and see beauty in all things.

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Moon In Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon rules our emotions, which can cause conflict between what we think we want versus what we actually desire deep down inside ourselves.

Capricorn moon people are practical. They don’t let their emotions get in the way of what is most important to them, which is building a stable life for themselves and their family.

They are ambitious, hard-working individuals who value tradition and stability above all things. Their lives tend to be very regimented because they know that while they are responsible for everything that they have, it is only possible because of the extra effort they put in.

Capricorn moon people will do anything to achieve their goals, even if this means putting others’ needs before theirs. They can sometimes come across as cold or aloof, but this isn’t always the case. Deep down they care about their loved ones very much.

The sign of the Capricorn is in the tenth house of career, business, and social status. Capricorns are known for being ambitious, determined, disciplined individuals who strive to be successful in every area of their lives.

Personality Traits Of A Libra Sun Capricorn Moon

This individual is a very responsible and reliable. Libra sun Capricorn moon people are very practical in their approach to life and can be counted on for stability and support when it is time to get the job done.

They also know what they want out of life. That is why they tend to come across as somewhat serious individuals who have a clear idea about what they want to achieve in their lives.

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This person will be particularly concerned with honesty and fairness in all things. They will use rationale and strategy to negotiate terms rather than using their emotions or expressing passion. Even though they aren’t particularly emotional, they can be quite convincing with their words.

The Libra sun Capricorn moon person has a strong sense of self and is concerned about their status in the world. They are very concerned with their own reputation and will go to great lengths to maintain their social standing.

The Libra sun Capricorn moon person is very ambitious and goal-oriented, even if they are quiet about it on the outside. This makes them excellent leaders and those around them will look to them for guidance.

They sometimes struggle with stubbornness and are not always flexible. This can make them difficult to negotiate with at times, although they have a knack for being able to see both sides of an issue clearly.

They also have a tendency to be judgemental if they think that another person is not living up to their potential. They can be particularly critical of those whose lifestyle does not match their own.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon In Love

This person is very loving and family-oriented, even if their work-life might cause some conflict between these two things. They will always put family first and are likely to create a career that allows them the freedom they need in order to spend time with their loved ones.

Libra sun Capricorn moon people enjoy being around other ambitious individuals. They will be attracted to those who have similar goals as themselves, even in casual dating.

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They need a romantic partner that can commit to long-term goals while also providing them with personal space when they need it.

Whilst they are not particularly passionate individuals they will be very giving and generous when in love. They tend to treat their romantic partner like a friend or confidant rather than someone who offers them emotional support on an intimate level.

The Libra sun is ruled by Venus, which means that they will be attracted to those who have a refined and luxurious lifestyle. This can sometimes make them feel like they are dating “above their station”.

The Capricorn moon is ruled by Saturn, which means that they will be attracted to those who are ambitious and practical. They enjoy being around people with a clear idea about what their goals in life are.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon In A Career

This person appreciates being recognized and rewarded for their career achievements. They take a lot of pride in their work and will do anything to make sure that they reach their goals.

They may be attracted to jobs that require them to provide guidance or services to others, even if they do not have a natural flair for teaching and being in the spotlight.

Libra sun Capricorn moon people will work long hours without complaint as long as their job is stable and provides progress opportunities over time.

They have leadership qualities that make them ideal candidates for managerial positions or roles where they can bring practicality to a largely creative field. This person is likely to be found in fields such as law, banking, or science.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon In Health

This person needs to make sure that they take time out of their busy lifestyle for themselves since they are likely to overwork. They need a lot of quiet and personal space in order to recharge, which can be difficult if they’re surrounded by other people all the time.

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They may have issues with digestion or constipation as a result of being so focused on personal goals or due to stress from other people. They will likely need to take supplements in order to combat this issue, although they should consult with their doctor about the best course of action for them personally.

Libra sun Capricorn moon individuals are often very self-conscious when it comes to their physical appearance and may be prone to issues such as acne or dry skin due to their fastidious nature.

The key here is to work with the body’s natural systems instead of trying to conquer them. They should be making sure that they eat a balanced diet and exercise on a regular basis. Meditation can also help them to manage stress and emotions.

Getting good sleep and taking time away from work is also important for this person in order to feel their best. They can be so focused on professional life goals that they may subconsciously deny themselves rest due to hyper-self-discipline.

Libra Sun Capricorn Moon In Money Matters

The Libra sun Capricorn moon person will be very careful not to spend frivolously. They pride themselves on being practical and enjoy saving money.

They are likely to be very dedicated financial planners, making sure that they get the best returns on their investments while still having fun with life. The Libra sun aspect makes sure that this person has some very exciting goals in store for them.

This individual is known for being very shrewd when it comes to business deals, taking advantage of opportunities while minimizing risk. They have a very good eye for what they see as valuable and will work to acquire it in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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While the Capricorn moon aspect keeps this person grounded and disciplined financially, this person still needs to watch out for the occasional longings of the Libra sun. Since Libra values all things that are beautiful, this person may sometimes overspend on luxury items.

As long as they can limit this spending to occasional splurges, this person should be able to stay on top of their financial goals and achieve a balance between spending and saving money.

Final Thoughts

The Libra sun Capricorn moon person is an ambitious individual who has a lot of goals that they wish to achieve in their life. They are resourceful and intelligent, getting the most out of any situation through hard work and determination.

In order to be the best person they can be, this individual will need to make sure that they take time out of their busy schedule for themselves in order to recharge and re-energize. They should also surround themselves with others who are reliable when it comes to working on projects but also encouraging moments of rest.

If this balance can be established, the Libra sun Capricorn moon person will be able to achieve anything that they set their mind to.