Taurus Rising Appearance: Kind, Healthy, and Happy Beauty

Taurus Rising Appearance

Since our ascendant or rising sign represents how the world sees us, it can be a strong indicator as to what our physical appearance may be.

In this article, we will discuss some common characteristics of the Taurus rising person, provide examples of people with this placement, as well as give suggestions on how this person can improve or accentuate their appearance.

Taurus Rising Appearance And Physical Characteristics

Many Taurus rising individuals tend to be tall and slender. They may have long limbs, narrow hips, and are graceful and fluid in their movements.

Their bodies may be quite athletic, with long, lean muscles. They are also very strong in terms of endurance and stamina, even though they won’t look like traditionally stout bodybuilders.

Taurus rising individuals may have thick hair that is either dark brown or black. Their eyes tend to be round with a deep-set look about them. One could imagine their eyes being quite piercing when looked at up close.

People who are born under the Taurus Ascendant will often have distinct facial features or features that make them stand out in comparison to others around them; these can include full lips, wide eyes, and a generous nose.

These individuals tend to have an earthy appearance about them since this sign is ruled by the element of earth. They may appear very rustic or natural, almost like they just stepped out of the forest. This isn’t to say that they look dirty, but that they do seem like nature-gods and goddesses.

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Their hair and eye color often have darker tones such as brown or black. Along with this deep coloring, their skin tone will often have olive undertones rather than being extremely pale or ruddy.

It is important to note that this astrology sign’s appearance often changes with age. The Taurus rising person may look very different in their teens than they do in old age. When they are younger, they may have a slight rounder face that is free of wrinkles or dark spots.

With age, they will develop more pronounced features and lose the baby fat on their faces as well as begin to show signs of aging, such as fine lines around the eyes and mouth. This person’s skin may also lose its elasticity over time, which can lead them to have a more aged appearance.

They will look like friendly warm individuals even as their physical appearance shifts over the years. This is because their natural disposition is approachable and inviting and their resting face tends to be one of contentment.

Taurus Rising Women’s Appearance

Many women with Taurus rising placements are very beautiful, and this beauty can manifest in a number of different ways. The most obvious way this occurs is when these women have classic, elegant features.

However, many women with this placement may appear very earthy, rustic, or even peasant-like. This down-to-earth look makes this woman seem very approachable.

The Taurus rising woman may have a medium to deep, husky voice that is incredibly alluring and strong in character. There is also the possibility her voice will be soft-spoken with a slight accent. Either way, these women are likely to speak with authority and knowledge about things that matter to them.

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Since the Taurus rising woman has such strong endurance and stamina, she may be able to maintain her slim figure throughout her life as well as have great athletic abilities. She will often retain her youthful looks well into her later years.

Taurus Rising Man’s Appearance

The Taurus rising man is likely to be tall and slender, with a bit of an athletic build. He will have long limbs and narrow hips. His movements may seem smooth and graceful in comparison to others around him.

While he may have a darker complexion and appearance overall, there will be radiant moments in his face, such as when smiling, or widening his eyes. He may also have distinctive eyelashes or eyebrows that are dark, uniquely shaped, and full.

The Taurus rising man is not particularly self-centered about his appearance but can have regular moments of physical insecurity throughout his life. However, he does take great pride in taking care of himself hygienically and wearing clothes that fit well.

You can catch him taking a peek in any mirror around to make sure his hair is in place and that his clothes are still clean and well-pressed.

Are Taurus Rising People Attractive?

The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love and beauty. This means that all people with Taurus rising are quite naturally attractive.

They may have classic features such as dark hair and sharp cheekbones combined with a tall but slender figure, long arms, narrow hips, deep-set eyes, full lips/mouths, olive undertones to their skin, and a deep voice with an accent.

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These physical qualities have been sought-after by many throughout history and the Taurus rising person is lucky to have them bestowed upon them naturally.

The Taurus ascendant person also looks like a nice person, someone you can trust and with whom you could see yourself becoming friends over time. Their facial features tend to be very friendly-looking, so they will have a nice smile too.

Although the Taurus rising individual may appear to wear their heart on their sleeve, these people are actually full of mystery. You’ll start to notice surprising features about their personality and appearance as you get to know them better.

Famous Taurus Rising People & Their Appearances

1 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey embodies the look of the Taurus rising archetype with her graceful frame, olive complexion, and soft warm facial features.

2 Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci has a very unique look to him that is a mix of Italian and Native American features. His face has an attractive but rugged appearance with sharp cheekbones, dark eyebrows, thin lips/mouth, and intense eyes. He is a textbook example of the Taurus rising male.

3 Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a strong example of the Taurus rising physique. She has a strong and muscular long-limbed build with broad shoulders, dark hair tied back in an elegant ponytail, full lips/mouth, and very deep eyes. She is also known to have olive undertones on her skin as well as distinctive eyebrows that frame her face.

4 Fred Rogers

If you ever wondered why Mr. Rogers always makes you feel so cozy and safe, it’s because his face has a very sweet and trustworthy look to it. His facial features are very soft with deep-set eyes, full lips/mouth, round yet lean cheeks, light skin tone combined with thick eyebrows that sit high on his face.

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5 Robert F. Kennedy

Robert Kennedy was known as the “handsome” Kennedy brother. He has a tall slender build with an athletic-looking muscular frame, dark hair combined with brown eyes, and full lips/mouth. His face is also known to have high cheekbones that sit very angularly on his face as well as deep-set eyes which are often described as soulful or intense looking.

Taurus Rising Appearance

As mentioned above, since the Taurus sign is ruled by Venus, the Taurus rising person will be seen as a beautiful and approachable person with minimal effort. Here are some additional ways in which this person can accentuate their natural beauty:

1 Hair Styles

Since Tauruses often have thick hair, this sign actually looks best with longer cuts that give the appearance of volume within the locks. Shorter hair cuts work best when they are slightly disheveled and allowed to naturally wave.

2 Makeup Styles

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, which means that this sign actually looks great in natural makeup styles that accentuate their already attractive features rather than trying to hide or change them. A good rule for this individual is to simply accentuate the eyes.

This means that eyeliner and mascara are a great idea, as well as darkening eyebrows with pencil or powder to make them appear thicker.

3 Skin Care

Skincare is more important than makeup for the Taurus rising person as they tend to look great in natural beauty. That being said, this sign will benefit from wearing sunscreen as well as keeping their skin moisturized throughout the day with a good lotion.

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These people tend to have youthful-looking skin so there is no need to spend too much time applying harsh chemicals in the form of peels or facials.

4 Men’s Clothing

Taurus rising men look great in wearing more formal attire that accentuates their strong yet lean frames. That being said, it’s important to make sure that they stay away from anything too tight or revealing as these styles tend not to be very aesthetically pleasing on them.

Due to their darker complexions and strong features, men of this sign look great in natural colors like browns and greys as well as darker shades such as navy and black.

5 Women’s Clothing

For the Taurus rising woman, it is important to make sure that their clothing fits very well with their body shape. This means accentuating curves but not too tightly or revealingly which can be unflattering.

These women tend to look great in very feminine styles that are light and flowy. Clothing made of natural fibers like cotton or silk fits well for their bodies as they allow the skin to breathe. They also benefit from wearing softer shades such as pastels over bolder colors which can be too overwhelming on them.

Final Thoughts

The Taurus rising person has an attractive appearance that can be accentuated or downplayed depending on what kind of style is desired. It’s important to remember that these people look their best when they are accentuating their natural features instead of trying to hide in heaps of makeup.

The takeaway for the Taurus rising person is that their beauty is approachable, easy, and natural. They should feel confident in their appearance without having to work too hard at it!