Virgo and Taurus Friendship – Realist and Practical Bond

Virgo and Taurus Friendship

Taurus and Virgo are the realists of the astrological wheel.

Both have an earnest and friendly approach towards their relationships. They are practical to the core. They have a great friendship because neither of them believes in wasting time on idealism.

Owing to their similar traits, their friendship is solid and long-lasting. Stability, love, and hard work are notable traits of their personality.

Continue reading to find out more about the bull and maiden friendship.

Virgo And Taurus Friendship – Supportive And Resilient Allies

Virgo and Taurus’ alliance is productive, full of enjoyment and love. They are each other’s admirers. The maiden likes the bull’s dedication and strength, and the bull appreciates the maiden’s quick thinking abilities.

Their bond takes time to develop, but their bond grows stronger because of their respect for values and shared common sense. Because of their materialistic approach and love for luxuries and life comforts, both work hard from an early age.

Taureans are the most patient personalities of the zodiac wheel. They are never in a rush for anything in life. They completely understand that if they want to change their life, it will take time.

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Transformations do not happen in a blink of an eye. Even while forming a friendly bond, they move slowly towards calling someone their best friend. They prefer taking the time and understanding each other for a strong bond.

You will never see them changing quickly. Virgos are freedom lovers who do not trust anyone easily. They prefer doing their tasks alone rather than collaborating with others.

They are self-disciplined, analytical, and hardworking. They are perfectionists and sometimes become bossy with their friends too. Virgo wants their friends to act according to their rules and wishes, which can sometimes push their allies away.

The patient Taureans often respect their Virgo friends’ opinions and rules and do not mind going their way.

1 The nurturing Signs

Virgo and Taurus are nurturing signs. Although both go for strengthening their friendship slowly, however, they care the utmost for each other.

They become each other’s support system through every thick and thin of life. Both understand each other’s career ambitions and give one another the space needed for personal growth. Together they act as a strong team that is destined to accomplish everything they have set their minds to.

2 Hardworking and Practical individuals

Both the maiden and bull-like to maintain a distance from idealism and idealists. Practical approach and hard work define the essence of their life. They believe in putting in effort and setting ideas into action rather than just sitting, planning, and waiting for the right time to arrive.

Virgo and Taurus maintain a stance of creating favorable situations and time themselves instead of waiting for chance. Both view the world from a practical angle. They are not the ones riding on the wave of emotions.

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Their common traits bring them together.

3 Mutual Interests

Taurus and Virgo naturally feel drawn to each other when they realize that they have so much in common. They love talking about their mutual interests, ambitions, and life aspirations.

But you should not expect them to indulge in long conversations because both are born lazy and even find it hard to reply to text messages.

4 The Best secret keepers

Trustworthiness is the best characteristic of both these zodiac signs. They know how to keep secrets. Trust is their signature value. They never share anything that may damage the trust of a loved one.

They treasure their friendship and make each other believe that they are enough to support each other through all walks of life.

5 Loyalty and dependability

Do you know what brings these two together?

Their loyal and dependable traits make them one in their decisions. Both embody faithfulness towards their friends and family. They know they can depend on them for anything.

Both are always trusted to do almost everything for the sake of their friends. These practical-minded people may seem dull and boring to the world, but they enjoy every bit of each other’s company.

How Do Their Ruling Planets Influence Their Friendship?

Virgo belongs to the planet Mercury and Taureans are born under the influence of the planet of beauty and sensuality, Venus. Virgos are apt at tailoring themselves as per the demand of situations, and Taureans often feel drawn to beautiful things.

Mercury possesses the blend of masculine and feminine energies that allow Virgos to choose what they like. Virgo’s refined mental faculties make them an amazing reader of their friends’ minds, saving them from many conflicts and disagreements.

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Despite their differences, they value each other’s likes and dislikes and do not shy away from making adjustments.

1 Union of Earth signs

Both Virgo and Taurus are earth signs. They seek pleasure in their lives and strive to have the finest luxuries at home. They work hard to earn a lot of money to have a well-decorated home, expensive car, and stylish outfits.

Their desire to have a secure future and a love for a luxurious lifestyle encourages them to work hard to realize their dreams. The best part of these two earth signs’ union is the rational mind that does not allow them to spend extravagantly beyond their means.

2 Combination of fixed and mutable signs

Taurus and Virgo’s friendship combines the fixed and mutable sign where the former belongs to the fixed sign and the latter is a mutable sign.

Taureans are focused on their life goals, and Virgos vigilantly take an interest in many things. They love to know a lot of things simultaneously.

Both are intellectually curious and attentively listen to each other’s schemes and plans. The bull allows the maiden to decide things while showering them with support and guidance.

Both contribute to each other’s success.

3 Believers of a quality friendship

The natives of Mercury and Venus prefer quality over quantity.

Both believe that instead of surrounding themselves with many fake or fair-weather friends, it is better to have a few who would always be there to help and guide without any hesitation or demanding something in return.

They keep their friends close to their hearts and love to form lifelong connections. Both do not think for a single moment before sacrificing their own needs to keep their friends happy.

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Being an earth sign, both are humble and, instead of looking for others’ flaws, prefer to appreciate the good things that make life easy.

Owing to their profound compatibility that gradually develops over time, both the Taurus and Virgo do not impose their decisions on each other. They are the perfect example for inspiring a secure and lovely friendly alliance.

Taurus Man And Virgo Woman Friendship

The Taurus man Virgo woman tends to form a long-lasting friendship connection. The similarity of taste and interest contribute a lot in bringing them together.

Virgo woman seeks perfection in everything, and Taurus man displays a profound sense of perfection in everything. He has a flexible attitude in life and accepts his Virgo female friend’s imperfections.

They admire each other’s practical approach and refined communication skills. Taurus man feels attracted to Virgo woman’s beauty and intellect.

Virgo woman feels impressed with Taurus man’s strength and determination to succeed in life. She appreciates his attentiveness towards her and listening to her without complaining about anything.

They have a karmic connection and feel as if they know each other for ages.

Virgo Man And Taurus Woman Friendship

Both are introverts. But once they build a friendly union, they help and stand for each other regardless of the barriers of time and space. They are devoted to the well-being of their association.

The charisma of their friendship becomes an inspiration for others around them. Taurus woman is not good at voicing her friendship, but she assures her Virgo friend that she would always be there for him in the hour of need through her actions and support.

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They build a solid foundation for their friendship and this attracts success and satisfaction. Taurus woman counters her friend’s insecurities and provides him the much-needed comfort to live a blissful life.

She knows how to encourage him to have fun and spend some quality moments together with friends to take a break from the monotonous routine and revitalize their energies for the future.

Bottom Line

Virgo and Taurus are good at going as friends because they support each other emotionally and intellectually. Their practicality and hardworking approach allow them to stick together in times of need and approach life from a rational perspective.

However, they might encounter differences and clashes at times. Together as friends, they even reveal those sides that they have always kept hidden from others.

They know neither of them will breach confidentiality and destroy trust. The bull wants someone as a friend who can handle its stubbornness, and the maiden proves the best pal for it.