10 Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

Virgo Men are elusive yet thoughtful creatures who take their time when it comes to falling in love. These introverts tread lightly, pay close attention to their love interest, and are generally kind and quietly romantic men.

He has quirks and eccentric traits, but these characteristics are generally easy to love.

Virgo men are health-conscious, logical, yet anxious people who tend to walk on the side of caution.

His reclusive, shy tendencies can make it hard to read his feelings; if you’re wondering if that Virgo man is into you, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn all about the signs that a Virgo man likes you.

1 He Asks For Quality Time Together

Quality time spent together is the Virgo man’s love language.

He’s an active, health-conscious person, so you can expect him to invite you out to the gym, to his house to cook together, or for a walk or brisk jog around the neighborhood.

With that said, some Virgo men see this self-care time as a personal routine. As such, he may like to keep this time to himself. In that case, he’ll probably ask to participate in your hobbies or invite you to go run everyday errands with him.

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Virgo men value their alone time. They are busy, focused, productive, and intensely focused on their daily activities. If they ask you to join them, that means a lot. They usually don’t want to share this time or risk losing out on high productivity.

While the activities may be mundane, they mean a lot to him. If he wants to spend time together, that’s a sure sign he’s interested in you.

2 He Cares About Your Health

Virgos are known for their health-conscious minds.

If he likes you, there’s an excellent chance that he’s going to care about you, your mental health, and your physical health.

He’s going to politely, albeit probably nervously, ask you about your diet, workout routine, and daily habits. He’s also going to invite you to work out with him. He may share his meal planner or even cook healthy meals for you. He is not doing this because he wants to change you or shame you. On the contrary, it means he cares about you and wants the best for you. He isn’t trying to control you; this is just his way of caring.

3 He Acts Shy Or Even Unsettled Around You

Virgos can’t help but hyper-analyze everything that goes on around them. They are intuitive and deeply introspective. Nothing gets past them.

Because of this, Virgo men will spend a lot of their time in your presence, looking you up and down, trying to gauge and analyze you, and deciphering if you like him back. This is exhausting and nerve-wracking, so he will stress about the encounter and be more nervous around you than others.

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Touching you will make him anxious, and so will making advancements to you. If you can make some of the first moves, or at least make it clear that you’re into him, that will help a lot.

Be yourself, and take it slow. He’s taking it all in and trying to be on his best behavior for you. He will calm down and relax; he just has to have time.

4 He Acts Differently Around You Vs. Others

This pertains to the above point, Virgo men will act differently with you than they do around the general population.

After he gets through the majority of his nervous, analytic phase, he’s still going to act a bit differently around you than he does around others.

Virgo men who are attracted to you will be more vulnerable with you. They will care more about what you say than what others say and will be more “in the moment” with you.

You may also notice that his sense of humor comes out. He smiles more and acts more confident (after he gets to know you). If he brags a bit, cracks some corny jokes, plays practical jokes, or talks a little louder than usual, these are all vital signs that he likes you.

5 He Pays Close Attention To You

Virgo men have the memory of elephants. They keep track of even the slightest, most in-passing trivial comments that you make.

If you casually mention your favorite color or animal, he will never forget that. If you ever go out for coffee together, you can about guarantee that he will remember your order, even if you were standing several feet away from him when you spoke to the barista.

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His analytical side will reveal itself here, and he will carefully study every aspect of yourself that you allow him. Later on, if you develop a relationship, he will reveal these mental notes he made about you in small, romantic gestures.

If he pays attention to you, you know that Virgo man is into you.

6 He Puts You First

While quality time together is his primary love language, acts of service are a close second. In addition to this, Virgo men are incredibly selfless when it comes to the people who they love and value the most.

Virgo men feel most comfortable showing you that they care with their actions. Words are difficult for him, so the opportunity to be there for you and help you out of a sticky situation is more up his alley.

Again, his attention to detail shines in this area too. If you casually mention that you’ve got a light fixture or electrical outlet that’s not working in your kitchen, don’t be surprised if he shows up on a Saturday morning with two coffees and his tool kit in hand.

Virgo men are quiet and thoughtful, which will show up with his caring acts of service.

7 Your Relationship (Romantic Or Not) Is Healthy And Communicative

Virgos are good people who usually practice healthy communication with all people they encounter. This is because Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet that signifies communication.

However, this trait will be even more apparent if he’s interested in you. He deeply cares about the relationship you have, so he will take the time and energy to clear up any misunderstandings or cloudiness that stands between you two.

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In addition to quality communication, he’ll also want more conversations. You can expect him to play an active role in your text messages, social media, and face-to-face talks. Virgo men are thoughtful, too, so cards, post-it notes, and whiteboard messages may also appear in your life.

If he is interested in you and sees the potential for you two to have a future together, he will want to know everything he can about you. Expect him to ask you questions about your aspirations, childhood, fears, values, and morals. He’s trying to make sure that you two can be compatible and see if he can still imagine a future for you two together.

These are all great signs!

8 He Surprises You With Thoughtful Gestures

Again with the analytical, acts-of-service side of him. His gestures may be minor or grandiose, but rest assured, they are sure signs that he likes you.

Virgo men are more apt to send you quick recipes, invite you out for a walk, offer to help you finish up your work, help you move, assist you with basic chores or errands, take the time to help you with personal or professional projects, or connect you with other important people who can help you out whenever he can’t.

9 He Confides In You

Virgo men keep their cards close to their chests and are not likely to share their secrets or inner emotions unless they feel a strong pull to you.

He is a naturally cautious, reserved person. For the most part, he sees sharing his feelings as a risk that he’s simply not comfortable making.

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Virgo men do not use the intimacy of their thoughts and emotions to manipulate others either; he is always sincere and authentic. If he becomes vulnerable with you, it means that he is interested in you, and he sees strong potential for you two to have a future together.

10 He Gives You With Compliments And Attention

This is the ultimate sign that a Virgo man is attracted to you. He is uncomfortable and uneasy talking and generally tends to avoid being forward with his words. Quality time and quiet acts of service are definitely more his thing.

If he is going out of his comfort zone to compliment you, whether that be in person, in writing, or over digital communication, he must really, really like you. If he’s saying nice things about you to others, that’s also a good sign. Sometimes it’s easier for him to start by showing little flashes of his attraction to you with others, rather than outright telling you first.

A Quick Summary on Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

Virgo men are reserved, intuitive, thoughtful, and quietly kind people. If you see him breaking down his emotional walls, making time for you, or showing small acts of kindness or servitude, then you know that he likes you. Virgo men are elusive but not impossible to read if you know what to look for. Enjoy your Virgo man; he’s a keeper!