Will a Virgo Man Test You?

Will a Virgo Man Test You

Known for having great attention to detail and an analytical mind, Virgo is one of the most careful astrology signs.

Natives born under this constellation aim for perfection in everything they do. However, one area where they may struggle with a bit of self-doubt is relationships. As such, they will constantly assess whether they have chosen the right partner.

So, will a Virgo man test you?

Since they are seriously judgmental, this is one of their expected quirks. While Virgos don’t play mind games, they are always on the lookout for signs to confirm whether they are with the right person or not. They will test the level of your devotion constantly.

A Virgo man will want you to prove your love from time to time because he needs reassurance you only have eyes for him. He will want to determine how you reason and whether you make a good match for him.

If you are about to marry a Virgo man or in a serious relationship with one, here are some of the ways that he will test you.

5 He Will Test Your Loyalty

A mutable earth sign, Virgos are grounded individuals that seek stability in their lives. When they commit to a long-term relationship, their devotion is unwavering. You can never question their loyalty, and they expect the same from their partners.

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Loyalty is one of the most vital ingredients in a healthy relationship. Without it, trust cannot exist between couples.

Since a Virgo man is always wary that another person may take away his partner, he will test your loyalty to him.

If someone new has entered into your life and threatens the stability of your relationship, he might try to find out how you feel about that person.

For instance, your Virgo man may suggest that you do something together with the new person to assess how you interact. He could also bring up the third party in conversations and ask questions that will lead you on to fess up.

Although it can be emotionally exhausting to constantly reassure a Virgo man that you only have feelings for him, this is something you might have to get used to with time. The more confident he feels about your loyalty, the less likely he will allow insecurities to get the better of him.

4 He Will Test Your Commitment

A Virgo man can also test your commitment. He understands that for a relationship to grow, both sides have to make an effort.

Don’t be surprised if he may test you by suggesting responsibilities or tasks that will require you to go out of your way. He may use this as an opportunity to determine how much you are willing to put up with him.

One of the litmus tests for commitment in the eyes of a Virgo man is keeping your word. When he says that he will do something, he always follows through.

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A mature male Virgo may want the same level of commitment from his partner because it is a sign of devotion to getting stuff done and keeping things orderly in a relationship.

If you tell your Virgo man that you are going to do something, you better deliver. He will be looking forward to seeing when and how you get it done.

While he may not hound you and will likely not mention his expectation, he won’t be impressed if you put it off. Just be careful what you promise to a Virgo man because your word is not just your bond but also like a commitment to him.

3 He Will Test Your Social Skills

Ruled by the planet Mercury, also known as the messenger of the gods in astrology, Virgo men are good at expressing themselves. They prefer a partner with whom they can have stimulating and intellectual conversations.

When spending time together, your Virgo man will want to talk about important things rather than the weather or latest celebrity gossip. He will constantly assess the conversations you have to help him decide whether the two of you are compatible.

You may get some hypothetical questions coming your way. Your responses, tone, and body language reveal a lot about you to him.

The best way to keep conversations with a Virgo man interesting is to lead a busy life so that you will always have new things to talk about and share. While you may not agree on everything, you can bank on earning his respect by being yourself.

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2 He Will Push Your Buttons

Virgos keep their emotions controlled because they don’t like to overreact. That may explain why they are inclined to partners who are more calm and averse to outbursts and fighting. They don’t want to be with someone that challenges their own emotional control.

If a Virgo man suspects that you are a hothead, he may push your buttons to see if your emotions get the best of you. For instance, you could be on the receiving end of criticism that is maddening.

Reacting the right way can be tricky because he doesn’t want to see you having an overly strong outburst, yet at the same time, showing no emotion might make him think you have a heart of stone.

The best thing to do is use your words to express how you feel while keeping your emotions in check. A Virgo man will appreciate someone articulate.

1 He Will Assess Whether You Are Dependable

Focused, determined, and a bit of a perfectionist, the Virgo man operates methodically to get the best outcomes and in the most efficient manner. He is one of the most dependable persons you will ever meet.

You will be hard-pressed to find someone more reliable than a Virgo. Natives of this zodiac sign take their responsibilities very seriously, and they always show up when you need them to.

As a result, the male Virgo will expect you to be consistent with your words, actions, and character.

A suitor or partner with this zodiac sign is likely to explore your sense of duty. He will want to find out if you are dependable, but at the same time taking care not to go overboard.

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For instance, he may ask you to take up a crucial role, assist with a project, or some other kind of favor. The chances are that it will probably be out of your comfort zone. Think of it as his way of testing your strength and gauging whether you can be trusted and relied on to offer support.

It is always prudent to stay calm and go with the flow when facing these situations. As long as you prove that you can be reliable, this will go a long way in helping a Virgo man to see you as his ideal life partner.

Summary: Will a Virgo Man Test You?

Answering the question, will a Virgo man test you, provides some insights into the traits, love language, and communication cues of this male personality. It is an essential part of getting to know the ways your man may try to understand you.

There is an odd combination of confidence and insecurity in Virgo that pushes these natives to be nitpicky when choosing a lover.

When in love, these individuals will constantly be wary if the relationship they have will last the test of time. They have a nagging doubt that the love of their life can get bored of them and move on.

As such, it is necessary to remind a Virgo man of your feelings regularly. You can keep his self-doubt in check with little gestures of affection.

Instead of being too overly concerned about how a Virgo man will test you, the most important thing is to keep it real from the get-go. At some point, he will accept you for who you are or walk. Whatever the case, you will be proud of standing your ground and staying true to who you really are.

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