Do Cancer Men Cheat? 5 Revealing Signs He is Unfaithful

Do Cancer Men Cheat

Cancer men are built for relationships. Given that this zodiac sign is home and family-oriented, male natives born under it instinctively take to nurturing and caring for their partners. They are the type to text you at midnight on the eve of your birthday, volunteer to give you a back rub after a rough day, and shower you with compliments until you start believing that the sun rises and sets with you.

For the male Cancerians, nothing is more important than tending to their dearest ones. They take romantic relationships seriously and fully commit when someone steals their heart.

Trust and loyalty stand as the basis of individuals born under this zodiac sign. So, when a Cancerian man is not acting like his usual caring, considerate, reliable, and supportive self, one cannot help but wonder.

So, do Cancer men cheat? Let’s find out.

Do Cancer Men Resort To Cheating?

One of the best traits of Cancer people, in general, is their ferocious loyalty. Apart from sticking with their loved ones through thick and thin, they also assume the role of protector. They take it upon themselves to stand up to those who do you harm and lend their unyielding support to soften the blows of life.

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Natives of this crab sign are also not the type to give up easily. They would rather fight to make a relationship work than walk away at the first sign of trouble. Because of all of this, Cancer men are seldom unfaithful.

However, it is a well-known fact that Cancerians are emotional and sensitive. While it is their nature to be very generous in a relationship, they wish to receive as much as they give. Cancer men need a woman who can be just as sweet, affectionate, thoughtful, and sensitive as them.

When there is a mismatch in emotional compatibility, a Cancer may resort to cheating.

What Would Make A Cancerian Man Cheat?

Emotions are the biggest driving force for this zodiac sign. They dictate everything about a Cancerian, from their very nature and way of thinking to their interaction with others and perception of tangible spaces. Compassionate, caring, and kind, Cancerians instinctively reach out to someone who is hurting and give their all when in love.

Because Cancer men feel and care with a lot of intensity, they are susceptible to their emotions. Someone who can support them emotionally is the kind of partner that they need. They tend to get hurt deeply when with someone who is not nurturing or sensitive enough.

Since Cancer individuals hate confrontations, they usually withdraw into themselves when hurt. But, when the emotional wound cuts deep, they may seek out someone else to soothe the pain. Some of the possible situations that can drive a Cancer man to cheat include:

1 Lack of Affection

The Cancer man is an emotionally needy sign. Things like saying hello with a warm hug, holding hands in public, and cuddling in front of the TV will make his day. As a result, natives of this sign need constant affection to feel secure in a relationship.

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A Cancer man will undoubtedly want more affection when his neediness is not satisfied. Since he has an emotionally delicate state that bruises easily, he will start questioning his worth when not receiving the affection he craves. Consequently, this can cause him to seek comfort from someone else.

2 Feelings of Being Unappreciated

Whether through physical acts like cooking your favorite meal or having heart-to-heart talks, there is nothing a Cancer man loves more than taking care of his loved ones.

But, just like his need for affection, this man cannot go for long without being hailed with gratitude. His hypersensitive nature cannot take it when his kindness is taken for granted and may thus opt to seek validation elsewhere.

3 Finding a Better Match

While Cancer natives fall in love quickly and throw themselves headfirst into a relationship, they are no fans of casual relationships. Therefore, if a Cancer man finds you untrustworthy, discovers that your feelings are not the real deal, or does not see you as his soul mate, he will have no qualms about straying.

Considering that guys with this zodiac sign go for those they can connect with on an emotional level, they are likely to cheat when they find someone who understands their emotional side better. Cancerians are known to follow their heart quickly with conviction when they meet someone they are in tune with emotionally.

What Are The Signs That A Cancer Man Is Cheating?

While a Cancer man is capable of cheating, he is not very good at hiding it. He is unlike a sign such as Gemini that will try to talk his way out of any responsibility when caught cheating, or an Aries who may find hiding an affair an exciting challenge.

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The surest way to know if a Cancer man is cheating is to look at his behavior. Infidelity will cause him so much shame that his own actions will give him away. He will unwittingly expose his cheating in the following ways.

1 He will Resort to Removing all Traces of You

The Cancer man is all about sentimentality. He will wear that sweater (watch, socks, etc.) you got him for Christmas not once or twice but multiple times as his favorite thing to wear. Other mementos of your relationship (pictures, gifts, ticket stubs from the first date, etc.) will be kept somewhere special or proudly put on display.

If he does cheat, however, he will not want to be constantly reminded of his betrayal. Shame over the situation will see him resort to removing anything that reminds him of good memories of you. He will stop using any gift you may have given him, while all keepsakes of your time together will be hidden somewhere far away from plain sight.

2 He Will Act Awkward Around You

While crabs of the zodiac are naturally shy and reserved, they can be quite the character when they open up. They are very comfortable around their loved ones and not afraid to reveal their talkative, smart, and wildly imaginative selves.

So, it is not a good sign when a Cancer man begins to drop things, stumble over his words or avoid making eye contact as much. If you have strong suspicions of infidelity, any awkward behavior around you is a big giveaway.

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3 He Will Become Distant

As far as zodiac signs go, Cancer is one of the best to be in a relationship with as a life partner. A man born to this sign likes staying up-to-speed with the lives of his loved ones. He will ask about your day, send texts or call several times a day, reach out when you seem troubled, empathize with your woes, and show physical affection every chance he gets.

If all of this stops or he seems less bothered with the goings in your life, there is a likelihood that he is too busy directing all his attention on someone else. Failure to respond to your gestures of affection further proves this point.

A Cancer man who is cheating may even start to remove himself gradually from your life as a means of preparing you to live without him.

4 His Behavior Changes

Cancerians love spending time with their loved ones, especially their significant other. It is their way of bonding and nurturing a relationship. In view of this fact, a sudden desire to do things alone could indicate that a Cancer man is cheating.

He could start going on morning jogs all of a sudden, take on extra hours at work, or begin attending events he insists on going to alone. Opting to spend his free time away from you is a classic sign of guilt. Drowning himself in other activities is his way of avoiding having to face you.

5 He Will Grow Irritable

A Cancer man is sensitive enough without having to shoulder the burden of guilt as well. His empathetic soul will feel bad about hurting you even if you are not aware of the infidelity. His guilty conscience will eat away at him to the point that he will convince himself that you know of his unfaithfulness.

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To avoid your reproach or having to sit through a teary conversation about the issue, he will choose to go on the offense. He may begin to snap at you for no reason, pick fights over trivial matters, or turn things on you if you bring up the topic of cheating.

Final Word

You can learn pretty much everything about a person by turning to astrology. For instance, having a fixed modality and the element of earth makes Taurus one of the most loyal signs. With its stubbornness and love for stability, this sign is highly unlikely to blow up its life with an affair.

Also, Cancer is considered one of the more loyal signs. This sign does not cheat out of malice or boredom but is rather pushed into the act of betrayal by extenuating circumstances.

If a male Cancer finds himself with a partner who does not mirror his desires or match the efforts he puts into the relationship, he is likely to give in to the temptation of cheating. Inversely, the thought of cheating will never cross his mind when he finds a homebody like himself who is equally sensitive and seeking a long-term relationship with plans of having or raising kids.