Leo Ascendant – Bright, Glowing, and Radiant Charmers

Leo Ascendant

Leos are fortunate children of the zodiac because their world is ruled by the sun rather than a planet. This means that their sign will never be in retrograde; they always seem to have a bright and sunny outlook on life.

Simply put, Leos are success-driven winners who intentionally surround themselves with other optimistic go-getters.

Leos have that delicious combination of confident and optimistic, yet disarming, charming, and still respectful.

They are strong and beautiful people, emotionally, mentally, and physically speaking.

They are not meek, mild, or dull people. Everything they do is done with passion, their own unique style, a sense of artistic flair, drama, and a whole lot of classic Leo hard work and determination.

Leo Ascendant – Appearance & Health

Leos pay a lot of attention to their physical appearance and take good care and great pride in their bodies.

They are also self-aware of their little mannerisms and tweak their behaviors as needed to continue to be happy, warm, loving, inviting, and vibrant people.

They prefer youthful, classic clothing that accentuates their bodies in the right ways; if you ever want to compliment a Leo, tell them that they look much younger than they actually are.

When it comes to appearance, Leos have oval-like faces with prominent chins, gorgeously shiny hair, and a slight yellowing in their eyes. Their smiles are charming and intoxicatingly happy.

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They also have naturally strong and fit chests, broad shoulders, and big bones. Because of this, they are deceptively heavy for their appearance.

Their skin is delicate and susceptible to damage caused by temperature or climatic changes.

Luckily, Leo’s desire to be the best version of their physical selves means they take care of their bodies by eating healthy, working out, and staying hydrated. Unfortunately, their extremely strong work ethic and drive can cause them to experience nervous breakdowns, anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, or even heart attacks.

The Perks Of The Rising Leo

Rising Leos are fun, optimistic go-getters who work hard and are beautiful people.

They are always children at heart for their entire lives, making them incredible people to spend time with. Almost all the other signs are drawn to Leo. They’re just so radiant and warm.

They are proud, confident, and charming. Everything they do comes with a side of creativity and their own unique style.

The Negatives Of The Rising Leo

Leos are more likely to be narcissistic, selfish, and overly concerned with their appearance. They can even be deceitful, because they like to make their lives seem more grandiose and luxurious than it really is. Because of this, they do not allow others to get too close for fear of being discovered as more “normal” than they pretend to be.

They are chronic “one-uppers” and do not share the spotlight well. In addition to this, they either suffer from being overly self-conscious (which can lead to crippling anxiety) or by being outright bold by putting themselves out too much and too often.

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While most appreciate their loud, commanding presence, it can be irritating for some.

Leo Ascendants As Lovers

Leos are known as the lover of the zodiac.

They are excellent partners who crave the presence of other like-minded people, which rings true for their lovers.

Now, before they find their partner, they may mislead many. Leos are very charming and friendly, making many people fall for the illusion that they are closer to Leo than they actually are.

Leo isn’t trying to be deceitful; they just give everything they have to everything they do, including social situations.

When they are in a relationship, they are prone to having their giving hearts being taken advantage of by others.

The partner of a Leo has to be kind, respectful, and loving. Leos will not forgive nor forget if a potential mate has ever intentionally hurt or embarrassed them and will not give them second chances.

Their partner also needs to be fully present in Leo’s life and possess some impressive traits that allow the Leo Ascendant to show them off. Leos are naturally drawn to radiant champions.

Don’t let their showy tendencies through you off; Leos are steadfastly loyal to their partner. They are also protective.

Leos are a blast to date; they can turn ordinary date nights into something whimsical and magical that feels like it belongs to a fairytale book.

Leos also make for some of the best parents. They are always ready to get loud, play on the floor with their kids, head down to the waterpark, and go on an adventure with their children.

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They make learning fun and effortless for children (which makes them practical and well-loved teachers too).

Leos are passionate lovers and also loving and attentive nurture. They are seemingly the complete package when it comes to finding a life partner.

Leo Ascendant Man

The ascending Leo man is happy to settle down and commit to a long-term relationship if he is paired with the right partner.

This man needs attention, though, and will not stick around if his partner is unwilling to shower him with love and flattery. This can sometimes be a burden for his lover if she is not a naturally charming and overly affectionate person.

His partner also needs to walk a thin line of success and dependency. He must find her attractive, successful, and a well-to-do socialite. However, she cannot be wealthier or more loved by their friends than he is.

She should also be quieter and more willing to blend in than he is. He does not like competition from his partner when it comes to attention and external validation.

She must also be attractive, so he can take pride in her and show her off (he loves to take lots of pictures with her), but not more physically attractive than he is.

Her tastes need to be similar to his. Whether this couple is wealthy or not, he prefers to put on the illusion that they are.

Leo Ascendant Woman

A Leo Ascent woman refuses to settle down unless she is absolutely sure that he is her soul mate. If she doesn’t find the perfect partner, she will consistently choose solitude over subpar relationships.

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This is a tough, successful woman; she can be happy and thrive all on her own.

Her partner must be intelligent, kind, attractive, and also be a do-er. She is a passionate and driven dreamer; her ideal mate is someone who can help her chase and achieve her big dreams.

Her partner will have to work hard to keep up with her tastes and desires. To her, small gestures are just that, small. She needs glorious acts of love and servitude from her man to feel seen and loved.

Like the Leo Ascending Man, she requires to be flattered, showered with love, and given many compliments.

She does expect love and respect from her children. As mothers, they are nurturing, kind, very protective, and generous. She laughs loudly and often, and her children will feel loved and safe in her presence.

The Career Of A Leo Ascendant

Leos are like swans.

To the world, they effortlessly glide, looking beautiful, and getting things done without any issues. But under the water, behind the scenes, they are paddling like madmen and giving life (and their careers) 100% of their effort.

And they like it this way, they love making life look easy despite working very hard.

Leos do their very best when their lives have a routine and structure. They also, to the benefit of their employer, thrive under pressure.

Any career that allows a Leo to work their way to the top and allows their contagiously optimistic personality to shine through will make the Leo happy.

Their best careers include being a teacher or professor, artist, stylist, beautician, performing arts, or even sales positions. The big industries of finance, luxury living, and recreation seem to really call ascending Leos.

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Leo Ascending, The Conclusion

Rising Leos are bright, enthusiastic people who are always the center of attention and lighten any mood. They make for excellent loyal friends and lovers, so long as those closest to them are willing to cater to their ego.

Ascending Leos are fully engaged in life, they work hard, and they look good while doing it too.