Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon – Polar Extremes & A Decisive Personality

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

Planets have a major influence on our life’s journey, they determine how our destinies will play out. Sadly, most people go through life without knowing this truth or how to use it to their advantage.

Fortunately for you reading this article, you are well aware of this simple fact and are eager to learn more. This article will look at two huge planetary forces in astrology: the sun and moon. It will also see how these mystical influences shape the Cancer and Scorpio zodiac signs.

Symbolism of Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

The Sun is all about your will, strength, and ego. In astrology, the Sun is usually used to depict ambition, glory, self-awareness, and nobility. In essence, the Sun shines a light on your true personality to the world. Cancer, on the other hand, is the most emotional sign among the zodiac.

When the Sun is in Cancer, it kindles your creativity and imagination. It also heightens and develops your sensitivity, making you receptive to influences from your family, environment, and even the past.

The Moon, on its own, is the planet of emotions, habits, and upbringing. In astrology, the Moon is regarded as the natural ruler of the Cancer sign, making it have a strong effect on the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon natal placement.

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As for Scorpio, it is a deep, mysterious and emotional sign whose true emotions are difficult to unravel. When paired with the Moon, Moon Scorpios becomes doubly emotional while still retaining their aura of mystery and enigma.

General qualities of Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

When it comes to individuals with this natal chart, there is no middle ground with them. Everything is always at the extreme. They could be distant and have an aura of mystery in one moment, in the next minute they turn into a social butterfly and become the life of a party.

It is impossible for anyone, even those closest to them, to decipher or decode what these personalities are feeling or thinking at any point in time. In spite of this aloofness, Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon have a few close persons they open up to; not everyone is allowed to see or notice their weakness. But if you want to belong to this elite circle of trusted friends, you will first have to earn their trust.

These individuals are fanatic about maintaining their integrity. When a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon gives you their word, you can take it to the bank because they will stand by it no matter what.

They also expect this same behavior from others. And this is why one of the worst things you can ever do to them is to renege on your word, engage in deceit or betray them.

Apart from the fact that they will sever all ties with you and carry on like you never existed, these individuals will also never forgive you. Going back to plead with them for forgiveness is mostly a futile activity because once they have made up their minds about something, they will never reverse their decision.

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Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon are independent and free thinkers; you can never find them among the masses bowing down to outside influences. In fact, they are usually in the positions of leadership as they tend to attract people with their mysterious and compelling aura.

Their intuition is quite powerful and rarely wrong. They also know how to correctly read people and situations, a gift they use to further their ambition.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are reputed for their insane bravery and determination. They have never been known to back down or surrender when faced with difficulties or adversities.

In fact, their willpower and tenacity will see them fighting until the very end irrespective of the damage it causes them.

Positive traits of Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

As a person with the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon natal placement, there are no half measures with you. It is either you are all in or all out. You are especially dedicated and devoted to anything that interests you. This passion also extends to your relationships with your loved ones or those you care about.

You are quite creative and have a wild sense of imagination that borders on the outrageous. However, your creativity is not just limited to daydreams and fantasy. You have ambitious goals and dreams which you are quite determined to bring to fruition.

One can never find you in the midst of the crowd; in fact your thinking, intelligence and creativity tends to distinguish you from the hordes of masses.

You are one dependable individual that can be counted on at all times. You seriously regard your word as your bond; to you, it would be much preferable to die than to engage in deceits, break any oaths you are bound to or engage in acts that can bring dishonor to your name and reputation. You consider it nothing to sacrifice yourself for your ideals or even those you love.

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Your sense of humor is not for everyone, only a particular few, who are as intelligent as you are, can get it.

Negative traits of Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

Their inability to arrive at a middle ground with their personality can easily turn all of their admired qualities into repelling and abrasive traits.

Individuals with this natal placement tend to be domineering, proud, and arrogant. They also thrive off manipulating people around them, a trait that when discovered, tends to rub people the wrong way.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon are incredibly demanding and always want to be at the center of their social circle. In fact, they will do everything they can to attract attention to themselves irrespective of the social setting.

A tested method they use to shine the spotlight on themselves is to blow seemingly minor issues out of proportion. This particular trait is one major reason why they are known as drama queens.

Their jealousy and over possessiveness is another common negative characteristic that can leave a bad taste in the mouth of their loved ones.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon and love

It is rather difficult for Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon to open up their hearts or to easily fall in love. However, when these persons do fall in love, they fully welcome the experience and actively thrive in it.

As a matter of fact, these individuals are the most faithful and devoted lovers that one can ever enter into a relationship with. They are extremely passionate and are willing to make many sacrifices to see that their relationship is successful. But these seemingly adorable traits come at a price.

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Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon personalities have a knack for being borderline obsessed with their partners. They do not want to share their partner with anyone and are incredibly possessive of them.

This could easily be observed with how jealous they get when they think their partner is having fun without them. However, their jealous nature does not mean they don’t trust their partners.

Quite the contrary, they just want total commitment and surrender from their partners. Those who are not ready to commit 100 percent to their relationship should stay away from Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon.

In conclusion

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon are individuals with intense traits that have no tolerance for the middle ground. They are extremely devoted and faithful to their loved ones, a trait that can sometimes be overbearing.

They are also people of integrity who always keep to their word. Their creativity, imagination, ambition, and tenacity will ensure that they achieve their dreams.