Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

As long as mankind has existed, astrologers have always believed that the planets can determine our life’s path. So serious was this belief that kings in ancient times did nothing without consulting the planets.

In fact, scholars devoted their lives to studying the heavens and their effect on human lives. Unfortunately, such practices have all but dwindled, thanks to the modern aversion to spiritual affairs.

Thankfully, astrology is still being practiced, and your interest in viewing this page is a testament to that fact. In this post, we’ll look at the mystical planetary forces of the sun and moon and how they shape the Scorpio and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

The Symbolism Of Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

The sun is the most important piece in a birth chart because it defines your temperament, ego, character, and personal traits. In essence, the sun reveals who you truly are to others.

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Scorpios, on the other hand, are the mysterious and inexplicable sign of the zodiac. No one ever knows what they are up to. So when the sun is in Scorpio, persons with this natal chart are usually more enigmatic and come with a dark and powerful aura that others find irresistible.

In contrast to the sun, the moon is majorly used to depict emotions, upbringings, habits, imaginations, inner voice, and the subconscious.

As for Sagittarius, it is a sign with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, variety, wisdom, and exploration. When Sagittarius teams up with the Moon, individuals affected by this placement become adventurers and seekers who are at their most satisfied state when they are learning.

General Qualities Of Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

What do persons with this natal placement have in common? Here are their universal personality traits.

1 They are intensely curious

People with this birth chart are naturally inquisitive. They spend their time having existential thoughts about the meaning of life, death, and their purpose on earth.

They are not content to take things at face value; expect these personalities to analyze and dig deep until they are satisfied. No subject is off-limits to them, they can easily go from spiritual to philosophical and to scientific topics with much gusto.

2 They love adventures

These individuals’ love for adventures ties in with their need to endlessly pursue knowledge. They never turn down a chance to travel and explore as it is another way for them to learn and add to their knowledge store.

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Besides, since they love social interactions, these travels offer them an opportunity to socialize with new people.

3 They are wholly dedicated to their pursuits

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon personalities have the tenacity of a bulldog. When they are obsessed with something, it is virtually impossible to distract them from it. They dedicate all of their focus to pursuing their interests and will go above and beyond to find answers.

This obsession causes them to scrutinize and investigate from all angles. Trust them to ask questions that others will not even consider.

4 They are daring

Individuals with this natal chart will go where angels fear to tread in a bid to satisfy their burning flame of curiosity. They think nothing of attempting the impossible if it means acquiring new knowledge.

As long as they are intrigued and passionate about something, absolutely nothing can stop them from achieving their aim.

5 They are willing to sacrifice

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon persons are usually at the head of humanitarian causes because of their unflinching determination and willpower.

When they have a particular cause that moves them, these individuals will go to the ends of the earth to see it accomplished.

They sell themselves so totally to their cause that they have no concern for their well-being. In fact, getting hurt or suffering for something they believe in inspires them to do more.

Positive Traits Of Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

1 You are open-minded

Satisfying your curiosity can be a never-ending task for you but you achieve that by being open-minded.

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You are always eager to learn from anything and anybody. Where others are content to stay in their bubble and never venture out, you willingly look for new discoveries. You welcome divergent views and are tolerant of people with dissimilar backgrounds and experiences.

2 You love learning

As a person with this birth chart, your life is all about learning new things.

Your friends, the places you go, the entertainment you consume, and your environment are all avenues for you to learn something every day.

You designed your life in such a way that the learning never stops; it comes to you from all angles.

3 You love tutoring others

Your life is spent amassing knowledge about things that make the world tick. And you are usually at your happiest when you can share this knowledge with others.

Fortunately for you, people are always keen to listen to you because you are an endless trove of knowledge.

4 You are an optimist

Irrespective of the happenings in the world, you always wake up with a smile.

To you, a new day is an opportunity to learn, discover, and explore. You feel so joyful about what the world offers that nothing can dampen your enthusiasm.

Negative Traits Of Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

1 You easily get obsessed

Your obsession is a two-edged sword. It drives you to go past normal limits when searching for answers. However, it can also consume you to the point where you ignore every other thing. Due to your inability to strike a balance, your relationships, work, and even life suffers from neglect.

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In addition, when your curiosity is satiated, you might feel empty and demotivated. To avoid this, use the downtime to introspect and plan your life.

2 You are aloof

As a person with Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon natal chart, you tend to be aloof and unaffected by things that concern other people.

This is mostly due to your individualistic nature and unwillingness to show your emotions. You have a tendency to discard other people’s experiences, choosing instead to find it out for yourself. As a result, most people tend to misinterpret this trait as arrogance.

3 You are possessive

When you designate something or someone as yours, it is difficult to get you to share.

This possessive trait usually shows in the form of jealousy and being over-demanding. You want those you call yours to attend to only your whim and caprices.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon And Love

Individuals with this birth chart have no problem finding a partner as they have a magnetic aura that draws people to them.

When this aura is combined with their amazing wit, charms, and knowledge, it makes for an enticing combo that few can hardly resist.

As lovers, these persons are fiercely passionate, loyal, devoted, and honest; and usually expect the same from their partners.

When in a relationship with them, be prepared to accompany them on their many adventures.

Famous Personalities With Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon Chart

There are several prominent persons who share this natal chart with you and they are given as follows:

Pablo Picasso, Larry King, Ivanka Trump, Danny Devito, Billy Graham, Chad Kroeger, Kelly Osbourne, Rock Hudson, and Carl Sagan.

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The Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon natal chart combines the keenness of Sagittarius with the intensity of Scorpio to make a lethal mixture that attracts people in droves.

The addition of compassion and tolerance to this blend makes individuals with this placement a leading light for others. And as long as they are given the freedom to operate, they have the ability to turn dreams into reality.