Venus In The 2nd House Synastry

venus in the 2nd house synastry

Astrology is the combination of analytical observation and the metaphysical. It is the understanding of the planets, celestial bodies and the relationship between humankind and the universe. The more that you learn about astrology the deeper down the rabbit hole you will descend.

One of the more detailed parts of astrology is house synastries. It opens the door to gaining a deeper knowledge of your relationships and can help you to know if you are suited to a particular person.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about venus house synastry and how it affects you.

What Is Synastry In Astrology?

Synastry means the relationship between two people’s birth charts. It identifies areas of similarities and seeks to bring meaning to the identical aspects between both peoples charts. Outlining these details can give you more information on how you and your partner work as a couple.

It can show you the good and bad points as well as future events that may take place in your relationship. Any synastries in your charts can tell you if you are compatible as a couple or better off as friends. If there are volatile attributes in your relationship it will be sure to highlight them.

All of this information can be used to your advantage. When you apply the teachings from the insights you gain from your birth charts you can give your relationship a better chance of achieving success. Know what to do and what not to say, recognise your flaws and strengthen the areas you are best at.

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The position of Venus in your chart and any synastries you have between you and your partner can provide you with interesting observations. This is a powerful and dynamic connection that cannot be ignored. It is worth exploring this aspect in detail and learning from its insights.

The Meaning Of Venus

The roman goddess Venus is associated with love, beauty, sex, and prosperity. The planet takes after these attributes and was named after her due to its properties and spiritual prowess. The position of the planet Venus in your astrological birth chart is highly important.

It can show you what areas of your life you will find abundance, give you information about your love life and can show you what your deepest material desires are. It is predominately connected to your fortune and love of material items. All of the items, people and activities that you find to be beautiful or pleasurable are defined by Venus.

Where your affections lie are influenced by Venus and it shows the relationship that you have with your personal possessions. If you’re greedy, stingy, a free spender or if you don’t care about money – all is revealed through venus. This makes it incredibly powerful and its effects make it a hot topic within the astrology community.

Venus has a direct impact on your love life. How sensual you are and what you are attracted to in a partner can also be found by researching your venus placements. The connection that you have with lovers, spouses and long term partners can all be found and influenced with the help of Venus.

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Venus In The 2nd House Synastry Breakdown

The combination of the 2nd house and venus as it links between two birth charts is interesting, insightful and has a lot of useful information in relation to helping both parties understand one another. By learning about it you will improve your relationship.

Of the 12 houses, the 2nd has one of the strongest connections to physical desires. It will also help you to get to know yourself on a deeper level while you try to break down what makes you tick as a person and how you interact with your partner.

1 Understanding the 2nd House

The 2nd house is related to your personal finances. In this house, you can gain a clear insight into your relationship with money and the material world. It is commonly referred to as the house of possessions as it demonstrates how we build assets and value.

Your materialistic goals and ideologies about making money can be found in your 2nd house. It is worth exploring this area if you want to find out more about how you manage money and the future of your finances.

It offers an interesting insight into these areas and can help you to avoid mistakes such as overspending or being too conservative when enjoying the fruits of your labour.

In addition to aspects relating to money, the 2nd house is where your self-worth and sense of self-esteem are noted. The results of which depend on the planetary placements and alignments that you have in your 2nd house. The placement of venus in your house has many positive connotations.

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2 What Does Venus in The 2nd House Synastry Mean?

Though Venus in the 2nd house tends to be more connected to money, when you look at it from the perspective of synastry you get an interesting insight. This combination shows the values between two people. The venus person helps their partner to feel better about themselves and will lavish them with affection.

Both parties understand each other well and have the same ambitions for their future. The partner with the 2nd house placement will feel more confident as they are wholeheartedly supported and encouraged by the venus person.

In this pairing, you may feel as though you can confidently express your desires to one another. As you both strive toward your financial goals you both lift each other up and offer advice when needed. You’re a support system through the good times and the bad, together you are working your way up to achieve the ultimate goal of creating the lifestyle you desire.

When Venus and the 2nd house partner come together they turn into money-making machines. You’re easily able to achieve the financial freedom you want when your other half is around and vice versa. You can expect wealth and prosperity to flow into your lives when you are together.

The Venus partner loves to splash the cash on their 2nd house partner and expects the same in return. Both of you have a love of money that defines various aspects of your relationship. By having more access to money you may both feel more inclined to show your partner how you feel through gifts.

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It is important, however, that you don’t rely on money to make you both happy. Though it may give you access to a lot of opportunities you should appreciate each other and spend quality time together. If you’re in a romantic partnership, try to have a low-budget date night every now and then to reaffirm your interest in each other and not the money.

If your Venus in your partner’s 2nd house then you may see your lover as an object that you have acquired. Your partner may end up resenting you if you continue to treat them as if you own them. Show them the respect that they deserve and let them know that they are valued, loved and held in high regard.

A positive of this link between your birth charts is that you both have similar tastes. This makes it easier for you to decorate the house that you live in and appreciate the material items that you buy for each other and for yourselves. You will both notice that you like the same music, arts, personal style and fine jewellery.