Why Does A Gemini Man Pull Away?

Why Does A Gemini Man Pull Away

The Gemini man is like an intoxicating drug. He will weave a spell around you with his riveting stories, take you on a whirlwind of adventures, and leave you all giddy with his witty banter and crazy humor. While you will always want to be around a Gemini man, spending time with this guy will take a toll on your sanity and emotional well-being.

Because of this sign’s infamous double personality, dating a Gemini man is not for the emotional archetypes like Cancer. He runs hot & cold, whereby he can call or text you frequently in one day and ghost you the next.

Life with him will be a rollercoaster of emotions where highs can feel like reaching the peak of Everest, while his bad days will feel like sinking to the depths of the ocean.

If you have fallen head over heels for one, you should know that he will keep you guessing. It does not matter how long you have been dating. He will constantly check out, making you feel like you are alone in the relationship.

Often, you will question if his shutting down is a cause for worry or if you ought to choke it down to his dual nature. Learn to tell the difference here as we explore the various reasons why a Gemini man would pull the disappearing act.

1 Falling into a Slump

The most likely reason for a Gemini man to start distancing himself is if he is bored. Think back to the last time the two of you did something fun. If your answer does not fall within the last few days, you can be sure that he is just about ready to start climbing the walls.

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Geminis live for excitement. That is why they tend to wander off to look for something fun when things get boring at home.

The fix for this is easy. You can lure him back by adding some fresh energy into the relationship. Invite him on a hike, go skydiving together or visit a museum that offers an interesting exhibit.

As long as you can find something that will get his mind turning or appeal to his adventurous side, a Gemini man will re-engage with you.

2 He’s Exploring his Options

If you are in the early stages of a relationship with a Gemini man, and he starts canceling dates or goes radio silent, he may be seeing someone else. He could even be dating several other women.

Geminis are flirts and anxious about making big decisions. As a result, they do not commit easily but rather wander from one relationship to another. Unless they have made up their minds to commit to a relationship, natives of this sign like to keep their options open.

There is no need to confront your Gemini man even if you find evidence that he is seeing someone else. The best approach is to find ways to re-ignite the spark between you two. Fall back to what you did when you won him over in the first place. Play up all the different ways you are unique, and you will likely regain his full attention.

3 Feelings of Being Smothered

In some cases, a Gemini man will pull back as a reaction to your behavior. For instance, he will instinctively shut down when feeling smothered. It could be that you are too emotional for his liking, or he finds you to be overbearing.

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With the Gemini man, it is wise to approach issues with a cool head and take things as slowly as he wants. This man will not take kindly to an aggressive person who tries to control their life. Just give him the space he desperately needs, and he will come back around.

4 Jealousy From Your End

Jealousy is another trait that will make a Gemini run away. Gemini men are natural-born charmers and have a way with words that can make even the most self-assured woman blush. Flirting is second nature with these men, and they can sometimes chat up another woman in front of their dates.

Most of the time, it is innocent play on Gemini’s part. If you react negatively whenever he is extra friendly with another lady, it will drive a wedge between you two. Find a way to master the inner strength to shrug off his flirtatious nature and show him that you are a confident woman who is not desperate for his attention.

Of course, you should walk away if he crosses the line from innocent flirting to outright cheating. More so when both of you have agreed to be in a monogamous relationship.

5 A New Found Interest

A Gemini man pulling away is not always a bad thing. You have no reason to worry if he disappears for short periods and comes back acting happy and normal. Chances are he has found a new interest, a fun click of friends, or is busy with an exciting work project.

Geminis are like that when they find something new that speaks to their inquisitive souls or picks their intellectual curiosity. They get immersed and forget about updating those close to them. Try not to take this as a personal rejection or forcefully immerse yourself into his newfound hobbies. Sooner or later, he will get bored and re-focus his attention on your relationship.

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6 Talks of Commitment

The quickest way to chase off a Gemini man is to bring up the topic of commitment too quickly. Even if you phrased it as something that you see happening down the line, he will still see this as a threat to his independence if it comes up too fast.

In this situation, the only hope you have of getting him back is to undo your mistake. Schedule a sit-down and say that you are okay with taking it slow. It might take a while for things to go back to normal, but he will let his guard down eventually when he sees you as a patient and supportive partner.

While natives of this sign hate commitment, there is hope for you. If his feelings are as strong as yours, things will happen spontaneously. When he is ready, he will opt to settle down without putting up a fuss.

7 He is Running Scared

Sometimes you do not even need to talk about commitment for a Gemini male to pull away. It is a given that this man will panic when things start to get serious. His need for freedom will go into overdrive, causing him to run away.

When this is the case, do not chase after him. Creating some distance will be helpful, as this will give him the time he needs to work through his fears. He will like that you respect his boundaries and eventually make his way back to you.

8 He is Feeling Overwhelmed

Another possibility for a Gemini man pulling back is that he could be feeling burnt out. Perhaps this is likely the case if he gets all quiet and does not respond to your attempts at cheering him up. You see, Geminis lead a busy life and do not know how to pace themselves.

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They usually have a large circle of friends and would even make the effort to keep in touch with someone they bumped into at the grocery store. At the workplace, they usually move from project to project to avoid getting bored. Even their minds never stop racing with all manner of thoughts and ideas.

Staying busy is how they keep things interesting. Unfortunately, their eagerness to live life to the fullest can cause Geminis to bite off more than they can chew at times.

So, make sure to show your support for your Gemini man. Let him know you are there for whatever he needs but do not offer suggestions on what he should cut back or prioritize. He will sort things out at his own pace and emerge energized and eager to make up for lost time.

9 His Mood Swings

Geminis are known for their dramatic mood swings owing to this sign’s twin-headed nature. Since their minds never stop pondering things, Geminis can actually think themselves into a bad mood.

A Gemini man who is in a dark place is not hard to spot. His lows are extreme and can leave him feeling emotionally exhausted. In turn, he becomes distant and remains absent even while the two of you are in the same room.

There is nothing to do in this situation except back off and let him dig himself out of his funk. He will be back to normal once his mood settles down. He may even decide to open up and speak about what was bothering him.

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10 He Wants Out

If your Gemini man seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, you had better start preparing yourself to accept the fact that things may be over. Even in their disappearing acts, Geminis resurface after a while, or at the very least, remain accessible.

When your calls, texts, and all attempts at communication go unanswered, it is more than likely that he wants to end things but has not found the courage to let you know.

If his mind is set on leaving, no amount of begging or guilt tripping will cause a change of heart. You should cut your losses and move on.

Conclusion: Why Does A Gemini Man Pull Away?

Gemini men are not the type to go the extra mile or compromise to make a relationship work. If they are not happy, they will cut bait and run. While it is not fair to their partners, it is something that cannot be changed.

The best you can do with yours is learning what he wants and try your hardest to keep him interested. The rest will fall into place. It is also vital that you learn to read your Gemini guy to respond in the most appropriate way that will reel him back in when he is pulling away.