How to Know if a Virgo Man is Pushing You Away

How to Know if a Virgo Man is Pushing You Away

Virgo men are like delicious truffles, a rigid, rugged exterior, but soft, gooey, and scrumptious on the inside. In short, he’s sensitive and kind within, but he works hard to keep up a tough and emotionless facade.

It can be hard to know if he’s being his usual tough-guy self or actually trying to drive you away.

If you’ve been having a hard time with your Virgo lover, it’s time to analyze the relationship. Unfortunately, Virgo men are unlikely to take the initiative to end the relationship, even if he is unhappy. Here are some of the key signs to look for to know that your Virgo man is pushing you away.

He Becomes Distant

While Virgo men are generally distant, to begin with, this will become much more prominent if he wants out of the relationship.

You may notice that he isn’t returning your phone calls, takes longer and longer to text back, and keeps conversations short.

When you talk to him, whether that be in person or via text, you will notice that you’re carrying the bulk of the conversation. He gives short replies, doesn’t ask questions, and doesn’t seem engaged with what you have to say. You have to initiate the conversation, and you have to create all the talking points. Eventually, you’ll ask if he doesn’t care or if his mind wanders in another place.

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Ask him a few engaging questions about his day to gauge his response. If he still seems uninterested, carefully explain to him that you feel ignored and would like more of his attention. If he responds well and starts trying to talk with you, he likely isn’t pushing you away.

He Pushes Your Buttons And Boundaries

Virgo men usually don’t want to initiate the break-up, so they’ll manipulate their partners into doing this for them.

His attempts will likely begin as subtle; shorter kisses, fewer hugs, spending more time with his friends instead of you, and becoming nitpicky are signs of the desired breakup.

He may stop holding doors open for you, quit laughing at your puns, skip chores, and refuse to help you or give you advice, even when you explicitly ask for it.

As time goes by, he’ll become less patient and will apply more pressure to you. He may get snappy, extra critical, and seemingly find or pick fights out of nowhere. He will intentionally spend less time with you and misunderstand you on purpose. He knows that these things upset you, and so he does them in hopes you’ll leave.

He will also remember the little things that upset you and then use them to anger you intentionally.

Many of these habits that he develops are ones that he stopped at the beginning of your relationship to please you.

For instance, you may have a no-shoes in your house rule. If your Virgo man suddenly begins to “forget” to take his shoes off all at once, it’s probably intentional. It can be pretty upsetting and hurtful for him to act this way, especially out of spite.

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He may also become downright lazy, especially if you live together.

Virgo men who are in love and committed will go out of their way to lend people a hand, especially those they love the most.

If you feel that you’re the only person in the relationship who is actively keeping the space clean, tending to children, cooking the meals, and doing the laundry, this is a good indicator that he is through with your relationship.

If you’re the type of person to forgive, forget, and move on, now may be the time for you to learn to keep score. If he seems to be extra forgetful or spiteful lately, keep a running tab of what he does. He will only get worse the longer your relationship continues.

He Quits Prioritizing You And Your Needs

As a Virgo, your man is very likely to have a routine or daily schedule that he follows almost religiously.

To see if he cares about you, ask him to change up his schedule one day. Ask him over for dinner and a movie, invite him to hike with you, or see if he can accompany you on your errands.

If he still cares about you and isn’t pushing you away, he will make time. He may not be able to accommodate the exact time or date that you requested; however, he will show an effort by attempting to find the time and day when you two can have some quality time together. If he doesn’t prioritize you, it’s probably time to move on.

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During your time together, it’s also essential for you to pay close attention to how he treats you. Is he using his phone more than usual to avoid you? Is he quieter than average? Or does he spend more time in the less common areas of your space to get away from you? Be on the lookout for those telltale signs.

If you live together (or not), you will likely notice a change in his sex drive too. If he wants to end the relationship, he will withhold intimacy and affection to make a point or to intentionally upset you.

If he rejects your advances one night, that’s okay. But see how long it takes him to return the favor and initiate. If weeks pass without an attempt on his part, he’s probably pushing you away.

Try to initiate intimacy. If he isn’t receptive, that’s a big red flag that your relationship is over.

He Becomes Extra Critical

Virgo men who are actively trying to push their lovers away will be much harsher.

He will pull stupid arguments out of thin air, and you won’t know why or what the purpose of the discussion even is. It may feel like he is fighting with you to satisfy his boredom.

He loses all of his kind and generous traits, and suddenly he has a lot more negative emotions.

All of the cruel thoughts he had suppressed in the past are vivid once again. The way she chews her food is suddenly upsetting. He tells you that those dark shades of eyeshadow that you constantly wear are unflattering. He may also tell you that you could stand to lose a little weight.

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He will also lose his sugarcoating abilities. While in the past, he may have said something along the lines of “could you pass the salt?” for your mildest dishes, he now points out that your foods lack spice and flavor.

The words he says will cut deeper and deeper the longer he feels stuck in this relationship.

Another significant sign that he is losing interest in the relationship is his sudden lack of laughter. If he is happy and secure with you, you’ll hear lots of laughter and small giggles as the conversation continues. If not, it may be time for you to start packing your bags.

Petty Remarks And Actions

If he suddenly seems pettier, especially during minor disagreements, he is likely ready to end your relationship.

He will intentionally omit his thoughts and feelings from your conversations. He may also say hurtful things to you, but he will try to conceal them in the form of “oh, I was only joking” or by shifting the blame onto you. He will lie to you about his emotions in order to avoid you and to also upset you.

For instance, he may be stomping around your home, slamming doors, and heaving big sighs. If you ask him what’s wrong and he says “nothing” or “I’m not mad” (when he is clearly outraged), it’s time for you to call your relationship quits.

He may also bring up old topics that you would prefer to leave buried. He knows that his mentioning of whatever hurt or embarrassed you will be hard on you, but he doesn’t seem to care.

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These little digs are not innocent. He is using them to rake you over the coals, to shame you, or to hurt your feelings. None of these actions are okay, and it is advised you get away and end the relationship as soon as your feasibly can.


While the Virgo man can be hard to read, there are signs you can look for to tell if he is pushing you away. Be on the lookout for him pushing your boundaries, being extra petty, showing little interest in you or your hobbies, laziness, criticalness, distance, or him no longer prioritizing you, your wants, or your needs.

Virgo men do not like to be the ones to end the relationship, so he will increase his pressure on you until a breakup becomes your idea and you initiate the relationship’s demise.

You are unlikely to change his mind, so as soon as you begin to notice these signs, gather your bearings and call it quits as soon as you can.