How to Know if Libra Woman Is Serious About You

How to Know if Libra Woman Is Serious About You

Has a Libra woman caught your attention and your heart? If you have been dating a Libra woman for some time and want to know if she is serious about you, then there are several signs that will give it away.

A Libra woman is ruled by the planet Venus, which means that she is ruled by her heart and attracted to beauty. She seeks relationships that provide balance, an important value for people with this zodiac placement.

Here are many ways you can tell if your Libra woman is serious about you. We will also discuss some ways that you can give your Libra woman what she wants and deepen the relationship overall.

How To Know If Libra Woman Is Serious About You: 12 Tips

1 She’s Always in Touch With You

Libras are ruled by the element air, which means that they are ruled by their minds. One of the first ways you’ll notice that a Libra woman is interested is by the number of texts or phone calls you receive from her.

This woman would never reach out when she didn’t have feelings for you, at the very least as a friend. This wouldn’t be fair, and fairness is a primary concern for Libras.

You may notice that she sends small messages about her daily life, such as a post on social media or a small text to let you know that she is thinking about you.

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This means that she wants something more from the relationship than your friendship.

If she does not reach out to you often or only at times when something important is happening, such as after a date or during difficult times, this likely means that she isn’t looking for a relationship or is committed to something else, such as her work or friends.

Be sure to communicate with her frequently as well, because Libra women love reciprocity.

2 She’s Being Honest and Vulnerable

Libras tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve and give the full version of themselves to others. However, they are not as aggressive as Aries or Leos in this regard. They may hold back on a few details until they sense that the relationship is getting serious.

They want to make sure that there is a healthy balance of openness and mystery in the relationship so as to not overwhelm their partner.

You’ll know that your Libra woman is feeling more connected in the relationship if she starts to share deeper and more vulnerable parts of herself. This could be something as simple as talking about her fears or sharing what has been making her feel inferior or unworthy lately.

This is a sign that she trusts you and feels safe with you, which means that the relationship has matured to another level. Pay attention to these deep conversations as they may give insight into what your Libra woman craves from her love life.

If you catch a Libra in a lie, this likely means that she isn’t ready to commit or that there is something in her life, such as another person, which makes the relationship too complicated at the moment.

3 She Lets Her Guard Down and Acts Natural

Venus-ruled Libras love dressing to the nines and wearing their best outfits. They are attracted to all forms of beauty and appreciate feeling beautiful themselves.

You’ll notice that your Libra woman doesn’t mind if her outfit isn’t perfect or if she has a stain on her shirt if she’s relaxed around you. She wants to look good for you, but she also cares more about feeling comfortable than impressing you with her clothes at this point in the relationship. If your Libra woman is acting naturally around you, then it means that she’s ready to take things further by committing herself beyond just the physical.

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She will appreciate if you let her know that she’s beautiful on the days that she dresses up as well as the more casual ones. Libra women love partners who are affectionate and who appreciate all of their beauty, not just the physical aspect of it.

4 She Wants You to Join in Her Adventures

Libras have big dreams and plans in their life. They are known for being social butterflies who love to explore new places. The question is, does she want you to join in?

Libra women are known for being loyal and dedicated to their loved ones. If she invites you along, then it’s a sign that she values your presence by her side. This is because Libras are all about balance. If she’s struggling with making time for both you and her other life goals, she may walk away and seek a better fit. She prefers partners who will integrate their lives and interests with hers.

If she doesn’t want you to join her, then it means that she is still testing the water and figuring out how committed she can be with a partner at this point in time. She may also be in an independent period of life and isn’t ready to be your main focus.

5 She’s Being a Huge Flirt

Libras want it to be known when they have feelings for someone. They aren’t as cryptic as Scorpios, who like to keep their emotions hidden, but they also don’t “put it all out there” at first either.

If your Libra woman is trying extra hard to make you smile and laugh, she may be feeling more than just platonic feelings for you already. Flirting can be an innocent way of figuring out if the other person feels the same way.

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When Libras initiate flirting early on in relationships, this is their way of saying “I’m interested” without having to come out and say those exact words.

Go ahead and flirt back if you’re interested as well. This will let her know that you’re open to getting closer.

6 She Takes Charge With Planning Dates

Libra women are natural-born leaders. They enjoy being in control of their lives and planning for the future. This isn’t to say that Libras don’t appreciate spontaneity, but they do prefer having a plan whenever possible so they can feel prepared.

If a Libra woman is taking charge of planning your dates, she may be trying to impress you by showing that she has good taste. She likes being admired and appreciated for her ability to plan fun things.

If this is the case, then it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride because Libras are very generous when it comes to sharing their love of fun activities.

They know how to plan a night out that will leave you both feeling amazing and fulfilled, so allow yourself to be surprised with her ideas every once in a while!

7 She Lets You Take the Lead

As mentioned above, Libras are natural born leaders. That being said, they can be indecisive at times and prefer to have someone else take the lead.

However, they will only allow this with people they trust and feel comfortable with. If she’s allowing you to take the lead, it may mean that she has serious feelings for you and is willing to follow your lead in terms of where this relationship goes next.

8 She Has Expressed Commitment

Libras are blessed with wit and the gift of gab, so they will likely be able to express their attraction to you in a very romantic and captivating way.

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A Libra woman may say something like, “I’ve never felt this way about someone before,” or, “You’re the only one I want to be with right now.”

If a Libra is saying these things to you, don’t worry and think that she’s just saying them to make you feel good about yourself. Libras are known for being very persuasive and this is simply how they show their affection to someone, particularly in the early stages of a relationship.

Libras don’t like having messy or complicated relationships because it goes against everything they believe in, and their goal of balance. If you’re hearing words that indicate commitment from her, then take them at face value and know that you’ve earned them.

9 She Engages You in Deeper Conversations

Libras are deep wells that like to understand people and their motivations. They are also great listeners who can encourage others to open up about themselves, even if they’re shy or standoffish at first.

If she’s asking you more questions than usual when it comes to your career plans, family history, personal struggles, etc., this means that she is interested in learning all there is about you.

Libras are very caring people, so this deeper level of conversation is an opportunity for her to show that she cares by asking questions that get to the core of your identity. Do the same in turn and make sure she feels heard and supported by you.

10 She Asks for Your Advice

Libras may weigh and listen to the opinions of others, but at the end of the day, they want to make choices for themselves.

If she’s asking you for advice, it means that she trusts your opinion and values your point of view. Learning to trust is a process for Libras, so what this means is that she’s beginning to feel comfortable with you and allowing herself to lean on your support.

If she follows through and takes your advice, this is an even better sign. It means that she values your thoughts and feelings about the situation, so this is a great opportunity to bond over.

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11 She Prefers Hanging Out With You Over Others

As mentioned above, Libras are social butterflies and enjoy spending time with friends and family.

If she’s always on the phone when you’re around her, it probably means that she is planning a get-together for later in the evening or has plans to meet up with someone else soon. This may be a sign that she doesn’t have time for you or that she wants to put her energy into other people.

However, if she prioritizes your plans, invites you along for friend and family gatherings, and expresses interest in including you in her social life, then this means that she sees you as a serious friend or romantic partner.

12 She Introduces You to Close Friends or Family

Libras are very relational and will only allow someone to enter their lives who is deserving of their trust. This is because she has such a high sense of appreciation for her loved ones that she only wants to introduce high-quality individuals to them.

If she’s introduced you as her friend or even boyfriend, it means that she trusts you enough with the people closest to her in life. Being able to be included in this way shows how much she values your relationship together.

Final Thoughts

Libras are very affectionate and easy to get along with, but they also have a mysterious side that may be difficult for you to read.

As long as she’s showing signs of commitment early on in your relationship (i.e., introducing you around her family or close friends), then this Libra woman is serious about you. Continue doing what you’ve been doing and don’t stress about matters of the heart.

Don’t forget to give her the attention and affection she deserves as well. A relationship with a Libra woman is definitely a two-way road.