Why Are Sagittarius So Hot?

Why Are Sagittarius So Hot

Sagittarius are naturally motivated people with a whole lot of charm, wit, and optimism to help them out along the way. Of course, their good looks are a bonus that helps them thrive in this world.

Below are a few of the many reasons why Sagittarius people are so attractive– physically and figuratively speaking.

1 They Are Effortlessly Charismatic

Sagittarius natives are born charmers.

These people always know which words to use, how to say them, how to be appealing, persuasive, and how to follow their manners perfectly.

If you want to watch someone make diplomacy somehow sexy, Sagittarius are the people to follow. It is incredible how they always know exactly what to do and say to convey their message in a polite, persuasive manner.

There is a fine line between humble and confident, and Sagittarius walks it so cool and casually.

Their skills are simply magnetic. If for some crazy reason, you don’t immediately find Sagittarius physically attractive, their mannerisms will make you pine for them anyway.

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2 Sagittarius Natives Are Professional Flirts

Going with the flow and being effortlessly casual and cool is Sagittarius’ game.

When these natives decide to turn on their flirty side, lookout! It’s hard to resist their charm and flirty advances.

These individuals know that they’re good at what they do, so they reserve this charm for only people who they see the potential to be their soulmates. At that point, Sagittarius men and women know how to go full flirt and will stop at almost nothing to woo and win over their desired mate.

It is intimidating and yet flattering to be romantically pursued by a Sagittarius, and you’ll understand this in this next paragraph.

3 They Are Thoughtful, Meticulous, And Passionate Romantics

While there is a hint of grandiosity about Sagittarius, these lovers are very capable of paying attention to the tiny details and then using these several small notes to really wow and woo the person they want.

When Sagittarius is in love (or lust), they will make small mental notes of their person all the time.

For instance, here are some common tidbits of information that they are likely to notice and later use in their seductions:

4 Memorize family members’ names, as well as their thoughts, values, and wants of each family member.

Sagittarius doesn’t even have to meet the family to remember and deeply care about these fine details either.

For instance, you may mention that your grandmother Sadie collects hand-carved cardinal birds. Later, when Sagittarius finally meets grandma, it’s likely that he’ll produce one from his pocket as a gift to her.

5 Cooking favorite meals.

Sagittarius men and women are usually healthy people. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for them to cook delicious, healthy meals for their lover, especially when they want to win them over.

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6 Invite the lover out for their favorite hobby.

Sagittarius is a generally busy person, but, for the right guy or girl, they are very willing to make time to learn a new skill or hobby. If it’s a hobby they’re already involved in, all the better. They know that time is precious, and they know that quality time spent together can leave a big impact.

So, of course, it makes sense that a Sagittarius in love will want to spend time with their love doing what their (potential) partner wants.

7 Ask for her advice, and actually heed it.

Sagittarius are decisive, purpose-driven people who rarely ask for advice. With that said, they know the weight that words can carry. They also understand that asking for advice and then following through can be appealing to the person they ask.

This is a tool in their romantic arsenal. So when Sagittarius is in love, expect to see them ask the person they admire for advice in an area of their lives where they are willing to give up some control.

8 Piece together small passing comments into one big, thoughtful gift or date.

If a Sagittarius hears that their lover enjoys painting, wants to visit the Italian countryside someday, and misses their roommate from college– it wouldn’t be out of the question for them to surprise their partner with an afternoon acrylic paint and sip class, featuring old Mediterranean landscape scenes, with their college roommate.

Sagittarius knows that to win people over, they need to be thoughtful and sometimes give space for love to grow. Because of this, Sagittarius will not always arrange for all of their outings to include themselves. This is a strong trick that helps them go far and makes them one of the most attractive signs of all the Zodiacs.

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9 Give thoughtful compliments.

Sagittarius can be a visual creature, but this doesn’t make them limited to appearance-based compliments.

Many complements will be based on their lover’s decisions, intelligence, skills, and kindnesses. “I love how you did your makeup, that eyeshadow looks great on you,” “I am so proud of how committed you are to your work,” “you are so patient with kids, I love that about you,” “your clothing is always so refined, I don’t know how you choose the outfits that you do, but I love them all.”

10 Sagittarius Is Fun And Easy To Spend Time With

This cool, calm, collected, and casual cat is easy to get along with and spend much time near.

Sagittarius people are optimistic and enthusiastic but always know how to go with the flow, especially when it counts. They are always up for a challenge and never feel too old or too important to learn or try something new. They are eager to become better, more rounded people, and they like adventures and newness.

Traveling with Sagittarius is a breeze. They can blend right into new cultures but aren’t afraid to look silly by asking questions or admitting when they don’t know something. This humble, eager-to-learn attitude makes them pleasant people to be around.

While Sagittarius individuals are usually accomplished, impressive people, they never try to prove their importance or intelligence. They share spotlights well and are quietly and confidently humble creatures.

11 Their Chemistry And Sexual Skills Are Undeniable

Remember how Sagittarius always knows what to say and how to say it? That translates well in the bedroom, too.

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If Sagittarius feels strongly enough about another person to get sexually intimate with them, it is guaranteed that they aim to impress and please.

This fiery sign treats sex as if it’s an art, and Sagittarius is a bonafide artist.

Their willingness to learn new things, be humble yet confident, and do whatever it takes to win over their person makes lovemaking sessions with a Sagittarius erotic, sexy, satisfying, and unforgettable.

Very little intimidates these natives and even less will embarrass or emasculate them. Whatever it takes to make their lover happy is what they will happily do.

12 Sagittarius’ Physical Traits Are Very Attractive

Sagittarius, known as the archer of the zodiacs, is known to be a tall, lean, handsome athlete. They also care about their health and physical appearance, so they tend to stay active and take the time to present themselves neatly.

Sagittarius women are usually good at basic skincare and complex makeup.

Sagittarius men are notably active and will regularly visit their gym.

Both men and women Sagittarius natives know the importance of dressing well, bathing often and taking care of their health.

With that said, though, they have obsessive traits and are prone to developing eating or drinking disorders, especially later in life. They will have to combat the urge to overconsume almost all of their lives. While many Sagittarius will fall into the cycle of overeating or alcoholism, some will redirect this energy to their health via overexercising or their jobs as a workaholic.

A lucky few will redirect their obsessive tendencies into their relationships or healthy, profitable hobbies.

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Some of the most noticeable physical traits of the Sagittarius are:

  • Nice, prominent, clean smile
  • Tall or very tall physique
  • Kind, engaging eyes that are usually visually appealing
  • A kind, soft face
  • Clean, thick, shiny locks of hair
  • A tendency to lean or step forward during conversations, usually because they listen closely
  • Sagittarius can also be clumsy, but their sense of humor and ability to bounce back prevents most harm or embarrassment.

These Fire Signs Are Most Attractive To…

For short-term attractions or lustful situations, Sagittarius is attracted to and attractive to Geminis.

For long-term, deep love, Sagittarius will likely be attracted to and attractive to Aries and Leo. Long-term commitments are difficult for Sagittarius to make, but for the right person, they will happily do so.

One of the best qualities about a Sagittarius in love is that their commitment and efforts never cease. Not only do they know how to say the right things to win their crush over, but they also won’t stop saying these kind things; nor will they stop following through with their actions, even after they’ve entered a steady, long-term, committed relationship.

Sagittarius becomes more honest, more giving, patient, loving, loyal, and thoughtful with age.

As time progresses, so does Sagittarius’ understanding of their partner, meaning that they can do even more meaningful acts of kindness and gift even more precious thoughtful gifts.

With a Sagittarius, the relationship will only get better with age. And what a wonderful gift that is.