Mars Square Mars Synastry: Tension and Transformation

Mars Square Mars Synastry

When two people have Mars square Mars in their natal chart, it can be a challenging aspect.

This is because both people are assertive and competitive, and may struggle to find common ground. Mars is represented as the Ram, and you may picture two rams butting heads and trying to push each other around in a gridlock.

However, if the two people involved can learn to understand and respect each other’s needs, this aspect can be very powerful.

In this article, we will explore the Mars square Mars synastry in more detail in order to demystify this aspect.

The Overall Theme For Mars Square Mars Synastry

Mars square Mars relationships tend to have a lot of tension and volatility in them. This tension can come from both positive and negative sources, such as sexual tension or competitive tension.

Since this synastry highlights the Mars position of both people, this placement will deal with how these two people fight, make love, and compete.

There is a lot of energy between these two people, so boredom or stagnation is rarely a source of problems. However, this aspect can lead to a high amount of aggression and these two may struggle with power dynamics or with giving and taking.

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In order to understand the specific dynamics of your Mars square Mars synastry, it is important to look at the natal charts of both people and see where their mars placements are.

For example, if one person’s Mars is in Virgo and the other person’s Mars is in Sagittarius, there will be a lot of tension between practicality and idealism. If one person’s Mars is in Aries and the other person’s Mars is in Libra, there may be a lot of fighting about who gets to take the lead.

Each person’s Mars sign will illuminate the specific challenges and opportunities that exist in the relationship.

Mars In Astrology

In order to understand Mars square Mars synastry, it’s important to know a bit about the planet itself. Mars is the planet of action, drive, and passion. It is the planet that governs our instinctual responses and how we assert ourselves in the world.

It is also associated with anger, aggression, and war. This is because when Mars is activated, it can make us feel very angry or motivated to take action.

This makes it a very powerful but also potentially dangerous planet. It’s essential that Mars is expressed in a healthy way, or it can lead to a lot of conflicts.

In its best expression, this planet helps us to overcome obstacles and to achieve our goals. It is the energy that helps us to move forward in life and to make progress.

When Mars is out of balance, it can lead to a lot of anger and frustration. This is because we may feel like we are not able to take action or that our actions are not producing results.

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This can be rebalanced by giving Mars a creative outlet and control in our lives. This can be done through exercise, working on a project, or simply expressing our anger in a healthy way.

The Meaning of Squares in the Zodiac

Square Aspect

The square aspect is a challenging one because it creates tension and conflict.

In astrology, squares are often associated with obstacles or challenges that we need to overcome. This is because the square aspect brings together two energies that are in opposition to each other.

When this occurs in our lives, it can be difficult, but it also provides an opportunity for growth. This is because the square aspect asks us to find a way to take action and correct an imbalance.

Squares exist to create momentum and to push us to find a way to overcome disagreements. Its tension can’t last long without leading to some kind of action and change.

This is why the square aspect is typically associated with progress. It’s not always easy, but it does produce results.

How Mars Square Mars Synastry Relationships Promote Growth

Although this square may seem to be negative, there is a lot of potential for growth, change, and progress.

It’s more likely that there will be harmony and progress if the two people have their Mars placement in the signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo. These are the four mutable signs. A mutable sign is one that is open to change and adaptation.

Even if just one person has one of these signs in their Mars placement, there is plenty of room for compromise, negotiation, and growth.

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If there are positive Venus transits in this synastry chart, then the relationship can be very supportive and harmonious. There will be moments of rest and recovery with this planet’s influence, which can lead to a greater sense of balance.

These two may have a tendency towards competition, which can be a positive force in the relationship. It will promote growth and progress as they strive to outdo each other.

Since there will be a lot of energy in this union, it’s most likely that each person will gain a lot of insight into themselves and their relationship rather than burnout. There will also be many lessons to learn regarding anger, aggression, and taking action.

Struggles With Mars Square Mars Synastry Relationships

If the two people have their Mars placement in the fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, there will be more tension and conflict. A fixed sign wants things to stay the same and resists change. This will make the tension of the square even more pronounced.

If either or both of these people have a Cardinal sign in their Mars placement, there will be a power play between this couple. The Cardinal signs are the initiators and they like to be in control. This includes Libra, Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer.

In addition, if there are negative Venus transits in this synastry chart, then the relationship will be very challenging. There may be a lot of anger and resentment between the two people. This can lead to a lot of fighting and disharmony.

There may be things that each person in this relationship finds to be annoying about the other. This can include everything from how the other person dresses to how they eat. It’s likely that there will be a lot of conflict over little things that add up over time.

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As mentioned above, competitiveness is a big part of this pairing, and it can become a problem if it’s not handled properly. This is because the two people may be so focused on outdoing each other that they lose sight of what’s important.

They may eventually stop playing fair and resort to tactics such as manipulation and control in order to get what they want. If this happens, there won’t be resolve or learning, just more tension, and conflict.

If other negative transits are in the picture, there is a good chance that this couple will break up. This is because the intensity of the Mars square Mars synastry can be too much for some relationships to handle in the long term.

Practical Tips For Mars Square Mars Synastry Relationships

Here are some areas of focus that these two people should prioritize in order to have the most harmonious relationship possible:

1 Respecting Each Other’s Needs

In order to make a Mars square Mars synastry work, both people need to be able to respect and understand each other’s needs. If one person is always trying to take control and the other person feels powerless, this will lead to resentment and problems.

2 Taking Time for Each Other

In order to prevent burnout, it’s critical for both people in this relationship to take time for adventure, romance, and relaxation. This will help to keep the relationship balanced and harmonious.

Mars is connected to creativity, so it’s a good idea to find creative outlets to express any anger or aggression. This can be anything from writing, painting, traveling, or dancing.

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3 Being Supportive of One Another

The best way to handle any type of tension is to be supportive of one another. This can help to lessen the competitive nature of this synastry and make it more harmonious.

4 Resolving Conflicts

When there are conflicts, it’s important to try to resolve them in a healthy way. This means that both people need to be willing to talk openly and honestly about what’s going on. This may require the support of a professional such as a therapist.

Learning how to walk away when things get too heated is an essential skill in any relationship. These two will need to learn where the boundary is between healthy and unhealthy fighting and know when to table things for later.

5 Compromise Is Key

In order for a Mars square Mars synastry to work, both people need to be able to compromise. This means that they will have to meet in the middle and find a way to balance out their differences. If these two can figure out how to achieve a compromise, then they have properly learned the lessons of the Mars square Mars synastry and will be able to move forward together in a healthy way.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Mars square Mars synastry can be a challenging but also very powerful relationship. By understanding the dynamics between your two mars placements, you can learn how to better navigate this type of synastry. With time, patience, and effort, it is possible for this relationship to thrive.