How To Get a Gemini Man To Miss You

How To Get a Gemini Man To Miss You

Gemini men are extraordinarily outgoing and have a frequent desire to be the center of attention. Interestingly Gemini men and women are quite similar, but how their personality traits are shown varies.

Gemini men enjoy adventurous and playful days out with lots of extroverted friends; they also like their quiet, intimate moments alone with their lovers.

Be careful who you bring around your Gemini man as he tends to be a flirt by nature; it’s part of his loud, extroverted style.

Be warned that Gemini men can be very indecisive and unpredictable; it can be difficult to grasp who he truly is at his core.

Often, these two qualities of indecisiveness and unpredictability can make you wonder if their intentions are pure. With that said, don’t be discouraged because you can show them what they are missing and show them the path to love.

1 Create Meaningful Connections

Gemini men tend to care a great deal about being emotionally and physically intimate with you and you only. They often come across as being flirty and outgoing to a fault. They do care about having quality time with you away from everyone else, but it may not be as often as you desire.

If you gift a Gemini man with a memorable and meaningful time, he will crave your presence more when you two are apart. The trick is to make him look forward to the next time you two will be together.

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2 Give Him Space

Do you have a hard time giving your man space? Be careful with how much space you give to a Gemini man.

Gemini men desperately need their own space and will become intolerable if not given that.

If you want his attention, remind him of what a good time he is missing with you, but don’t guilt or pressure him into it.

The Gemini man cares a big deal about his freedom. If you want a long-term relationship, you should be considerate of his personal space and time.

Possessiveness is the wrong route to show your affection. If you are an intuitive person, use it to know when he needs time for himself. You will be happier with how your relationship goes if he gets his own time and space without your complaints.

He can’t miss you if you don’t let him be alone. It’s okay to check in on him with periodic calls and texts, but don’t overdo it and keep the conversation light and non-confrontational. You do not want to ask him how much longer he’ll be away, repeatedly asking what he’s doing or why he isn’t spending more time with you.

3 Give Him The Motive To Call You

Does a text or a call from a Gemini man make you happy?

You are falling in love, but you don’t know if he feels the same way. You want deeper and closer communication but don’t know how to get that from your flighty, spacy Gemini.

Here are some of the best-kept tips and secrets to remind him of you; this will subconsciously push him to check up on you more often.

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The next time you go over to his place, make sure to leave something small of yours. A charger, tube of lip gloss, or book should do the trick. This will open a door for you two to see each other again, but it will also remind him of how good it is to be with you.

When he sees the item you “forgot” to take home, he will probably text you about it. This can become a great conversation starter. Even though you’re the one who prompted him to reach out to you first, he will subconsciously think that he initiated the conversation, which will make him believe that he really is into you.

If he fails to reach out, you have the perfect excuse to text him about what you left behind. Sure, you’re contacting him first, but now, in the time between the text and your next visit, he’ll be thinking of you every single time he sees that item that’s waiting for you.

When you two are texting, don’t over-text as he will be annoyed and irritated. Double texts are fine; triple, quadruple, and more are not. Let him reply before lobbing more of your thoughts at him. If he calls, wait a few minutes to answer or wait for him to call for a second time.

4 Don’t Reveal All Of Your Plans

Be mysterious!

While a Gemini man may ask you lots of questions about you while you’re together, make a subtle effort to conceal part of who you are. He enjoys the mystery of not knowing what you have planned for you two! The mystery keeps him on his toes and anticipating whatever is next.

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Also, don’t make yourself too readily available. If he wants to meet up Friday night, say you already have plans and schedule the date for Saturday.

When you make him believe you have a busy social life, he will want your attention more often. At the same time, he will miss you even more because you are busy and perhaps more social than he is.

Gemini men like it when a woman doesn’t need him at all times. If he knows that you regularly spend time with your friends and have an active life that doesn’t revolve around him, he will be highly interested in what you are doing. Ans he will also be more apt to make plans with you.

5 Challenge A Gemini Man

Men are all somewhat similar in this category; they love to be challenged.

The key to challenging a Gemini man is keeping his interests and imagination working hard to keep up.

At first, don’t give him everything he wants and make him work for it. Find a good balance between you giving what he wants and him working for it. He will be unhappy if he has to work too hard for what he wants, so don’t go overboard.

He enjoys light playfulness and bickering, so take the time to gently tease and banter with him.

6 Invite Him On Spontaneous Adventurous

A Gemini man welcomes change, spontaneity, and memorable adventures.

If you show him a good time, he will miss and be drawn to you every time he’s fighting moments of boredom.

Don’t worry about planning ahead; he will love any last-minute plans. Your outings don’t even have to go perfectly. If you can have a disaster of an adventure but keep the both of you laughing and in good spirits, he’ll be like putty in your hands.

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7 Humor Is The Key To Making A Gemini Man Happy

A Gemini man loves to laugh and looks for someone with a great sense of humor. Gemini men do not accept sadness, aloneness, or serious situations very well. They need good energy and outside influence that is bright, light, energetic, and full of positive feelings.

Because Gemini men don’t do well on their own, they are drawn to other people, especially those with witty, uplifting senses of humor. Having someone by their side who makes his life fun and vibrant will make all the difference.

8 Become His Best Friend

Good friends? Lovers? Both?

Being best friends with your Gemini man will make your relationship that much better. A Gemini man will miss you and fall in love with you if you two are best friends and lovers rather than just lovers.

If you are best friends with your Gemini man, you already have the trust and loyalty that many couples simply don’t have.

If you’re not yet officially dating or committed to your Gemini man, then take advantage of the situation and focus on your friendship first before you try to win his heart. It will be much easier and more effective this way too.

There are a few reasons why becoming best friends before lovers allow you to:

  • Build up trust
  • Spend difficult times together
  • Get to know each other with less pressure
  • Create less stress with those first crucial dates
  • You won’t have to work as hard to earn his attention
  • You can be yourself and see how he naturally reacts to your personality
  • Learn about his future plans in a no-pressure environment
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9 Use Thoughtful Gifts To Keep Yourself In His Mind

Everyone likes to be thought of; Gemini men are no different.

While he does value his space, he also craves your full attention when you’re together.

You would also be surprised with how far small yet thoughtful gestures can get you with a Gemini man.

Bring him his favorite order of coffee, without asking him, as a surprise. He’ll be flattered that you thought of him and remembered what he likes. He’ll think of this kind gesture for weeks to come too.

10 Discuss The Boundaries

If you want a Gemini man to miss you, you need to set solid boundaries.

When you set boundaries, you establish that you are a stable person who respects herself and creates space for her own needs.

While the Gemini man isn’t always clear about his boundaries, he has certainly set some of his own; knowing that you place and hold boundaries will stand out in his mind to him and keep you on his mind.

How To Get a Gemini Man To Miss You: Conclusion

Overall, the Gemini man craves his own space but can love his time alone with you, too.

While he will spend time with his friends, go to parties, work on his hobbies alone, and have his freedom, he can miss you too.

Make him laugh, show him a good time, don’t pressure him, and show him that you’re your own person too. Your mysterious ways and healthy boundaries for yourself and him will keep you at the front of his mind, and looking forward to the next time you’ll be together again.