Leo Mans Jealous & Possessive Nature Explained

Leo Man Jealous Possessive

Have you started dating a Leo man and can’t help but wonder whether he is the type that will feel bad because you are friends with other guys?

What if some of your closest friends happen to be males? Is there any Leo man jealous, possessive behavior that should worry you? How do you know if a Leo man is jealous?

These are some of the questions that cross the minds of many women when they start going out with a Leo guy, and with good reason. Those who know their horoscope basics are probably aware that Leos are territorial, just like the lion symbol representing their sign.

At the same time, it can be hard to imagine that the radiant, jolly, and fun-loving Leo men can get jealous when in fact, they like to flirt with just about everyone.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn more about the Leo man’s jealous and possessive behavior, this guide can help you find the answers you seek as we explain all when it comes to the Leo mans jealous side…

Is A Leo Man Jealous & Possessive?

Typically, people born under the Leo sign don’t allow the success of others to make them feel insecure. These go-getters tend to be pretty much content with their own lives. They only get jealous when their loved ones, particularly romantic partners, do not pay enough attention to them and instead devote their time and energy to someone or something else.

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The typical Leo comes across as a friendly and social person. This male archetype is capable of wooing everyone with his playful charisma and charm.

As a result, it is hard to imagine this sign as the jealous type. But, if a Leo man feels strongly about someone, he will want that person all to himself.

The lion symbol for Leo characterizes the territorial nature of natives born under this sign. They won’t allow anyone to enter their love arena and claim what’s theirs without putting up a fight. That is why the man in Leo is very possessive, especially when he considers the person he is dating as a potential soulmate.

If someone threatens his position in a romantic relationship, it is enough to make him want to roar like a beast and charge into combat.

When dating a Leo man, you may also get the impression he is possessive because of his bragging tendencies. It is typical for natives of this zodiac sign to announce the love affair they share with a partner. They want the world to know what is theirs.

However, Leos don’t think of themselves as being possessive. Instead, they see their braggadocious ways as a form of expressing how they appreciate what they have in their lives.

Although a Leo man can make showboating about his acquisitions look charming, his possessive nature can take a negative form if instigated by jealous feelings.

What Triggers A Leo Man’s Jealousy?

A Leo man will become jealous only if there is a reason for him to act like that. For instance, his antenna will be up if he thinks you are hiding something.

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Those who belong to this sun sign are very passionate. What’s more, their big ego gets hurt when someone they are in love with betrays them or toys with their feelings.

If you are dating a Leo man, the thought that you would choose to be with another person after being with him is something he cannot accept. He is the type of man who thinks very highly of himself and is worried about what other people might say or think if he gets dumped.

Despite being very proud, self-confident, fiery, and having a larger-than-life personality, the Leo man is all soft and sensitive on the inside.

Leos love the spotlight in the same way the planets revolve around the sun, which happens to be the celestial body that rules their sign. That explains why a man born under this sign gets jealous when you don’t make plans to spend time together, constantly stay in touch, or give him enough attention in other ways.

How Does A Leo Man Show His Jealousy?

Of all the zodiac members, Leos struggle the most to hide their emotions. If you know what to look for, it is easy to detect when they become jealous.

For instance, your Leo man may start to behave in a condescending way when in the presence of the person he is jealous of, as though to mark his turf. After all, Leos are the Kings of the zodiac, a fixed fire sign that is not afraid of confrontation.

Your Leo boyfriend could also exaggerate the other person’s flaws when you bring him up in conversations or sulk and frown at the sight of seeing you talking to or flirting with admirers.

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When a Leo man feels jealous, his mood changes. All of a sudden, the ever so optimistic, loving, and charming man you know transforms into a downright rude person that you can’t even recognize. It will be almost as if something just sucked the life out of him.

You may also detect anger in his body language and tone. He will roll his eyes, scoff, become dramatic and even accuse you of not respecting or loving him. Sometimes, he will say what is bothering him out rightly, but without admitting his jealousy to avoid looking weak.

Below are more signs that would indicate your Leo man is green with envy when in love.

1 Inquisitive Behavior

When a Leo man is jealous, he will start to ask many questions about your circle of friends. If you receive a call, text, or comment on social networks from another man, he will want to know who he is and how close the two of you are.

When you grab the phone, he will be peeking over your shoulder to find out what you are doing. Often, this type of inquisitive paranoia surfaces when he knows you are friends with other guys.

2 Controlling Tendencies

Leos are very protective. However, this quality can turn into possessiveness if they become jealous or afraid of losing their lover.

In a serious relationship, a man born under this sign will try to keep close tabs on you, always wanting to know where you are, what you are doing, and whom you are with to a point where he seems clingy and controlling.

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Sometimes, the man in Leo can see the special woman in his life as a possession and thus resort to being territorial as a way of protecting what’s his.

3 Showing Up Unexpectedly

If a Leo man is uncomfortable you have too many male friends hitting on you, he may become confrontational about it. For instance, if you let him know you are hanging out at a particular location with some friends, he might show up unannounced.

The regal lion will take his time stalking before making his presence known in a surprising fashion to make it look coincidental. He simply wants your friends to know you are his, and anyone who tries to get in between the two of you should expect his ferocious rage.

If your Leo man is checking up on you and showing up unexpectedly, it is one of the signs that he is extremely jealous.

4 Marking His Territory

Your Leo man may also decide to host a party and invite all your friends to meet them and size up the other guys in your life. It is his way of scoping out possible threats. Of course, he will do this without being too obvious, but in a way to let the competition know your girl is off-limits.

Should You Make A Leo Man Jealous?

Jealous behavior is one of the signs that a Leo man is falling in love with you. So, you might get tempted to evoke this emotion from your Leonean boyfriend to make him commit.

However, making him jealous is not a good idea considering how Leo men have a sensitive ego. Those with this male personality only know how to fight fire with fire. As such, they sometimes resort to flirting with other women when in the presence of their partners just to get back at them.

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If not careful, jealousy could breed tension and ruin the relationship with your Leo man. It is better to address any insecurities while you are still with him to avoid a breakup.

Final Word: How To Ease The Leo Man’s Jealous And Possessive Feelings

The jealousy of a Leo man can break a romantic relationship because this is a tough emotion to handle. Often, it triggers feelings of anger, resentment, and depression. The fiery Leo can also get quite aggressive when suspecting that a partner could be unfaithful or interested in someone else.

For any woman who does not want to feel smothered or stressed by the jealous and possessive behaviors of their Leo man, the key is to keep him feeling secure.

The lion of the zodiac expects to be treated like a king. Therefore, the best way to maintain a comfortable atmosphere where love can thrive is by pampering him with displays of affection.

Leos enjoy being complimented and being given enough attention by their lovers. Honesty can also improve the relationship with this man. If you have any plutonic male friends of the opposite sex, it is best to let him know.

Remember, it is essential to avoid making a Leo man jealous as an attempt to figure out if he cares about you. Instead, be sincere and drown him in affection. If a Leo man has feelings for you, he will be a loyal and devoted partner that treats you like a queen.