How to Keep a Gemini Man: 10 Tips You Should Know

How to Keep a Gemini Man

Knowing your lover’s zodiac sign can help save you from a lot of heartache. In astrology, solar signs hold the key to a person’s character, including the kind of things that vex them, how they react when angry or sad, and more importantly, how they behave when in love.

When you already know how a person will react to different situations, some of the typical relationship landmines can be avoided. Having this kind of inside knowledge can be especially helpful when you are involved with a Gemini man.

Dating a Gemini is hard. On the bright side, he is extremely generous and will go above and beyond to make you feel like the queen of his world. Flowers, chocolates, lavish gifts, and romantic getaways are common nature with him.

On the flip side, he looks to maximize his time in this world. He has a restless soul that craves to try different things and prefers a partner who will leave him to his own devices. In essence, love has to be on his terms, or else he will dump you and search for someone who will accept him as he is.

So, how can you hold onto a man who can turn on a dime? Well, the trick is to make him want to stay. Here is a quick expert guide on what it takes to keep a Gemini man invested in the relationship.

1 Feed His Restless Spirit

Male or female, Geminis are high maintenance. They are always on the move and cannot stay still for too long. For a Gemini, routine and repetition is the worst way to go through life.

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Ultimately, this leaves you with the task of fulfilling your man’s need for constant entertainment. Whether that involves joining an extensive couples dance class, frequent traveling on weekend trips, meeting new people, reading and then discussing a good book, or trying every thrilling activity under the sun, do whatever it takes to prevent things from getting boring.

2 Bond On An Intellectual Level

A pretty face and beautiful features will no doubt spark the interest of a Gemini man. However, he will lose interest immediately when he discovers that his belle’s mind is but a blank slate. This man falls in love with a lady’s mind before he comes to admire her character.

Since intelligence comes above anything else for a Gemini man, you must connect with his mind.

If you are well versed and always have something interesting to say, he will stick around, if only to pick your brain on different topics. Geminis simply cannot get enough of someone who can stimulate their mind.

3 Live In The Moment

A Gemini does not care about planning for the future. For this individual, responsibilities, stability, rules, and anything that signifies normalcy is like a noose around the neck. People born under this zodiac sign love to live a carefree life. They follow their heart desires and act on whatever idea pops to mind.

If you are unwilling to accept this side of your Gemini man, you should walk away from the relationship. Things will never work out if you are a control freak or are obsessed with following schedules. With this guy, you just need to give in and develop a say-yes-to-everything mentality.

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There is an upside to letting yourself get swept up in all his craziness. You will find yourself living an Oscar-worthy love story full of romance, great stories, and lots of picture-perfect moments.

4 Maintain A Positive Energy

You will need to be easy-going and have a good sense of humor to keep a Gemini around. Natives of the twins-sign are fun-loving individuals, and it shows in their character. They have an upbeat personality, coupled with a sharp wit and a sarcastic sense of humor.

Instinctively drawn to people who can match his natural energy, a Gemini man will like being around you if you engage him with witty banter and make him laugh. However, if you are a constant pessimist or nag, he will pull away from you.

Simply put, avoid being the cause of his bad mood. Instead, strive to be the one who lifts him from his melancholic states, which are common to the Gemini man.

5 Keep Surprising Him

There is nothing that a Gemini guy loves more than a woman who can match his spontaneity. If you can find ways to wow him now and then, you had better believe that you will have him hooked.

Instead of the typical date in a restaurant, have meals by a food truck or spend an evening at a comedy club. Take your Gemini man on an early morning picnic breakfast at the beach, or dazzle him with the perfect stargazing spot. The idea is to change things up with a fun outing when he least expects it.

He’ll appreciate that you are taking the initiative to keep the relationship fun & exciting and will go out of his way to impress you as well. This will be a good thing for both of you as his ideas are offbeat and wild.

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6 Make Him Your Sounding Board

While Geminis hate needy partners who are constantly fawning over them, they do like to feel that their special someone values them. The Gemini male, in particular, has an ego that you will need to stroke from time to time. One way to do this is to ask his opinion about important stuff.

Maybe you have a work problem that is stressing you out. Perhaps a couple of your closest friends are in the middle of a fight, and you would like to smooth things over. Whatever the situation, you can be sure that a Gemini will have an opinion. His ideas are not bad either, as his bright mind can see things more clearly than most.

The point in asking, though, is that it will make him feel important. He will love that you value his opinion, and this will make your Gemini man feel closer to you.

7 Show Off Your Independence

If you want to keep a Gemini man interested, you must be an independent woman. There are simply no two ways about it.

Gemini men like a strong, self-sufficient woman who does not need a man to be happy. So, avoid acting like the needy damsel when you are with your guy.

Learn basic stuff like changing a bulb, unclogging the sink, assembling furniture, or building a shelf. Have a separate life from your Gemini man, complete with a job that makes you happy, fun hobbies, and a squad of friends.

Let him go out and do his things whenever he feels like it and take that time to pamper yourself with a beauty routine, have a night out with your gals, or learn a new skill.

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If you show your Gemini man that you can survive by yourself, he will definitely want to be a part of your life. He will know that he has a good thing and will cherish you more.

8 Be His Friend

Love is a process with the Gemini man. When he sees a woman he likes, he usually befriends her first. He will only cross into the relationship realm after he makes sure she possesses what he is looking for in a partner. And, even then, this guy considers his partner as his best friend.

It is essential to keep the friendship flame with a Gemini male burning strong. Friends listen to each other, share ideas, confide in each other, support each other, and accept one another wholeheartedly. There are no hidden agendas or mind games between true friends.

What’s more, friends that have withstood the test of time are not afraid to call each other out on their mistakes. Similarly, the Gemini man prefers someone who can challenge him and not just agree with everything he says or does. Model these traits into your relationship, and you will forge an unbreakable bond with your Gemini man.

After all is said and done, friends are for life and always have each other’s backs. When you show your Gemini dude that he has a friend in you no matter what, he’ll be yours forever.

9 Be Patient

Dealing with a Gemini is not the easiest thing to do. Natives of this sign are neither reliable nor consistent. They go through regular mood swings, change their minds constantly, cancel on dates, and even fail to keep their promises. It can all get overwhelming, which is why you will require a great deal of patience when dating a native of this solar sign.

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Take heart in knowing that a Gemini man is a loyal and all-or-nothing partner. So, if he chooses you, know that he is in it for the long haul. If anything, it is your actions that can push him away. What this means is if you accept a Gemini with all his faults, you will have his love for a lifetime.

10 Give Into His Erotic Fantasies

Much like in every other area of their life, Geminis are adventurous in the bedroom. They like to get creative and tend to have a bucket list of kinky things they would like to try. They prefer a partner who is open-minded to their ideas and not prudish.

Final Thoughts On How To Keep a Gemini Man

Getting a Gemini man interested enough to enter into a relationship with you is the first pit stop on an arduous journey. The only time this man will consider settling down is when he deems you as the perfect partner. In his mind, this is someone that will let him be himself.

On your part, this requires that you give him space, embrace his multifaceted personality, be flexible, match his intelligence, and work at being his equal. It is a lot of work, but you will be rewarded with his charming personality, generous nature, and a life that is choke-full of excitement.