How To Attract a Capricorn Woman

How To Attract a Capricorn Woman

So you’ve got your heart set on a Capricorn woman; you’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of you if you want to win this lady over.

A Capricorn woman is down-to-earth, thoughtful, and wise beyond her years. Her intuition is strong, and she follows her instincts. It’s easy to see why you like her; she is witty, fun, humble, and kind. She is also full of life, with lots of passion, charm, and ambition.

As a young woman, she is more reserved, quiet, and errs on the side of caution. As the Capricorn woman experiences more life and therefore grows up, she will develop some sense of spontaneity, the ability to laugh at herself, and a willingness to let go and have fun.

1 Prove Your Drive And Independence

A Capricorn woman is independent and exceptionally goal-oriented; she expects the same from her partner, too.

While she is undoubtedly not a gold-digger, she finds reassurance in knowing that you live a life of stability and have a career that you enjoy and are passionate about. Sharing your aspirations and enthusiasm for a job well done is way sexier to her than anything else.

If you have a side hustle or, better yet, your own business, expect her to show you a lot of attention. She will shower you with lots of thoughtful questions out of love, respect, and admiration for you and your business.

A Capricorn woman is always on the lookout for ways to boost her career, business, income, or status. She is always learning and would love to connect with influential people who could one day help her achieve her goals. You can also expect her to ask you to put her in touch with your more successful friends and colleagues.

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She also enjoys her independence, and she expects you to as well. It’s okay if she wants alone time away from you; this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you; it just means she enjoys time with herself. It’s best to give her the space she asks for and spend time by yourself as well.

She will also be on the lookout for how well you manage yourself, your household duties, and everyday errands. If you can show her that you are responsible and reliable, she will fall that much more in love with you.

Capricorn women do not tolerate forgetfulness or laziness very well at all. The Capricorn seriousness will become very evident if you make a mistake that inconveniences or disappoints her. She will not laugh off incompetency; she will be frustrated and upset that her plans have been diverted or wrecked.

Make a planner, and stick to it. And while you’re at it, keep your vehicle and your home tidy. She will take note of your efforts, and she will shower you with love and affection if you can prove to her that you are a competent, hardworking, and independent man.

2 Accept Her Mood Swings

Capricorn women are prone to lots of wild mood swings.

Yesterday she was ready to go jet skiing and party on the lake, but tonight she wants to quietly watch reruns on the couch with you under her favorite blanket. Her interests and personality can vary, and so can her mood.

If you can be a lighthouse in her sea of big emotions, she will cling to you and never let go. The best gift you can give a Capricorn woman is to stay, even in moments of chaos and messiness.

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You’ll get big bonus points if you can calmly reassure her and quietly wait for her to come back to you. Be non-judgemental, and offer her your understanding. She won’t soon forget the kindness and grace that you extend to her.

3 Show Off

Capricorn women pretend not to be impressed by material items, but they are.

If you can dress up a bit to meet her, you’re very likely to catch her eyes all over you during the entirety of your visit or outing together. Don’t forget to bring your confidence along, too; she loves a man who is dressed head-to-toe in the knowledge of his own self-worth.

Do not mistake elegance for expensiveness or extravagance. She prefers elegance and refinery over high-dollar luxuries or crude grandiosities.

For instance, maintaining and keeping your older vehicle clean is much more appealing to her than if you had a brand new luxury car that is late on an oil change and has fast-food wrappers strewn across the floor.

Picking up the tab, showering her with thoughtful gifts, and being outwardly generous to those around you will win her affection for sure. She doesn’t enjoy these things because she is superficial, but instead because they show that you are a kind and stable human.

One of the best ways you can flex for a Capricorn woman is to reveal your strong integrity.

She loves a man who is true to his word, makes commitments, and is kind to others, even when it is not convenient for him. Subconsciously, even if you two aren’t seriously dating yet, she is using these traits to determine if you would make an excellent long-term partner or a loving and dependable father to her future children one day.

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4 Capricorns Tend To Be Social Climbers, Even If They Pretend Not To Be…

She will be impressed if you can prove that you will be an asset to her. She will want to meet your more high-profile friends. A healthy dose of name-dropping during your time together will perk her ears and make her lean in. She wants to create a better life for herself, and she will do almost anything to reach her dreams.

When you first meet, she is much more inclined to be attracted to your personality and your intelligence- both mental and emotional. Skip the small talk and polite but boring niceties, and jump into heavier topics that you’re knowledgeable of and she shows an interest in. Politics, technology, religion, and the future are all good topics to cover; just make sure you hold similar opinions first.

If you are humble and open-minded, you become a magnet to her. She loves people who can accept criticism, who are always willing to learn, and who will change their opinions with enough compelling evidence.

Stubbornness will not get you far with a Capricorn woman at all.

5 Take The Lead

Capricorn women love a man who makes up his mind and can lead.

Her indecisiveness is just as intense as her mood swings. If you can step in and make the decisions, she will appreciate your efforts. Remember to be proactive but not predatory. If she sets a boundary, respect it and don’t push it. Don’t even poke the boundary with a stick unless you want your Capricorn lady’s claws (or should we say horns?) to come out.

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If you want to flirt with a Capricorn woman, you have to be a gentleman. She will not appreciate crude humor, pushiness, lewd comments, or controversial opinions. She is easily embarrassed; don’t make her the butt of any of your jokes, and don’t try to embarrass her.

Pursue her if you wish, but don’t corner her or push her too much. She does not appreciate being rushed, and she certainly doesn’t enjoy the feeling of being hunted.

This woman is also more likely than other signs to lean towards being old-fashioned.

Remember that she likes flirting, but won’t admit this to herself, let alone others. Stick to the safe side when you flirt with light humor, good-naturedness, and understated wit.

It’s probably best if you don’t make a pass at her on your first date. Better yet, wait for at least five dates. She doesn’t want a one-night stand, and she doesn’t want a man who makes himself too available too fast. She wants a man who is respectful, dignified, and just as serious about the future as she is. You have to learn how to be a respectful gentleman who accepts feminism but maintains his masculine traits.

It takes time to win a Capricorn woman’s heart; be patient, but don’t lose your dominant side while you wait for her.

6 Be Sincere

Remember that Capricorn women have a strong intuition and that they regularly obey this sense. She can sniff out disingenuous actions and deceit almost immediately.

Be sincere.

Be accountable.

And don’t hide who you are; she will figure you out soon enough.

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Fortunately, once she gets to know you, this intuition will serve you very well. She will be able to detect and meet your needs before you even realize they’re there.

Be loyal and honest with those around you, too; she pays a lot of attention to how you treat others. She is on the lookout for two-faced behavior, gossiping, and snide looks. Even if you don’t act that way towards her, she will consider it a big red flag if you are unkind to others.

She also appreciates supportive people. Being willing to listen to her and support her when she is struggling means a lot to her. She finds a lot of comfort in people who freely give their advice, assistance, and compliments to those who need them.


Capricorn women are a catch, but they are no easy catch.

These women are strong, independent, serious, and intimidating to many men.

Pursuing her will be no easy feat, but if you are successful, you’ll have landed an incredible lady who is full of wit, passion, love, ambition, and wonderful ideas. She is absolutely the type of person whom you want to commit to and build a life together. She will have your back like no other and fill your life with lots of adventure, security, and support.