Moon Square Pluto Synastry – Drawn To Danger

Moon Square Pluto Synastry

Consider this a cosmic red flag.

When two astrological bodies square, it means that they meet at right angles which causes an interruption in the normal flow of energy. Moon Square Pluto synastry creates a powerful exchange of emotional energies that can be downright destructive.

We’re going to take a closer look at the Moon Square Pluto synastry, the powerful and dangerous energy this pairing works with, and if anything can be done to overcome these major challenges.

Moon In Synastry — The Tides Of Emotions

Your Moon represents your hidden side. This is your internal emotional world that few people in your life will ever gain access to. Even if you’re an open book, the Moon represents those hidden currents that are moving underneath the surface.

In our relationships, the Moon represents your emotional needs. It’s not only what you need in order to feel emotionally satisfied, it’s also what your partner is going to receive from you. These are your needs and giving as well as taking.

Pluto In Synastry — Sex And Transformation

Pluto is all about transformation and rebirth. Pluto is a dark astrological body that has an intense power that radiates from it. Wherever Pluto placements pop up, you’re sure to find an intense passion and a boundless drive for change.

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Pluto has a way of swinging a synastry interpretation entirely. When Pluto has a positive alignment, this could be “it.” This could be a relationship that lasts your whole life and is completely fulfilling. However, when Pluto is in a challenging position it can lead to a relationship that causes strife and heartache.

Moon Square Pluto Synastry

Now let’s play with fire.

The Moon Square Pluto synastry is a little infamous in the world of astrological interpretations. The Moon Square Pluto synastry marks two individuals that are completely drawn into each other’s worlds. These are two personalities that are going to collide no matter what happens around them.

If individuals with a Moon Square Pluto synastry spend enough time together, sparks are going to fly. These individuals will quickly find themselves in an emotionally and sexually intense relationship.

More often than not, this leads to intense heartache. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of a Moon Square Pluto synastry.

1 Pure Magnetism

Individuals with a Moon Square Pluto synastry are intensely drawn to each other. There is a cosmic magnetism that’s going to bring these two individuals together whether they like it or not.

This is more than just a simple attraction or even a deep romantic connection. It is a need to be together and a need to be drawn into each other’s emotional worlds.

For this particular synastry, this level of magnetism quickly becomes a problem. These two individuals quickly go from being connected to each other to being emotionally fused together.

This can become a serious problem for individuals who don’t have strong emotional maturity. If you are in a relationship with a Moon Square Pluto synastry, it’s time to break out some serious emotional maturity when evaluating this connection.

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2 Moon Codependent On Pluto

The Moon individual might become codependent on the Pluto individual.

Pluto placements are intensely powerful. The Moon individual might feel like no one has ever been able to connect with them like this before. They are going to feel like this is the first time someone has actually gotten to know their deeper inner workings.

The Pluto individual is going to pick up on this connection and their natural drive to change things is going to cause them to tamper with the Moon individual’s internal world. We will get into how this could be a good thing in just a little bit, but for now it’s enough to know that this is often an emotionally chaotic and harmful bond.

However, because the Moon individual has never felt this type of connection before, they might continue the relationship just to feel these emotional highs. The Pluto individual will be in the same position but on the other end of the equation.

3 Control Mistaken For Love

The high position of the Pluto individual is going to put them in a position of control.

It’s very common for the Moon individual, and indeed the Pluto individual is well, to mistake this control for love.

The intense bond created by a Moon Square Pluto synastry is often more than enough to trip all of the brain’s internal reward centers. At first, this is going to feel like love at first sight and the best possible relationship. However, after a while, this emotional connection will become threadbare revealing the toxic qualities that have been driving it the entire time.

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The intense control that the Pluto individual is going to have over the Moon individual in this synastry is a major cause for concern.

4 Get Ready To Be Transformed

Pluto is an astronomical body that drives transformation. This is the reason why Pluto is associated with sex, rebirth, death, and change. The Moon individual in this synastry is going to be completely transformed by their relationship with the Pluto individual.

We’ve all sworn that this is never going to happen to us, but if you wind up in a Moon Square Pluto synastry relationship you’re going to experience intense changes in your life.

Whether the Pluto individual is the source of the best sex you’ve ever had or they are leading you to emotional heights you never thought you could experience, this feels like a once-in-a-lifetime type of relationship.

This transformation is often sudden and unexpected. You can feel swept off your feet amidst the whirlwind of chaos that this change brings. The Moon individual in this synastry can often lose themselves in this change which leads these relationships to continue much longer than they should.

5 Passion That Is Out Of This World

The 90-degree connection of the Moon and Pluto in the square is a source of great energetic tension. The Moon Square Pluto synastry is going to generate some explosive passion.

It’s very common for people who have had a Moon Square Pluto synastry relationship to comment that this is the best sex they’ve ever experienced. The Moon individual has a way of instinctively knowing what to give the Pluto individual while the person with the Pluto placement knows exactly what buttons to press to elicit an emotional response in their partner.

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The Moon Square Pluto synastry is the dictionary definition of a toxic relationship that has great sexual chemistry.

6 A Jealous and Obsessive Moon

The Pluto individual is the driving engine of a lot of the negative chaos that comes from a Moon Square Pluto synastry. However, the individual with the Moon placement is also a source of some of this negative tension.

The Moon individual can quickly become codependent on the Pluto placement. They’re receiving emotional experiences that are like something they’ve never experienced before. The Moon can quickly become jealous of everything going on in the Pluto individual’s life. They might often find themselves wondering why the Pluto individual can’t give them more of this emotional fix that they’ve been looking for.

As the Moon individual becomes more jealous and obsessive over the Pluto individual, the chaos and negative tension of this relationship will only increase.

7 Is There A Way To Make It Work?

A Moon Square Pluto synastry is definitely something of a cosmic red flag. However, all hope isn’t lost if you want to try to make a Moon Square Pluto synastry relationship work.

The Pluto individual has great power to change the Moon individual’s life. They’re going to need to know how to set and respect the Moon individual’s boundaries as well as how to change the Moon individual for the better rather than the worse.

The Moon individual is also going to need to find their inner strength and know when it’s time to get out.

Bottom Line

A Moon Square Pluto synastry is a sign of intense danger for romantic relationships. This can quickly become a toxic relationship where the Pluto individual is manipulating and harming the Moon who becomes codependent and jealous of every aspect of the Pluto individual’s life.

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While this could mean a powerful fling, a long-term relationship with a Moon Square Pluto synastry is going to require a lot of emotional work and maturity on both individuals in order to succeed.