Scorpio Ascendant Woman – A Complete Personality Profile

Scorpio Ascendant Woman

The rising sign is generally how people are outwardly perceived and can be described as the first impression that they give.

The Scorpio ascendant woman is physically attractive with sharp defining features, especially in her face. She usually has a strong, sharp jawline, deep-set eyes, tall nose, and prominent cheekbones.

They also tend to be shorter and more top-heavy. While some of her individual features may not be ideal, together, she has a stunning, beautiful face and physique that is impossible to overlook.

Her overall persona has a hint of seduction, even if unintentional. Her confidence, charm, and independent attitude make her provocative and commands respect.

Scorpio ascendant women are generally reserved and quietly observe everything, especially in crowded or otherwise overwhelming spaces. This, plus their quiet confidence and undeniable beauty, often leads to them being described as exotic, mysterious, or intimidating.

Scorpio Ascendant Woman Personality Traits

This is a lady who is not easily read.

Scorpio ascendant women are masters of playing coy and ignorant to see others’ true colors. She doesn’t mind being downplayed or overlooked when it comes to her smarts, especially if it can give her an edge over others.

Scorpio rising women are softer and gentler than Scorpio sun women but are persistent nonetheless.

Her intuition is good, partially because she is naturally gifted and also because of her keen observation skills.

Despite keeping her thoughts and emotions to herself, Scorpio ascendant woman, is enthusiastic, fun, and full of life. She craves adventure and is a blast to travel or explore alongside.

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She does not see the world in black and white but rather grayscale. As a result, she doesn’t easily choose a side in controversy because her sense of empathy allows her to feel both sides and see multiple angles.

This ability to see and understand everything in her world can make her question everything, which, if not kept in check, can make her feel (or become) neurotic.

While she appears reserved or cold from the outside, she is sensitive, emotional, and a loving person once familiar with someone new.

She is protective over almost all people, not just those closest to her. This is because she is so in tune with emotions– both hers’ and others.’ Of course, those closest to her are prioritized when necessary, and she will do anything to protect her loved ones.

Her quiet, reserved demeanor shows up in this area of her life too. Privacy, for herself and those closest to her, is of utmost importance. She knows that privacy is one of the most underrated ways to protect people, and she uses it liberally.

Because of this, don’t expect a Scorpio ascendant woman ever to become a social media influencer. If she has social media, it’s on private, but more than likely, she’s anonymous or doesn’t even log on.

Scorpio Ascendant Woman Strengths

One of the Scorpio ascendant woman’s greatest strengths is her innate kindness. She doesn’t seem soft and gentle from a distance, but she is, and she’s a wonderful nurturer. Scorpio ascendant women make great spouses, mothers, teachers, and counselors. She genuinely loves all people and wants the best for others.

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Though she rarely shares her thoughts or feelings, she swirls and overflows with emotions and deep thoughts. There are many hidden layers to her, and she likes to keep them concealed.

Another notable strength is her perceptiveness. It ties in nicely with her kindness, as it allows her to intuitively know and care for other people with little to no instructions.

The Scorpio ascendant woman innately knows others’ true intentions, even if it seems no one else notices. She can look right through deceit and superficial facades to real the truth in other people and most situations.

Her perceptive skills make her intimidating for people who have ill intentions. Those who are genuine and have good intentions will go to the Scorpio ascendant woman for advice and the truth. They see her gift as just that, a gift, and are intrigued by it. People either love or hate her; few people take the middle ground.

Other notable strengths include:

  • Determined
  • Resilient
  • Refined
  • Sophisticated
  • Creative / Imaginative
  • Confidence
  • Power / High Social Influence
  • Charisma
  • Sensitive
  • Cautious / Thoughtful

Scorpio Ascendant Woman Weaknesses

The Scorpio ascendant woman’s primary weakness is her envy.

These women, especially in their youth, are prone to intense, irrational waves of jealousy. She has high aspirations, and it can be challenging for her not to have achieved her goals yet. Seeing others have or be what she wants is hard for her, and she will battle with these intense emotions.

Her jealousy is not limited to one aspect or another either; beauty, strength, influence, fame, wealth, success, or romantic partnerships are all potential pain points for her.

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For her, jealousy can inspire her to make strides towards her goals, or it can completely tear her apart. If she doesn’t find a way to cope with her envy in a healthy way, resentment, rage, and internal pressure will build and consume her life. Hopelessness is another likely outcome.

If her jealousy is hurting her, she needs to figure out what triggers these harmful feelings, learn how to trust and open up to a good friend or a therapist, and find healthy coping mechanisms.

Luckily, Scorpio ascendant women are known to lose their jealousy as they age and learn new ways to manage these feelings. Finding success and contentment in other areas of her life also helps, but this will come with time and patience.

Her private nature can often be detrimental to her and the people she loves. She builds a thick, tall, and strong wall and lets few (if any) inside her personal life.

She is suspicious of all and trusting of few. Scorpio ascendant women can overthink to the point that they believe all outsiders are bound and determined to hurt her. She can become fearful, neurotic, and become a hermit if these feelings build too strongly.

Learning to trust other people is difficult for her, but once she has established one or two successful, intimate relationships, it does get easier for her.

Usually, a Scorpio ascendant woman’s first confidants come in the form of a romantic relationship or the friendship of an equally kind and intuitive person who is set on breaking down her walls and meeting the real Scorpio ascendant woman. It takes time and patience, but she can be reached, and she can become a best friend.

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Other common struggles of the Scorpio ascendant woman are the following:

  • Secrecy (usually caused by her drive to protect herself)
  • Blunt, crude ways of speaking
  • They cannot regulate their finances well and can rarely save significant sums of money.
  • Combative
  • Overthinkers

Scorpio Ascendant Women At Work

These ladies are incredible in almost every work-related activity.

She always knows when to take risks and when to play it safe. She never reveals her hand but is happy to talk to you about her past projects and what they meant to her. She is wildly passionate about everything she does, both now at work and in the past as a student.

Scorpio rising women are ambitious, creative when it counts, and usually leave the past in the past. She spends most of her time looking forward or skillfully working in the present. Her past mistakes do not define her, and her previous wins do not completely satiate her desire to succeed.

Scorpio Ascendant Woman As Lovers

When in love, this already emotional creature becomes even more emotional.

She is so passionate, and when she falls in love, she takes the relationship very seriously. Because of this, it is rare to find a Scorpio ascendant woman in a casual relationship, a fling, or an open relationship.

She loves deeply and commits quickly. Her intuition allows her to learn the innermost workings and feelings of her crush almost immediately, which is a blessing and a curse all on its own. For her partner, this can come across as flattering and impressive or intimidating and creepy.

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Her ability to effectively perceive others’ intentions means that she rarely forms a relationship with a hurtful or ill-willed person. This ability is a great form of protection for her heart– which she definitely needs thanks to her deep, strong emotions.

She is likely drawn to a humble, genuine partner who will be as loyal as she is.

Once she’s decided she’s found a person to love and pursue, she will want to become needy and clingy. However, she has the self-awareness to realize that clinginess, especially early in the relationship, is not helpful. To contain her neediness, she may wildly fluctuate between exceptionally clingy and then detached and aloof. She does this to try to play it cool but is rarely smooth about it.

When in love, she will go above and beyond to nurture, love, and protect her lover. She wants a long-term relationship that will last a lifetime.


Scorpio ascendant women are driven, passionate, perceptive, sexy women who can do anything they set their minds to. Though she tends to keep her emotions quiet and her opinions to herself, she is an emotional being with a gift for intuition and perception.

Jealousy and secrecy are hard traits for her to cope with, but she will slowly master them with time, experience, and wisdom.

At the end of the day, Scorpio ascendant women are incredible people to know and love. Her love is deep, she is a natural protector, and she is so intelligent that she can help herself and others succeed in significant ways.