Are Pisces Men Jealous? Here’s What Their Zodiac Sign Reveals

Are Pisces Men Jealous

After finding out that you are in a relationship with a Pisces man, you may wonder whether he is the insecure type. Every woman wants to know if they are dating a jealous person, and with good reason.

Healthy jealousy can be proof that your partner has feelings for you. It is a sign that he does not want to lose you. As such, you may be mulling over the idea of playing hard-to-get in an attempt to win a Pisces man’s heart.

On the other hand, irrational jealousy may do more harm than good. It could imply a lack of trust, leading to controlling and abusive behavior.

So, are Pisces men jealous?

Regardless of why you want to know what makes them green with envy, this guide will help you understand how they handle and react to emotions of jealousy.

Do Pisces Men Get Jealous?

Pisces men are not the jealous type when in love unless you give them a reason to feel insecure. They are one of the most trusting signs of the zodiac, which makes them vulnerable to manipulation.

In love, the Pisces man is generally unsuspicious. Therefore, you will never see him rummaging through your things. Once he finds his true love, he trusts her unconditionally.

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Pisces is also an introverted character with a penchant for seeking some alone time. As a result, a man born under this zodiac sign needs space. He is happy to give his soulmate the same level of independence.

That means you never have to worry about your Pisces guy suspiciously asking you where you are off to when heading out to meet friends.

What Makes A Pisces Man Jealous?

Make no mistake, though, because Pisces men are not immune to feeling jealous. As members of the 12th sign of the zodiac, they are known to have low self-esteem. These shy and nervous individuals tend to get jealous if they believe they are not good enough for someone they are seeing.

If a Pisces man does not trust that he is capable and worthy of having a great woman, he will constantly question her motive of choosing to be with him. This attitude makes him feel insecure. He fears that another man will come and whisk away his great love.

When insecure, the Pisces man becomes quite wary of anyone who comes around his partner. For instance, if you are in a public place with your Pisces guy and another man approaches you, he may throw his arm around you and glare at the other man. A protective instinct, he wants to shield you from any unwanted advances and keep anyone from coming between what the two of you share.

Even though Pisces men may show their jealousy in a possessive way, they are not the controlling type. They hide it quite admirably, and you would have to be an expert to detect hints of insecurity from them.

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If you suspect that your Pisces man is jealous, you should put his fears to rest. Reminding him that you are with him because he is a loving and caring person can boost the confidence he needs to feel more relaxed in the relationship.

Keep in mind, though, that jealousy from Pisces natives surfaces when their partners show signs of unreliability. Here are some of the actions that may trigger these emotions.

1 Complimenting Other Men in His Presence

Pisces natives are sensitive and highly perceptive individuals. Therefore, a man born under this zodiac symbol will care deeply about what you think of him.

When you lavish another man with compliments, your Pisces guy will wonder what you see in this other person that he is lacking.

On the other hand, if the praises are about skills and qualities that he possesses, your Pisces man will wonder if the other guy is better and if you find him more attractive. He does not want to be compared with other men because that makes him feel insecure and jealous.

2 Not Spending Enough Quality Time with Him

A mutable water sign and represented by the fish symbol, Pisces is one of the most easy-going signs in the zodiac wheel.

A man with this horoscope goes with the flow and takes life as it comes. As a result, he rarely tries to control who you spend your time with, but he will notice when you prioritize being with other people over him.

If you are always taking off to hang out with your friends or working late, your Pisces man will feel neglected. Ignoring him is one of the sure-fire ways to make him feel jealous.

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And, a Pisces who pours his emotions into a relationship where his partner does not create time for him will feel hurt.

Spending quality time together has a positive impact on any relationship. It can lead to growing closer together and provide opportunities to create cherished memories.

When you spend time with your Pisces man, eliminate distraction by putting your phone away so that you can focus on one another and make a genuine effort to connect.

3 Confiding in Someone Else

Compassionate, emotional, and sensitive, Pisceans make good listeners. As the last sign in astrology, they have a little bit of all the other zodiac signs, which helps them identify with people from all backgrounds.

So, if you are looking for someone to talk to when you are sad, excited, or lonely, your Pisces man is a great candidate.

If you have a coworker, male friend, or an ex that you go to when upset or stressed instead of your Pisces guy, he will get jealous that you have an emotional connection with someone else.

Pisces natives want to be the confidant that you want to talk to about everything.

How Do Pisces Men React When Jealous?

Although some zodiac signs make a scene, say hurtful things, or get worked up and hot-headed when they are jealous, a Pisces man will express this emotion by being sad. Instead of showcasing aggressive behavior or getting outraged, he will sulk silently in self-pity.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, Pisces natives have an overactive imagination. So, when jealous that their partner may unfaithful, they will start to imagine all kinds of things.

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Besides shutting down emotionally by being cold and withdrawn, a Pisces man may start to secretly observe your actions when he suspects you of wanting someone else or cheating.

When you are on social media, he may sit very close pretending to be watching TV, reading a book, or texting someone, but he is really looking at your phone at the corner of his eye. He may be trying to know who you are messaging or if you are clicking ‘like’ on some man’s social media posts.

You may notice your Pisces man trying to get hold of your phone by pretending to be interested in how it looks or functions despite having his own. He may even ask you for your passcode or conveniently forget his phone somewhere to have an excuse for using yours.

Should You Make A Pisces Man Jealous?

Flirting with other men can be a tempting tactic to make your Pisces partner pay more attention to you.

However, do not be surprised if he does not even notice when another man hits on you. Often caught up in a dreamy world, Pisceans tend to be oblivious to their surroundings.

Therefore, if another man flirts with you and your Pisces man does not put up a fight, you should not take the lack of jealousy as a sign that he does not care about you.

Another point to note is that Pisces is one of the most intuitive signs in astrology. Capable of reading people right away, a man with this horoscope will know when you are trying to play mind games with him.

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If you want to make him chase you by intentionally trying to spark his jealousy, it might not work because he will determine your intentions.

Final Word

The answer to the question, are Pisces men jealous, is a resounding yes.

Now that you have gotten to the bottom of this conundrum, it is essential to consider whether playing mind games will be worth it. Remember that this risky move could not only break his heart but also push the relationship to the point of no return.

By learning more about the characteristics of this zodiac sign, you will have a better understanding of how to nurture a relationship with a Pisces man.

Do not forget that he is the type of person that yearns for your constant validation. Giving your Pisces partner confirmation that you love him and that he is the only man for you in the world will help to create harmony and put insecure emotions at bay.