What An Aquarius Man Needs In A Woman

What An Aquarius Man Needs In A Woman

So what exactly does an Aquarius man need in a woman? Once you know how to decipher the complex personality traits of an Aquarius man, you’ll be able to build a solid and healthy relationship together.

From his unique sense of independence and unconventional outlook on life to his preferences for intelligent conversation yet staunch emotional detachment, there’s plenty to learn about this male archetype.

So if you want to know what it takes to get into his heart, you are in the right place. We’ll take a deep dive into the world of astrology to explore all the potential traits he finds most attractive in women. Plus, we’ll provide tips on how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Use this information wisely. It is powerful and could very well land you your prince charming.

Aquarius Men Need Self-Sufficient Women

Successful business woman at a desk

Aquarians are fiercely independent, and the Aquarius man is no exception. He wants to be with someone who can look after herself, is financially secure, socially active, and comfortable in her own skin.

He loves his freedom and values that quality in others, so if you’re too clingy or desperate for his attention, it won’t end well for you two. He needs his partner to be content on her own at times so he can fully enjoy his hobbies without feeling guilty or tied down.

If she can find fun on her own, he can sigh a breath of relief (and freedom). Even though Aquarians don’t like to admit it, they can be a bit judgmental when it comes to clingy behavior. They don’t want to be around it, and they don’t want to see it, especially in their relationship.

Balance is the key here. When you two are out together, fully enjoy each other’s company, but remember to let him have time alone or with friends without feeling guilty.

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An Aquarius man may appear extroverted and socially active. However, from time to time, what really hits the spot for him is some precious “me” moments away from everyone else. If you’re a good match for him, there’s a high chance you’ll feel the same way.

Aquarius Men Love To See Intelligence Shine Through

Aquarians are an intriguing variety of breed of men. Not only are they known for their intelligence, but they have the gift of unconventional creativity that flows in wild abundance.

They can devise abstract ideas that break through the norms in surprising ways. Usually, this applies to their lifestyles, hobbies, home decor, jobs, businesses, and more.

Aquarians pride themselves on their willingness to learn and think fast on the fly. At their very core, they have a natural gift for unconventional thinking.

If you’re ever in an impossible pinch and don’t know what to do, call an Aquarian. He’ll have a solid plan in minutes.

Aquarius seeks out more than just mere romantic companionship with a romantic partner. He wants someone who can be his best friend too. He needs someone on his level, an all-nighter to discuss new scientific breakthroughs, proposed bills in government, revise his five-year plan, or cover crazy new conspiracy theories.

Aquarius men find themselves naturally drawn to women who have a global view and aren’t afraid of questioning things. These guys thrive on experimentation, so if you’re not game for the occasional outrageous suggestion (“maybe we should sell our cars and live in Thailand for six months!”), then an Aquarian man may not be your ideal match.

If you want your chance at capturing this unique man’s heart, don’t dim your light or quirky thoughts, be yourself and let your creative ideas loose.

Aquarian Men Want A Woman Who Thinks Outside The Box

Co-workers sharing ideas around a table

Aquarius, the philosopher of the zodiac, can also be described as a rebel. Aquarians have an eye for shaking things up and seeing every side to all perspectives, no matter how controversial. If someone is going to play the skillful devil’s advocate during a dinner party, it’s for sure going to be an Aquarian.

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Men with this sun sign are known for their emphatic and quirky opinions. They aren’t afraid to stand firm, even if it means standing against authority or convention. While on the subject of balking at tradition and routine, there’s nothing more attractive (to them at least) than someone who breaks from what is ‘normal’ and stands by her own convictions.

The Aquarius man especially wants somebody willing to throw in a good debate too. He’s attracted to intelligent women who opt out of blindly going along with everyone else. You don’t have to be right every time, but he prefers someone with solid reasons (and solid reasoning skills) to back up personal opinions.

If you’re marching in tune with the status quo, he may get tired of the relationship pretty quickly. A weird woman fills his metaphorical cup and brings big goofy smiles to his face.

Don’t worry about this aspect too much. The chances are that your Aquarius man has already noticed something unique about you and is drawn in by it. Lean into your weird side, and wear what makes you unique and strange, loud and proud.

Whether it be bizarre talents, odd interests, funny hobbies, or even something as simple as unique clothing and music taste, show him what makes you so one-of-a-kind. Doing this will make his heart skip a beat for sure.

Aquarians Need Someone With Confidence

An Aquarius man loves a woman who is secure in herself and unafraid to show it. Confidence really turns him on.

A woman interested in getting with this sign needs to be self-assured, confident, and happy to have her time alone (as mentioned earlier). And as discussed, with outside-of-the-box thinking. If you’re having a deep conversation and you find something you disagree on, it’s okay to dig your heels in a little.

A dash of stubbornness tells him that you stand for something and know who you are. While he won’t appreciate too much hard-headed behavior, more so if it is rooted in ignorance, he does admire small doses of it when you know you’re right.

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Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell him when he’s wrong. He could very well fall in love with you for being confident.

A Good Sense Of Humor Is Attractive To Aquarius Men

A woman and a man laughing together

Do you have a weird sense of appreciation for dark humor? If so, dating an Aquarius man is probably pretty perfect for you.

He needs someone who can help cheer him up during depressing or anxious moments, even if it means using strange or unsettling humor to make that happen. He’s looking for the kind of lady who makes witty quips to keep things fun, even if you have to get a little dark to turn the mood more lighthearted.

What if dark humor isn’t your thing? Not to worry because it’s not a deal breaker, especially if you have well-intentioned upbeat energy and a bubbly character. They really need someone who knows how to cheer them up when they’re having existential dread or experiencing some emotional setbacks.

Remember that Aquarius men are more predisposed to depression and anxiety. As such, they need someone with a good attitude, emotional stamina, and enthusiasm to support them, especially in their low times.

You also do not have to be in a great mood at all times either. If you have battles, especially with anxiety or depression, then you have a better grasp of what he’s going through. Just try being more empathetic and understanding. That is the kind of person he will appreciate and needs in his life.

His Woman Needs To Be A Little Impulsive

Aquarius men are steady, reliable people who are smart, plan for the future, and display a lot of discipline, especially regarding their long-term goals.

With that said, there is an impulsive side of them that lies deep within their souls that they need to let bust out every once in a while. Though they understand the importance of discipline and a consistent routine, they still long to live their lives to the fullest and always secretly thirst for a thrilling experience.

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When they decide it’s time for that side of their personality to shine, it would be incredible if their partners could embrace it and match their energy.

They love the thrill of adventure and aren’t afraid to break away from the cookie-cutter lifestyle, especially for limited amounts of time. From sudden road trips across the country, a fun weekend of bar hopping and clubbing, or an impromptu camping trip three hundred miles away from home, anything that offers spontaneity will keep these guys interested and happy.

Even though they do an excellent job of keeping it tucked away, these men are naturally wild and free spirits who yearn for excitement outside their comfort zones. They feel drawn to the adrenaline rush that comes with venturing into unknown realms, ready to discover new things and broaden their horizons in a flurry of all-encompassing adventures.

The Aquarius man seeks someone equally spontaneous. To keep up with him on this thrilling journey, develop a passion for exploration. That will keep you at his side through every crazy twist and turn that comes along the way.

But for this need, there is both want and need in the partner that has to encourage yet balance the impulsiveness. They need an equally inspiring partner in crime for these wild escapades. On the other hand, they need someone with a sound down-to-earth sense of reality to keep them grounded.

Aquarius men, especially those who have been really focused on their careers, life goals, or hobbies, take a few spontaneous adventures. But when they do, though, it can be hard to regulate themselves and reel in their excitement. They want a woman who can join them, but they also need a partner willing to pull them back to reality to avoid accidentally self-destructing.

As his lady, you should learn to carefully walk the line between being calm and chaotic.

Aquarius Men Love Women Who Have Strong Social Skills

Friends dancing together

Aquarius men appreciate sharp, witty companionship and a great conversationalist. If you want to capture their attention, developing your social skills is vital.

From sparkling banter to the ability to connect with people in all situations, having an impressive sociability factor will definitely get them interested. These same skills will make it much easier for you two to connect and create that first spark.

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Old-fashioned conversation can pique and hold his interest for a lifetime, even if you don’t consider yourself particularly interesting or unique.

These gents often get drawn toward women who can light up any room they enter. So if that sounds like you, then be on the lookout for the Aquarius men.

However, social skills go deeper than small talk and asking good questions. The Aquarius man often uses how people interact with others to gauge their true sense of morality and character.

They need a partner who is kind, empathetic, and respectful to those around them. They want someone who is kind-hearted and generous but also capable of upholding her firm boundaries.

If you ever catch him staring at you while you’re happily chatting away with a group of interesting people, look over for a slight smile on his face because he’s probably quietly admiring you.

Aquarius Men Want And Need Responsible, Level-Headed Women

An Aquarius man is a logical thinker and decision-maker who would find it challenging to understand emotional outbursts. He’s not looking for an overly sensitive or moody partner. Instead, he prefers someone rational, level-headed, and willing to put their feelings aside when needed.

Expressing anger, hurt, or sadness isn’t his style. Instead, he focuses on facts. If you’re the type that routinely puts up dramatic displays of emotion, you might want to think twice before getting serious about this zodiac sign because they won’t click with you in the long run.

If you’re willing to convey your thoughts and opinions in a mature, responsible way, he will remember that and feel very grateful for this trait. You are more than welcome to discuss your thoughts and feelings at whatever depths you want to dive into but come to him with a sense of stability and calmness. You don’t have to be perfectly composed, but please leave your flair for drama at the door.