Cancer and Aquarius Friendship: A Rocky Relationship with Potential

Cancer and Aquarius Friendship

Cancer and Aquarius signs are on the far ends of the zodiac belt. So, it is no surprise that the natives of these signs are hardly ever on the same page. Whether it is their personality, elemental forces, views on life, or role in friendships, the two sit on opposing sides.

Represented by the astrological element air, Aquarians are free spirits. They hate being boxed in by societal rules. Revolutionaries at heart, Aquarians are outspoken and tend to make shock waves wherever they go. It is the opposite of the conventional and shy zodiac sign of Cancer, which dreads being in the spotlight.

Cancerians are associated with the moon, emotions, and elemental attribute of water. Emotions are what rule the natives of this zodiac sign. They live for life’s little moments like engaging in lengthy discussions at the dinner table or calling in the middle of the day to stay in touch. Hence it will be challenging for a Cancer to forge a bond with an Aquarius and vice versa.

Although friendly and sociable, Aquarians are emotionally distant, even from those closest to them. These natives are also fiercely independent and will feel suffocated by a clingy friend like Cancer.

Due to their inherently different natures, turbulence marks a Cancer Aquarius friendship. It will take a great deal of commitment on both sides of the pair to achieve a peaceful coexistence.

Cancer And Aquarius – Personality Traits

Cancer And Aquarius

On a personal level, Cancer and Aquarius operate from different wavelengths. A traditionalist, Cancer lives by the rules and is drawn to stability and routine. For Aquarius, a life of repetitive schedules is the worst kind of torture. This rebellious character lives by the seat of their pants and is always looking for an adventure.

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Owing to the feminine energy of the moon governing Cancer, holders of the water sign make the perfect friend. They are affectionate, loyal, and protective of the ones they love. Cancerians have a big heart and strong instincts that make them excellent advisors, great communicators, and even better listeners. A cancer native is the kind of pal you can count on to carry you through the hard times and genuinely celebrate your wins.

Unfortunately, Aquarius is the zodiac personality with whom Cancer gets along with the least. Gentle Cancer needs security and assurance in a relationship, yet emotions are not a strong suit for the more pragmatic Aquarius.

The planet Uranus rules this 11th solar sign of the zodiac, a fate that makes Aquarians masculine and detached. Uranus is also the planet of innovation and technology. That plus the elemental attribute of air, which influences intelligent abstract thinking, are some of the factors responsible for Aquarius being the world’s movers and shakers. These individuals get wrapped up in initiating widespread reforms that they neglect their family and friends.

What To Expect From A Cancer Aquarius Friendship

Cancer and Aquarius make up one of the least compatible pairings of the zodiac signs. Their personalities do not mesh, and they have opposing views on fun, life, and love.

While not written in the stars, a Cancer Aquarius union is not entirely impossible. People with these signs share a couple of similarities that can draw them together.

1 A Shared Humanitarian Core

Aquarius natives are eccentric, energetic individuals who love living life on the wild side. However, this does not sit well with the Cancer personality, whose idea of fun is chill activities like jogging, dance lessons, or long walks. So, you will hardly find the two friends spending time in each other’s home turf.

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Instead, their time together will mostly be in social work. Aquarians are forward thinkers who believe in changing the world for the better and helping those living in it. With Cancer, helping others is an extension of the sign’s kind and caring nature.

2 Mutual Respect and Love for Each Other

Cancer and Aquarius are two mysterious personalities. But when both sides let their guard down and get to know each other, a beautiful friendship can ensue.

Both cautious and shy, Cancer is selective with friends and looks for individuals who are authentic and genuine. The crab’s psychic nature can hone in on Aquarius’ noble heart, making them a possible candidate for friendship.

Aquarians are charming and great at striking up a conversation but are wary when choosing close friends. They seek to make life-long friends and prefer good-natured individuals who do not engage in unflattering behavior such as gossiping. For this reason, Aquarius will find the sweet and loving nature of Cancer admirable.

Aquarians value loyalty and reliability in friendships, which are both strong Cancer traits. They will give you their complete trust only when you prove to be reliable. And though they will never admit it, Aquarians will appreciate the grounding presence of Cancer. They always get lost in their minds and need a friend who can pull them back to earth.

3 Both are Ambitious and Determined

A Cancer Aquarius friendship is more likely to succeed when the two have a common goal, similar hobby, or passion. The shared interest could serve as the glue that keeps them together.

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Aquarians yearn for variety in their life, but they are not different from Cancer when it comes to their work ethic. Both have a passion for productivity and the drive to see a goal or dream to the end.

Cancer is disciplined and creates systems to get the job done, while Aquarius uses their intelligent brain and out-of-the-box thinking to achieve results. Individually, each sign has the tenacity to finish anything that they start. And when they come together, the duo can be unstoppable.

Cancer And Aquarius Friendship Challenges

The Cancer Aquarius friendship certainly has great odds stacked up against it. While the relationship consists of female and male energies, Cancer and Aquarius are strong personalities.

Cancer is very controlling and likes to have all the power in a relationship. There is nothing that Aquarius hates more than being told what to do. Aquarians value their independence and believe in giving their loved ones the space to be themselves.

Bringing the two together results in a combustive combo where neither is willing to stand down. Arguments between the two signs will be vicious since both have terrible tempers when pushed to the limit.

1 Extreme Incompatibility

The biggest hurdle for a Cancer Aquarius friendship is the considerable personality differences between the two. With these signs core traits being polar opposites, friction is unavoidable in the relationship. By just being themselves, the two will inadvertently irritate, annoy, or make each other uncomfortable.

Aquarians have a firm conviction that they are always right and are not afraid of airing their opinions. They gladly put their beliefs to practice by seeking to enact positive change in the world. Something that clashes with the dread that Cancer has for change.

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Cancer is an organized individual who aims to maintain stability in life, while Aquarius is a free spirit who is spontaneous and very unpredictable. The former will view the latter as too reckless, while Aquarius will find Cancer to be overly cautious.

Another major blow to the Cancer Aquarius friendship is that it is hard for both parties to get what they value most in a relationship. Cancer seeks to make emotional connections, while Aquarius prefers intellectual bonds. The former is happy when in the company of a loved one, while the latter love their space and recharge by spending some alone time.

2 Poor Communication

Aquarians are not big talkers unless you engage them in an intellectually stimulating conversation. For them, putting a smile on their friends’ faces through jokes or fun outdoorsy activities is time well-spent. They are not the type to call or curl up on the couch for a movie marathon session.

Since Aquarians present as cold and uninterested, their friends often wonder where they stand in their lives. Especially, Cancer individuals who become agitated and jealous when their loved ones are aloof. And since Cancers tend to avoid confrontations, their displeasure will come out through emotional outbursts and mood swings that confuse Aquarius.

To work around this challenge, Cancer will need to get better at expressing their wishes, while Aquarius should work at being physically and emotionally present.

3 Resentment from Cancer

Naturally generous, Cancer natives give their all in a relationship. Though they do so willingly, those with this zodiac sign secretly crave the same level of devotion from their loved ones. With Aquarius notoriously known for being emotionally unavailable, Cancer will quickly become resentful about receiving nothing from the relationship. Since a hurt Cancer rarely forgives, this could spell the end of the friendship.

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How Can Cancer And Aquarius Get Along Better?

Although riddled with significant challenges, there is still hope for a Cancer and Aquarius friendship. For this relationship to stand the test of time, however, there will need to be a bit of give and take from both sides. A delicate balance where Aquarius simmers down on their reckless, spontaneous nature and Cancer gets a hold of their emotions could prevent the friendship from imploding.

Proudly original, Aquarians will only get along with someone who accepts their quirks. Respecting their need for independence and alone time will go a long way in helping a Cancer individual win the heart of an Aquarius.

Aquarians have a softer side, which they hide well. These individuals believe in spreading joy in the world and hate seeing their friends being sad. They will be there to lend an ear or cheer up a friend who is going through a rough patch. Honing in on their compassionate and sympathetic side can make them grow closer to a Cancer person.


Far from magical, a Cancer Aquarius friendship will be full of turmoil. The duo will have more fights than blissful moments to solidify their bond. But nothing good comes easy. If these opposing signs manage to make it work, they can challenge each other in ways that make them both grow as individuals.

It is a good thing that holders of both signs do not mind hard work. Cancers love a challenge and will gladly stick it out when they care. Aquarians have a stubborn streak and can be relentless in their pursuit of anything that interests them. So, once a connection is established, it is highly likely that both will devote themselves to it until the friendship flourishes into a tight bond.