Pisces and Aquarius Friendship – Kind and Idealist Bond

Pisces and Aquarius Friendship

Pisces and Aquarius’s friendship embodies the finest blend of creativity and affection.

The dreamy Pisceans provide their full support for Aquarians’ innovative ideas and strategic planning. Together they know they can bring a solution to every problem.

Both take delight in helping others. The Aquarians sometimes give up when they find people not working towards their goals or sharing their ideas.

However, Pisceans stay determined and are more sympathetic to comprehend others’ behaviours and suggesting accordingly.

Find out everything about the pairing of these good friends below.

Pisces And Aquarius Friendship – Characteristics

Aquarius occupies 11th place on the zodiac wheel, and Pisces takes 12th place.

Both these signs have a strong link and feel naturally attracted to each other. However, they tend to get bored with each other quickly.

Aquarians are the intelligent natives of the zodiac wheel. The best way to connect with them is to impress them with the sharpness of mind and refined intellect. They are freedom lovers and rebel against restrictions.

Pisceans are emotional, empathetic, and sensitive. They are selfless and always ready to go the extra mile to make their friends happy. Both Aquarius and Pisces desire to acquire knowledge, learn new skills, and invent new schemes to move up the success ladder.

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Their shared objectives and similar interests make their friendship long-lasting and productive.

1 A Fulfilling and Peaceful Companionship

Pisceans feel fascinated with Aquarians’ intellect and detached approach, whereas the latter feel intrigued because of their sympathetic nature. During the initial phase of their friendship, Pisces admires Aquarius’ inherent humanitarian approach.

Whereas Aquarius is always found complementing Pisces’ selflessness to maintain a smooth, fulfilling, and peaceful relationship.

2 Rational Vs. Emotional

The wise Aquarians have little room for emotions in their life, whereas the sentimental fish does not know anything about rationality. The Aquarians need to attune their sensitivity and rationality to Pisces’ sentimental needs.

Aquarians feel annoyed when Pisceans refuse to accept the facts and, as a result, Pisceans feel neglected and rejected when they see that their friend prioritizes facts over emotions.

Both of them have no interest in the material things in life. This shared trait makes them suitable to form a bond that feels complete even when circumstances are challenging. You will often see them partying hard and chilling together and the next day strategizing for doing something not to feel broke.

3 Lasting Friendship

The Aquarians are known for having a huge friend list, and they often forget their friends in their busy life routine. It is typical of the native of this astrological sign to connect with people as per their needs.

They feel restricted by the attachments that the other might create with them. They want to be associated with those who can excite them intellectually. They would never cut off their ties with someone who has a refined taste in books.

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The Pisceans are a little too eccentric. They want their friends to behave in as unconventional manners as they do. They even encourage their friends to be kind and prioritize others’ needs and emotions above everything else.

They are possessive about their friends and never think to sacrifice their own happiness for their friends.

4 A companionship based on creativity and generosity

The natives of the 11th and 12th house of the zodiac wheel are generous, kind, and creative. Both have stellar leadership capabilities and excel at uniting vast groups of people to one shared plan.

They do not mind listening to others’ opinions and suggestions, but you will hardly find them changing their mind listening to others. Their individualism makes them stand out from the crowd.

Both are expressive and expert conversationalists who can easily switch from one topic to another, aligning to the audience’s interest and as the circumstance demands.

5 Travel Lovers

Both Aquarians and Pisceans are wanderlust. They love travelling to new lands and exploring different cultures. These independent individuals always strive to expand their knowledge, and travelling seems best to accomplish that target.

They have high ideals in life and can liberate their minds to inspire people from their multi-talented personalities. Both always look for new adventures to expand their horizon and to live exciting lives.

6 Supportive of each other

The Pisceans possess a thoroughly giving nature. They are affectionate to everyone. When it comes to their friends, they ensure doing everything to support them in achieving their targets.

They are philosophical and spiritual influencers who are masters of innovation and understanding ideas. This trait makes their Aquarian friends feel comfortable in their company.

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The Aquarians trust that even if the whole world fails to understand their point of view, the Pisceans will indeed comprehend their feelings and support them.

The intuition of Pisceans connects them well with their Aquarian friends. They love talking to each other on various subjects and building a strong emotional bond over time.

How Do Their Ruling Planets Affect Their Friendship?

Aquarius belongs to Uranus, and Pisceans govern Neptune. Uranus instills innovative ideas and a unique problem-solving approach in the natives of the Aquarius zodiac sign.

Aquarians’ creative imagination and conflict resolution ability drives them to pursue their dreams fearlessly. It gives them the confidence to turn their dreams into reality while vigilantly taking care of their plans.

Neptune is the planet of philosophy, understanding, and spirituality. Under the influence of their planetary rulership, Pisceans have an inherent ability to deal with new ideas and effectively put them into action.

They know how to use their intuition for making profitable decisions while analyzing specific choices and situations.

Aquarians never give up on their friends. They might sometimes detach themselves from their friends, but that does not mean they would not provide their help in time of need.

They are loyal to their commitments. When finding their friends struck in hard times, they extend their support to uplift their friends’ spirits and suggest ways to turn challenges into great opportunities.

Although Pisceans are a little chaotic and eccentric, they stand firm on their ground and share whatever they have in their minds to reflect their creativity.

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The natives of Uranus and Neptune see their life and relationship from an emotional and spiritual point of view and feel immensely happy to be part of each other’s life story.

1 Union of air and water sign

Aquarians govern the air element, and Pisceans are the water bearers. Intellect inspires Aquarians and emotions rule Pisceans. Their friendship is full of excitement and actions.

Both become part of each other’s learning. Aquarians, teach Pisces to invent new ideas and plans, whereas Pisceans contribute a lot in teaching their Aquarius friends to be kind and sympathetic to others.

Their intellect supports their emotions, and both go far in taking an interest in each other’s endeavours while bearing the fruit of their hard work.

Pisces And Aquarius Friendship – Clashes And Solutions

There could be a lot of intense arguments and conflicts in this pairing of Pisces and Aquarius. Although both have understanding and compassion in their friendship, both are also stubborn.

Aquarians are hot-tempered and less tolerant. They sometimes become impatient to bear Pisces’ emotional traits. They want space and freedom. Whereas the Pisceans owing to their sentimental nature, become extra caring and possessive for their friends, which annoys Aquarius a lot.

Such an annoyance makes Pisceans think about what wrong they have done? And when they ask, it results in heated arguments between them. The irony of the situation is that Pisceans’ every effort to calm the Aquarians becomes a reason for more irritation. They only want some space and alone time to avoid more clashes.

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The one trait that may describe their friendship the best is that the Pisceans have to compromise. Due to their love and care, the conflicts do not last long, and after some time, both become cordial and close to each other again.

Bottom Line

When it comes to Pisces Aquarius’ friendship, their connection lasts for a lifetime because both believe in long-term relationships and do not turn their backs to each other in difficult times.

Being humanitarian signs both provide support to each other for everything. Their mutual goals and complementary nature bind them in a strong bond. However, their friendship is not without its challenges.

Aquarius’ constant mood swings can sometimes hurt Pieces and drive them away forever. Sometimes, Pieces can become too controlling, leaving their Aquarius friends wishing for more independence. When this happens, a beautiful relationship can turn into a bitter reality.

Aquarius needs to realize the significance of showering love and kindness on the Pieces friend. On the other hand, Pieces needs to give Aquarians the space they need to be their person and explore their journey.