Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon: Adventurous Humanitarians

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon can be succinctly described as intelligent, adventurous, and progressive humanitarians.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon is a powerful sign who yearns for knowledge, philosophy, and adventure. These are eccentric individuals who are so brilliant they walk the fine line of being a genius. They are also refined, yet quirky in many ways.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon understands society’s expectations; they usually just don’t care.

These natives are not known for project completion; if they don’t burn out from monotony, they’re likely to find a new, more exciting idea to work on instead. They have dozens of unfinished projects, scattered hobbies, and their notebook is filled with a wide variety of concepts and wild aspirations. One of cause of this is that they are guilty of procrastinating, even for the things they love the most. They don’t procrastinate out of laziness, but rather, being overwhelmed and analysis paralysis.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon loves to travel, especially to foreign countries. They love this because of the new culture, experiences, people, and places to explore. When they travel, they don’t act like tourists but rather try to fit in and mingle with the locals and study their new surroundings as if they are students.

Meaning Of Sun In Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius

Solar Aquarius wants to find their individuality in the context of their community.

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They are social people who pay attention to culture, societal pleasantries, how communities communicate and operate, and they are always networking on a consistent basis.

Solar Aquarius wants to improve the world around them and strive for progress.

Aquarius is the least emotional sign of the zodiac; for these natives, it means they handle even the most stressful situations with a calm, collected, and rational mind. They are also able to detach themselves from such situations in order to see it from an objective point of view. Emotional intelligence and emotional flexibility are some of their strong suits and will serve them well.

Astrological Significance Of Moon In Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius

Lunar Aquarius, like Solar Aquarius, are intelligent, deep thinkers. They spend all their time thinking, and much of that time, they are lost swimming in all their thoughts in their head. As a result of this, Aquarius overthinks a lot and plans for what others would deem “the unexpected.”

When disaster strikes, all this planning comes in very handy. Aquarius is not shaken, and they already have pre-planned what they need to do. Even if they don’t have a solution yet, it won’t take long at all. Rationalizing themselves out of trouble is a specialty of Lunar Aquarius.

An added benefit is that Lunar Aquarius is also assertive, confident, and independent. They stand up for themselves and others in need.

Their independence is quite admirable too. Solitude is calming for these natives, and they quietly appreciate any opportunities that allow them to be independent.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon Traits

These natives have been said to be stubborn. Usually, this trait is not rooted in ego or disregard for others’ opinions, but rather, holding onto a tried and proven theory. They almost always change their views if they are given compelling evidence to do so.

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Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon gets their indecisive, jumping-from-one-hobby-to-the-next habit from their Moon sign. They simply can’t pay attention for very long and want to experience all things.

1 Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon Positive Traits

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon is a grounded, brilliant humanitarian who has a lot to offer the world.

These natives are not materialistic; they prefer to travel, find new experiences, and go on an adventure over acquiring tangible objects, especially luxury items. These are brave people who love to learn new things. Freedom and autonomy are critical aspects of life for these natives.

When an adventure isn’t on the table, then charitable donations are their next choice. These are compassionate, helpful humans who are selfless and gentle.

They are also easy-going people who like their peace and do a good job appreciating where they are in life. Sure, they have big aspirations, but they also know it’s best to live in the here and now. They don’t want life to pass them by.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon is sure to bring beneficial changes to their communities. Their humanitarian efforts, when combined with their problem-solving skills, quick learning abilities, and natural inclination to understand technology, mean they will certainly solve small community issues, as well as larger-scale problems across their city, state, country, or even world.

2 Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon Negative Traits

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon can be unpredictable, irrational, interpersonal, and yet also emotionally detached.

Admitting to their mistakes is also something they find hard to do; their ego can sometimes get in the way. They also struggle with the concept of not imposing their opinions on others. While Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon usually has good intentions, they can be overbearing and pushy, usually entirely unintentionally.

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These eccentric natives are also more likely to struggle with their finances. They usually rationalize their bad choices with various degrees of “I deserved to treat myself.”

Others may find it challenging to connect with Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon on the deep and emotional level that they want. These natives are emotionally distant, detached, and most likely, not in very close contact with their family and closest friends. They care deeply about those around them; they’re just bad at showing it. They’re also pretty terrible at vulnerability too.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon Man

This is one tough man to create and maintain a relationship with. While they are friendly, it is difficult for others to get a good grasp of their true intentions.

He is interested in a relationship but will absolutely want to maintain his freedom and independence. He hates the feeling of being pressured or controlled, and will not tolerate that in a relationship. If he can find the right partner who understands and accepts this, he will commit and happily settle down.

On the other hand, open relationships or non-monogamous relationships work really well for him. He likes his freedom, and he wants to experiment and meet new people. An open relationship where he can continue to mingle and date is ideal for him. Of course, he is happy to gift his partner the same freedoms.

His ideal partner is someone who respects his boundaries and will give him freedom. She must also be intelligent and fascinated by philosophy.

Long intellectual conversations that inspire and motivate are his favorite.

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While he is adventurous, he is not a passionate nor romantic man. He shows his love in other ways.

He may become a father, but most likely hold the opinion that children require too much attention and commitment. While he is capable of those characteristics, he simply prefers his freedom.

However, if he does become a father, he is sure to give his children lots of freedom.

He will also be accepting and open to his children and their wants and needs. He is unlikely to have strict rules or expectations, but instead nurtures them to develop their own unique thoughts and personalities.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon Woman

For the Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon woman, physical attraction is not her priority when it comes to finding her partner. She strongly prefers wit, intelligence, and emotional stability.

She also enjoys a financially secure man. She doesn’t wish to use his money; it’s just that she is more attracted to men who are independent like she is and won’t be relying on her. Furthermore, she would love to find someone who can go on trips with her, easygoing, adventurous, and intellectual. Her person must also share similar values, especially in a progressive light.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon women are honest and upfront about their wants, needs, preferences, and expectations for the relationship. Her strong communication skills are likely the reason why her relationships are usually so successful.

She needs variety and a certain level of thinking for her career. If she has to repeat tedious, monotonous tasks all day at her profession, she will soon quit. She is not always reliable and has difficulty finishing her assigned tasks, especially on time.

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In her free time, she learns all about philosophy, conspiracy theories, historical and ancient cultures, engineering, mechanics, and so much more. She is truly a student of life who is happy and willing to learn all that she can.


Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon people are empathetic people who desperately want to make their community and world a better place. They strive to be better people too.

Their ability to become impersonal at the flip of a switch is beneficial to them too. This impartial, removed feeling that they create allows them to objectively view a situation and make a quick and efficient solution from it.