Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon – Dark, Intense and Charismatic

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon

Scorpios are already intense signs, so it’s no surprise that having double Scorpio placements makes these natives exceptionally intense, dominating, and tough.

These individuals put all their effort (and almost none of their emotions) into whatever project they wrap themselves in. Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon natives are known for their strong work ethic and dedication. They are bound for success, if not for sheer willpower and persistence.

These natives are so confident that they can come across as egotistical. Sometimes their ego gets in the way or needs to be fed by others for them to feel truly satisfied. They have to feel authoritative or dominant over every other person in their lives.

If they can’t control a person, they become argumentative or irritable. In some situations, they will remove themselves from that person, ghost them, or avoid their presence at all costs. They tend to treat weak people about the same, weakness irritates them, and they simply won’t tolerate it.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are so egocentric that their life partners will have to constantly flatter them to make the relationship work. Luckily, Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon natives are attractive, flirty, funny, intelligent, and creative. These natives are naturally magnetic and likable; it won’t be too hard to find compliments for them.

Speaking of creativity, Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon is dripping with innovation.

They will either be drawn to careers where their creative ideas are needed, into artistic fields, or they will resort to using their explosive, unstable range of emotions as their creative outlet. Either way, they will express themselves somehow.

Scorpio Sun

Sun in Scorpio

These people are so ridiculously strong-willed, explosive, and emotional that they are often assumed to be fire signs. Of course, Solar Scorpios are just intense water signs. It’s an easily mistaken assumption to make.

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Scorpio Suns are known for having a strong, reliable intuition. They are connected to the spiritual realm, their ancestors, and the universe.

They pick up on the most minute details that most others would miss and are constantly, subconsciously, analyzing their worlds. Their natural detective skills pair nicely with their intuition, making them powerful people who can see through anything and anyone.

This perceptive trait explains why it’s so hard for Scorpio Sun natives to let their guard down around others and simply experience the moment.

They do not open up to new people at all; it takes several years for them to develop the trust they need to be fully honest and vulnerable. They are protective of their minds, hearts, and also of the people they love the most. For them, privacy is security is paramount. And security makes them feel more powerful and in control of their lives.

However, once the barrier has been broken down, and trust is established, Scorpios are devoted to a fault. Their loyalty is stronger than almost every other force, and they feel deeply tied to their closest friends, family members, and partners who took the time to develop a strong relationship with them.

One of the darker traits of the Solar Scorpio is their manipulative abilities. They know exactly how to twist their words, facial expressions, and actions to push people to do and say what they want.

These natives don’t need a class on psychology to know exactly which buttons to push on others to make them do their bidding. This is a natural gift that they have; whether it is used for good or bad is completely up to them.

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Scorpio Moon

Moon in Scorpio

Primal, emotional, secretive, mysterious, and passionate. These are the best words to describe a Lunar Scorpio.

The Moon influence is responsible for Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon’s wide range and depths of emotions. Lunar Scorpios are loyal, perceptive, powerful, and intense creatures.

Did you catch that? Both Solar and Lunar Scorpios have perceptive abilities and strong emotions. When you pair up both sides of this, you’re left with an exceptionally emotional, very intuitive person. They are seldom wrong when they listen to their gut and are fiercely loyal to the people who they believe are deserving of it.

As Scorpio Moons mature, they develop their self-awareness and can better understand and eventually regulate their thoughts and emotions. This does not come quickly or easily to them, but the slow development is much needed and unbelievably helpful to them.

They crave closeness, intimacy, and meaningful friendships with others. However, they always err on the side of safety and guardedness. The moon’s influence strongly encourages them to be reserved, secretive, and private. In the few instances or relationships where the Lunar Scorpio feels safe being vulnerable, they feel immense relief and even joy because they love this closeness.

Once the trusted friendship is forged, these natives expand their walls to protect their new friend or lover. They gladly extend their privacy, secrecy, and protective urges to cover this new person, as the friendship and that individual are highly important to the Lunar Scorpio.

Scorpio Moons are determined perfectionists too. Obstacles are like fun puzzle games for them, nothing more than a nice flex for their creativity and a strong sense of determination. Once they set their hearts on a certain achievement, it is almost impossible to break their gaze or slow their progress towards the goal.

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Lackluster results disappoint and even irritate these people. They have high goals, and not reaching them will drive these natives crazy. They will keep trying, over and over, until they get the results and the answers they were looking for.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

Some of the most notable traits of the Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon are the following:

1 Main Character Energy

It’s no secret that Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon is magnetic, charismatic, and mesmerizing. They always feel like the main character of the story no matter where they go or what they do.

They have personalities that are larger than life and crazy intense feelings that seemingly belong in a children’s storybook.

The natural intensity of Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon makes them impossible to ignore, and their charming, flowing mannerisms make them hard to look away from.

They always know when to speak up, be bold, forthright, and laugh out loud. They also know when it’s best to speak in a hush, dance around the point, and paint a colorful story. They always know how to best behave in every situation, making them feel like the main character of every place they visit.

2 Secretive, Mysterious, and Protective

By having their Sun and Moon point to reserved, secretive traits, it’s no wonder that these individuals are exceptionally mysterious.

They understand that not every spectator is there to uplift them. They feel that it is best to keep themselves on lockdown and hide their vulnerabilities from the public.

This feels safer, smarter, and more sensible to them. They only share their true thoughts, emotions, aspirations, fears, and more with the people who have been close to them for years and have proven themselves to be trusted allies.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon natives are likely to be social media-free or at least have their accounts set to private mode. They don’t feel that other people are obligated to be included in their lives, and they don’t feel any guilt or remorse for their secretive, protective ways.

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3 Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Strengths

Some of Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moons’ greatest strengths are their intuition, faithfulness, ambitious drive, social influence, and intelligence.

These people are destined for greatness. They usually run solo for their own peace of mind, their protection, and because they’re just about impossible to keep up with.

This drive and passion usually lands them in high places of power. Their impatience with others can be detrimental, but they do carry this power well and are effective leaders with strong social influences.

4 Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Weaknesses

One of their greatest weaknesses is their disdain for weakness and vulnerability. They hate it in themselves (so they immediately squash these traits), and they simply do not tolerate these tendencies in others.

Because of this, it is difficult for them to get close to many other people.

They also crave consistent, genuine validation from others. This is especially true in their relationships. Many Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon people tend to end up alone because they require so much praise while simultaneously demanding to be seen as the dominant, providing, powerful force in the relationship.

It is difficult for them to find a match that can fit these tight pieces of criteria, both romantically and platonically speaking.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Men

These men are intensely passionate, pretentious, charming, and intense.

He can be either toxic, controlling, manipulative, and self-destructive– or he can redirect these powerful energies into his career, into self-improvement, and into his romantic relationship.

The second type of double Scorpio man makes an amazing partner and family man, though he may stretch himself thin at times and need a pick me up or extra words of encouragement to keep him moving.

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Either way, these men are convincing and influential. He can be borderline hypnotic, so approach him with caution and your eyes wide open.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Women

This woman is a bit darker and more mysterious than her male counterpart.

She walks on the side of powerful feminine energy that contains high levels of seduction, forbidden fruits, and viciousness.

She knows that her dark eyes, sexy body, and attitude can compel almost anyone to do anything she wishes, and she uses this to her advantage. For her, what’s off-limits seems to call her name. She isn’t above a bit of lying, cheating, or infidelity. She craves the forbidden.

While it can get her in trouble, this devious drive can also be the leg up she needs in her career. She can use her creativity, charm, and naughty personality to seek out new information, formulate plans, and be the influential social leader that she knows she is.

She is passionate about what she does and has big aspirations. It is very likely that she will achieve important milestones in her life, and she will leave a lasting impression on the world long after she is gone.


Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon natives are not to be messed with. They are creative, seductive, intelligent, passionate, driven, calculated people who have a lot to offer the world while also taking their fair share.

They are tough lovers but worth the effort. Their depth of emotions is refreshing and good for the soul, though admittedly, it can be intense and hard to cope with at times.

Everything about these individuals can be described as intense, for the better and the worse. One thing about it, once you meet a Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon, you won’t soon forget them.