Scorpio Sun Libra Moon – Faithful & Optimistic, But Always Reserved

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon natives are outrageously magnetic and so easy to love.

Scorpio Sun makes them energetic and bursting with life and, Libra Moon adds to this by making these individuals friendly, charismatic, and flirtatious.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon is the type of person to stay up late because they were too preoccupied with their thoughts and aspirations and then wake up early, still chomping at the bit and happy to take on the day.

This energy is contagious to most, but others may find it irritating or even mistake their enthusiasm for inauthenticity.

However, others people’s rejection can weigh heavy on the Solar Scorpio Lunar Libra. They crave balance and approval in their lives. For better or worse, their magnetic personalities make them the center of attention almost everywhere they go.

Sun In Scorpio Meaning

Sun in Scorpio

Those with their Sun in Scorpio are something of an enigma.

Solar Scorpios crave emotional intimacy. They need connections, the truth, and self-improvement.

These intense needs make these natives intuitive and highly motivated to learn about themselves, study those closest to them, and do whatever it takes to transform, reform, renew, or reconstruct themselves. They will face any obstacles in the way of these desires head-on with little to no hesitation.

This journey to more intimately know themselves and others will make Solar Scorpios keenly aware of the human experience and their souls’ journey. These natives have incredible compassion for other people, and their knowledge is helpful for anyone willing to ask and learn from them.

Those with their Sun in Scorpio can detect even the most minuscule underlying factors in situations; they will bring what’s deeply hidden in the darkness to light.

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As a result they can see right through lies and facades. They are prone to feeling profoundly lonely when surrounded by deceptive people. Because of this, they seek out honest people to befriend.

It is a common misconception that those with their Sun in Scorpio are emotionally reserved. Yes, they keep a calm, cool, and collected front; however, they are easily hurt by others’ words and actions. They know this, so they do their best to guard their love and trust until they thoroughly assess an individual.

Once a Solar Scorpio trusts, they freely share their deepest thoughts and allow themselves to be vulnerable with those they feel connected to. Their intimacy is rare and precious and should never be taken for granted.

Scorpio governs finance. Having their Sun in Scorpio allows these people to manage resources with natural skill effectively.

This means they are drawn to investments such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. They are innately talented at making strategic decisions; their intuition is usually on par, and their risky financial moves typically pay off.

Moon In Libra Meaning

Moon in Libra

Lunar Libras feel their safest and best when they’re in a committed relationship. They need another person to share their lives with and are likely to start a serious relationship relatively young.

Those with their Moon in Libra are charming peace seekers and this surfaces in their relationships.

Their relationships are long-lasting because they want them to be; Lunar Libras are dedicated and compassionate partners. Their desire for harmony and partnership makes them willing to compromise and see both sides of the relationship with open eyes and hearts. They see it as an “us” versus “the problem”, instead of the alternate, and damaging, “you” versus “me” perspective.

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These natives are highly aware of flaws. Whether those flaws are in themselves, their environment, or their relationship, they can’t unsee them and will do whatever it takes to resolve them. The Libra desire for harmony and balance makes their quest for correctness unending.

Lunar Libras are social, sympathetic, flirtatious, and rarely take sides in an argument in favor of keeping the peace. Because of this, those around them will feel secure in their presence and will seek out more time with them. Libra will appreciate this and reciprocate, even asking their friends and partners to accompany them on the most mundane outings, such as bank trips, grocery shopping, or gas fill-ups.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon Traits

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon individuals have several hobbies that they’re deeply involved in and passionate about. These hobbies may or may not be related. They’re just something that these natives feel drawn to and can’t help but love.

All Scorpio Sun Libra Moon natives are in tune with others’ thoughts and opinions of them, and this can be beneficial and, at the same time, detrimental.

On a positive note, they are self-aware and granted the opportunities to improve themselves.

Unfortunately, this self-awareness can be a heavy burden to bear. Solar Scorpio Lunar Libras are already indecisive, so when you add in the pressure of everyone else’s opinions, suddenly, decisions can become soul-crushing. They may severely procrastinate their decision-making or choose the option that pleases everyone else (but not necessarily themselves).

However, conversly, Scorpio Sun Libra Moon people are wise and resourceful. If they can pull themselves away from their difficult decisions for just a moment, they are capable of seeing the big picture and avoid complacency. They know that they are valuable and deserving of a good life; they just need a moment to themselves to dig deep and put this knowledge to use.

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Positive Traits

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon is the fairest and most just placements of them all.

They seek justice, peace, balance, and harmony above all else. If they see a wrong, they will do everything within their power to make it right again. Their Libra side doesn’t tolerate lies, and their Scorpio side allows them to pick up on even the most subtle forms of deceit.

This individual is drawn to beautiful and artistic things, and they have excellent taste. Their homes, clothing, and meals are aesthetically pleasing, no matter their price. They can make almost anything and everything beautiful.

These natives are also magnetic to almost all other people.

They are charismatic, conventionally attractive to most, energetic, flirtatious, and optimistic. This will attract many friends, and their friends will feel safe, loved, and heard when they stand in the warm glow of a Scorpio Sun Libra Moon. These natives support their friends and partners and are innately intuitive and responsive to their wants and needs.

Negative Traits

The older and wiser Scorpio Sun Libra Moon gets, the more reserved they will come. Their self-awareness allows them to see their growing cynicism. However, they likely won’t stop it; instead, they will conceal it with their silence. If they do voice their criticisms, it will be in the form of passive-aggressive remarks.

These natives will always have some amount of doubt in their minds regarding their partner’s fidelity. They crave trust, emotional intimacy, and long-lasting love, so infidelity is one of their greatest fears.

Unfortunately, these doubts don’t always appear where they need to be. Scorpio Sun Libra Moon is gullible in some aspects of their lives. These individuals need to be extra cautious regarding organized religion, conspiracy theories, and get-rich-quick schemes.

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Scorpio Sun Libra Moon Man

This man is the type of lover that romance novelists base their star-struck protagonists on.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon men are romantic, passionate, intuitive, charming, and oh-so-loyal.

He wants to explore every square inch of his lover, physically, mentally, and emotionally. When he’s attracted to someone, he wants to learn everything he can about them.

This man goes after beautiful, refined, emotionally mature women who are just as willing to commit as he is. His ideal partner must be willing to spend lots of time with him, no matter how many years they’ve been together. She also needs to have very closely aligned aspirations and a similar life path as he does.

While the Scorpio Sun Libra Moon man is confident, capable, and independent, he strongly desires to have a life partner at his side. He likely won’t feel true comfort and happiness until he finds his soul mate.

As a father, Scorpio Sun Libra Moon is loving, attentive, present, and patient. He is not overly critical of his children and is very likely to love and accept them for who they are. His love is unconditional.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon Woman

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon woman will hyperfocus on finding her soulmate when she’s old enough to date and will not let up on her search until she finds her person.

Her first few relationships may be a bit rocky, as she tends to see the best in people and choose peace over confrontation. She will intentionally overlook some red flags to have a lasting relationship.

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As time goes on, she will learn to spot red flags more quickly and lose her naivety. When she finds her perfect man, she will be steadfastly loyal, supportive, loving, and madly, even obsessively in love with her person.

While the Scorpio Sun Libra Moon woman will naturally seek an attractive man, she isn’t foolish enough to let her lifetime partner slip away because of beauty standards. When she is in love, she sees the very best in him and will find the often-overlooked physical traits to adore and seemingly worship.

Her tendencies to shower her partner with love will seem normal to him at the beginning of the relationship, but her lover needs to understand that this extra attention will not wane with time.

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon woman is a naturally gifted homemaker and mother.

She is attentive, emotionally available, and empathetic to her children. Her home will be cozy, clean, and thoughtfully decorated. She will do her best to look clean and sophisticated, even during the most mundane chores of life, such as collecting the mail or sweeping her floors. She is an undeniably good mother, wife, and keeper of the home.


Those born with their Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Libra are intelligent, charming people who crave a deep intimacy with the right person.

They seek out justice, truth, approval, and intense bonds.

They live big, bold lives with lots of energy, enthusiasm, and notoriously charismatic charm.

While Scorpio Sun Libra Moon may be naturally cynical, they are self-aware and will do their best to shield the world from their critical thoughts. These individuals want to make others feel supported and welcomed, which is why they make such good friends and partners.