When a Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested

When a Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested

Have you fallen for a Sagittarius man but aren’t so sure if the feeling is mutual?

Usually, he’s a stand-up guy who is so open and honest he comes across as blunt or crude. So if he hasn’t outright said he isn’t into you, you may have a chance. Still, some Sagittarius men learn to stay quiet to avoid hurting feelings; it may be necessary to look into these more subtle signs.

If more than two of these apply to his demeanor to you, it’s probably time for you to start working on getting over him.

But first, here are a few positive signs that the Sagittarius man is in love (or at least, “in like”) with you.

Signs A Sagittarius Man Likes You

Here are a few easy ways to tell if a Sagittarius man likes you. Again, the more of these that apply to the situation between you two, the greater the chances are that he is interested.

  • He seems to block others out; he’s only interested in speaking with you and spending time together. Bonus points if he prefers you two spending time alone.
  • He takes the time to talk to you, even when it’s inconvenient for him.
  • He’s honest with you and expects honesty in return. This is a key component for getting into a serious relationship.
  • He takes you on adventures. Sagittarius men are lovers of the great outdoors; they love to get out and explore. If he asks you to join him, that means he enjoys your company just as much as his favorite hobbies. That is a big deal!
  • He tells you about his feelings and seems in tune with yours.
  • He tells you you’re smart. Sagittarius men place intelligence over appearance a lot of the time. He loves to be around someone who can hold a conversation, keep up with his wit and sarcasm, and dish the jokes out to him.
  • He includes you in his plans for the future. If he seems to value your opinions and asks how you two can incorporate your dreams, it’s because he wants a long-term relationship, and he is very interested in keeping you around.
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Signs a Sagittarius Man Doesn’t Like You

1 He Isn’t Empathetic Towards You

Sagittarius men are big empaths. Nothing gets past him; he’s the type to pick up on others’ feelings before they get the chance to notice their own emotions.

If he doesn’t seem to be in tune with your feelings, the chances are slim that he likes you. Even if he isn’t one of the more naturally intuitive Sagittarius men, he should still be checking in on you and consistently asking how you’re doing. If he isn’t asking about you regularly, he probably doesn’t have feelings for you.

Also, pay attention to how he reacts while you speak to him. If he’s making eye contact, following up with pertinent questions, and leaning in, he’s into you. If his eyes seem to glaze over or aimlessly wander around the room as you talk, he isn’t into you.

2 He Drags His Feet When It Comes to Communication

Sagittarius men are busy, career-oriented guys. They keep their eye on the goal and fill their days with actionable steps to achieve those goals.

It is not uncommon for a Sagittarius man to take a while to return a phone call or reply to your text. Don’t be alarmed there.

What you’re looking for here, is how consistently he replies late, and whether the responses are short or closed-ended.

If he likes you, he’s going to profusely apologize for the delay, or at least explain his situation. He will also take the time to have a full conversation with you, and that includes asking questions, listening with intent, and feeling connected with the conversation.

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If the Sagittarius man isn’t interested, he’s going to consistently reply slowly, give no explanation as to why he’s late, he will not apologize, and he will not put in the effort to keep the conversation alive.

3 He Doesn’t Let His Social Circles Overlap

If you know your Sagittarius man from work, and he has intentionally introduced you to any of his friends (especially if he has introduced you to multiple friends from different friend groups), then he is very into you. Sagittarius tends to keep all of their social circles separate.

Sagittarius, especially Sagittarius men, are not family guys. While they love their family members, they rarely feel compelled to bring friends or lovers to their homes to meet their family. If he ever takes you to meet his family, it’s a really, really big deal.

If you aren’t important to him, or he doesn’t see you as a potential partner, you will never leave the confines of the social circle where he first met you. And you’ll certainly never get the chance to mingle with his family.

4 He’s Rude to You

This point may seem obvious, but oftentimes the Sagittarius man will speak in such a way that it confuses you.

Sagittarius men are professionals when it comes to delivering sarcasm and jokes with a straight face. His humor flies over the heads of many, and so it’s easy to wonder if his mean words to you are a joke or how he really feels.

Unfortunately, that’s how he genuinely feels.

Sagittarius men are in control of their emotions. Keep in mind, too, that if he is usually polite towards you but suddenly has an off-day where he flies off the handle, says cruel words, or becomes uncharacteristically truthful in a blunt way, he is really not interested in you.

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If he cared about you, he would never have days like this, especially if you only know each other platonically. If he is acting this way, it’s because he’s trying to get a message through.

5 He Never Initiates Touch, “Accidental” or Not

Sagittarius men talk with their hands a lot and enjoy being near other people. It is normal for him to briefly touch your hand, brush his arm up against yours, or even hug you for certain instances.

If you are in a romantic relationship with a Sagittarius man, you’ll notice that he is all about those hugs, kisses, PDA, and other intimate moments. He loves being near his person, and he wants to be touched at all times if possible.

If you never have accidental, quick, in-passing touches, this is because he is making a conscious effort to stay back. This is a strong indicator that he isn’t interested.

6 He is Avoiding You

Has he been exceptionally busy, slow to speak to you, or even stood you up on a date? Being the direct person he is, he may outright ask for more space.

Sagittarius men know that they can be harsh when they try to talk about their thoughts, so many men resort to outright ghosting. He doesn’t want to have an awkward conversation, be rude, or hurt your feelings.

So instead, he starts taking longer to reply, he gives short responses, makes himself appear busier, and has less time for you. While ghosting is painful and rude, he doesn’t see that side of it, and would rather go this route instead of talking about his feelings or having a formal breakup (if you were dating).

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Even though Sagittarius men are naturally productive people with a career-oriented mindset, they are very capable and willing to make time for the people they value the most. If he isn’t taking the time to see you or seems to be actively avoiding you, he isn’t interested. It’s time for you to move on.

7 He Flirts With Others in Front of You

When a Sagittarius man is interested, he knows he has to be exclusive to get your attention and be a worthy partner.

Yes, Sagittarius is naturally charismatic. It does feel like his personality is always “on.” If you get the slight feeling that he’s shutting off, or at least, shutting down his charisma around you, that’s a good indicator that he doesn’t have feelings for you.

If he isn’t interested in you, he won’t worry about upsetting you by flirting or showing other people affection. Remember that Sagittarius is intuitive; he is aware of others’ feelings and usually wants to please them. If your feelings aren’t on his radar, it’s because he isn’t interested.

8 He Didn’t Ask You to Go with Him

An interested Sagittarius man will invite you out a lot. Sagittarius is all about having new experiences with the people he loves the most, especially romantic interests. If you notice that he’s adventuring solo or taking other friends out without inviting you, he isn’t interested in a relationship with you.

Final Thoughts: When a Sagittarius Man Is Not Interested

While none of these indicators alone are sure signs that he isn’t interested in you, having many or most of these signs applying to your situation likely mean that a relationship isn’t meant to be. If that’s the case, it’s time for you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, mend your bruised ego, and start the process of moving on.

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