Leo Sun Scorpio Moon – Generous Extrovert Perceptive and Complex

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

People born under a Leo Sun in the Scorpio Moon combine the elements of fire and water in their personalities. The fire element in their sun sign brings intensity, heat and excitement while the water element that is in Scorpio’s sign shares that intensity and combines it with perception, intuition and magnetism.

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon people tend to be creative visionaries with courage and vigor who don’t like to confine themselves within boundaries set by others.

Because both Leo and Scorpio have the natural personality trait of intensity, a person born under the Leo sun Scorpio moon could be prone to pushing themselves too hard, with the danger of burning out.

The two signs share some basic tendencies, such as being gregarious, magnetic and living life to the fullest. Other tendencies and inclinations may well be incompatible.

Opposing tendencies, such as Leo’s loyalty and generosity versus Scorpio’s unforgiving vengefulness, if not sorted out through healthy coping strategies, may cause internal conflicts within those people.

Your sun sign determines your conscious self, your basic personality traits and the way you approach life while your moon sign indicates more about your unconscious self, your hidden emotions, your instinctive nature, and what habits are most likely for you.

Sun In Leo

Sun In Leo

Leos have birthdays that fall between July 23 and Aug. 22. Since they are born in summer, they do carry personality traits that are expressions of summer, such as warm, outgoing natures, and assertiveness, like the sun itself.

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Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung once equated one’s birth astrology with wine, as the qualities of every barrel of wine reflect the place, vintage and season in which the grapes became wine. So, too, it is with people, he opined.

The sun sign Leo is often equated with the lion, and Leo’s personality traits hold true to that symbol. Leos want to be king of the jungle. They love to be in charge and be the center of attention with an audience. They typically have many friends because they are warm and outgoing, with a sense of humor and ability to have fun.

At the same time, Leos are dignified and expect respect. They almost always get it (when they are keeping their negative personality traits in check) because they aren’t just dedicated to fun and games. Leos are hard workers who take on as much responsibility themselves as they expect from others.

Leos can be demanding but they give as much as they expect. They are generous and don’t hesitate to help those in need. They give loyalty and expect loyalty in return from their friends.

Some of their not-so-positive traits are a tendency to exaggerate while they are holding forth on center stage, stretching the truth to portray themselves as the hero of the tale. This trait goes hand-in-hand with their tendency toward vanity.

Because they want to be liked, they sometimes tell others what they think they want to hear. On the opposite end of that spectrum, Leos can also be arrogant enough to tell others what they believe they should hear in the form of unsolicited advice.

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Moon In Scorpio

Scorpios are complex individuals with character traits that can go from one extreme to another. Like the water that is the symbol of Scorpio’s sign, there is a depth to their personalities. And with Scorpio, emotions, both positive and negative, churn deep under the surface, like a body of water.

The lunar part of one’s sign deals with one’s unconscious and subconscious along with habits, emotions and instincts.

Scorpios are charismatic and intense, with seemingly unbendable willpower at times, determination and resourcefulness. Giving up goes against their natures. On the negative side, this trait of not giving up can become an obsession, which sometimes brings out strategies to get what they want with undesirable tactics like manipulation.

They are great observers of others, including watching body language. This, coupled with their curiosity about people and their natural ability of intuition and perception, allows them to interpret much in any situation that is unsaid.

Scorpios, like their scorpion symbol, can sting. They are capable of being vicious, spiteful, and often spew hateful words to people who have hurt them. They have a tendency toward revenge, as well. Scorpios who keep these tendencies inside, often suffer from depression.

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon Traits

Leos and Scorpios have some of the same traits and desires, such as the need to be accepted and liked. They are both passionate, willful, and intense and can both be arrogant.

But, while Leos lets the world know how they feel by expressing their need – and their expectation – to be treated like royalty, Scorpios cover up their emotions. These tamped-down emotions can surface as unwanted behaviors like control, manipulation and even self-destruction when Scorpios feel threatened.

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When one person is dealing with the inclinations from both signs, as in a person born under Leo sun and Scorpio moon, there may be a war going on within the psyche. This raises the need for sorting out the emotions and coping strategies to deal with them.

Positive Traits

The combination of Leo and Scorpio’s tendency toward determination and willfulness indicates those born under Leo sun Scorpio moon will be persistent and dedicated to whatever task they undertake. These people will not be quitters, at least not until they believe there is good reason to stop pursuing whatever goal they have set their minds on achieving.

This tendency can bode well for people born under the Leo sun Scorpio moon in work environments. Stubborn problems can be solved and inventions can come to fruition by those who are determined and refuse to give up, like Thomas Alva Edison in his quest to invent the light bulb.

Leos like to express themselves and are creative coupled with Scorpios’ love of living life to the fullest. Together, these traits are a winning combination.

These people will likely attract and have many friends. The Leo sun aspect of their personalities and Scorpios’ natural magnetism will draw people in, and the need of both signs to be liked will benefit relationships.

Scorpios are interested and curious about other people and aren’t introverted, even though they are private about their own feelings. The Scorpio aspect fears rejection and abandonment, but as long as those fears are calmed down, they will likely enjoy a good social life.

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Leos like to be the life of the party and Scorpios are people watchers, which are traits that should work well together.

Negative Traits


Leos have a tendency to be overbearing and both Leos and Scorpios can be arrogant. With both the sun and moon sign in one person, arrogance is almost sure to be a dominant trait in this personality.

Both signs can be self-righteous and ruthless, so those traits are sure to rear their ugly heads, too, in many situations.

Leos like to be in charge, while Scorpios can be controlling. Control issues are a given in a Leo sun Scorpio moon personality.

Some aspects of Scorpios personality tendencies that are in direct opposition to those in Leo could have a tempering effect, essentially neutralizing or cancelling each other out.

One example could be the self-confidence of the Leo aspect when it comes up against the easily wounded, insecure personality of Scorpio. The Scorpio aspect could tame the lion a bit.

Leos are quick to forgive while Scorpios are unforgiving, which could bring about internal conflicts.

Another possibility could be Scorpios’ tendency to hide their feelings and suppress their needs versus Leos’ need to tell the world what they think, how they feel and how others should live their lives. These opposing tendencies will likely either create internal conflicts or balance each other out.

Leo Sun Scorpio Moon: Conclusion

People born under a Leo sun Scorpio moon will be intense, magnetic people with a busy social calendar given the combination of personality traits when it comes to wanting relationships with other people.

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They are complex, and will often be conflicted within themselves when each sign’s natural tendencies do not align with one another.

The fact that the more generous, warm and loyal personality traits are with the sun sign in this duo, which is also an assertive sign, the best tendencies of these people will likely overrule the worst tendencies. These are people who would be worth getting to know better, if only to study the various aspects of their personalities.