Leo Sun Virgo Moon: A Passionate Yet Reserved Personality

Leo Sun Virgo Moon

With Leo Sun Virgo Moon, we get two seemingly opposing personalities. Not to worry, individuals with this pair can learn to work with the energies but it may take some time to fully be comfortable in their own skin.

Leo naturally wants to be the center of attention, whereas Virgo would rather sit in the shadows and let someone else take the stage. The beauty of this combination is that together, they can work hard to make their dreams come true. With Virgo Moon, there is no shortage of work ethic.

Combine that with the burning passion of Leo Sun, and you have a recipe for greatness. Leo sun Virgo Moon individuals may not be the leadership type, but they are still vital to any projects they work on. They may have some limitations but overall the Leo Sun Virgo Moon pair can learn to work harmoniously together.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Personality Traits

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Personality Traits

From an outsider’s perspective, a Leo Sun Virgo Moon individual may seem reserved yet calculated.

This is because they have a tendency to be shy upon first meeting someone, and of course, Virgo Moon has a methodical approach to life. In reality, Leo Sun Virgo Moon are assertive and would rather operate without emotions getting in the way.

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Once you get to know them, you’ll see just how direct they can be. Depending on the situation, Leo Sun Virgo Moon has a no-nonsense approach to life, especially when it comes to their career.

This is because Virgo Moons are perfectionists, and if their Leo Sun side wants to show something off, it must be their best work, or they will be overly critical of themselves.

They insist on putting their opinions out there, especially when something isn’t up to their very high standard. This side of Leo Sun Virgo Moon can push people away, especially those who don’t know them on a deep level.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon can be charming and friendly, but they will go through periods where they would rather isolate themselves in their house than go out and be social. Of course, with Leo Sun, there will be some sort of social life for these individuals as they crave interacting with others.

The Virgo Moon side of this pair is what causes them to be less social at times, but don’t get it twisted, they will take center stage if they are out partying with friends. The downside to this is their Virgo Moon, it may be hard to fully enjoy the pleasures of life. This is because they feel like they either don’t deserve it or haven’t done anything to earn a night off.

This mindset can lead Leo Sun Virgo Moon to be a workaholic, especially because Leo is so passionate, and Virgo is the perfectionist. If they push themselves too hard, this is when they become overly critical, or anxiety-ridden. They must find a balance of what’s acceptable when perfection isn’t possible.

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They need to be mindful of where they project their negative or critical attitude towards. If caught in a bad mood, they often take it out on their friends or colleagues. Leo Sun Virgo Moons have a push and pull aspect to their personality. On one hand, we have Leo who is confident but match that with Virgo who is doubtful, and it can create a constant inner battle.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Ideal Job

When it comes to their career and what is best suited for them, it must be something that poses a challenge for their mind. Leo Sun Virgo Moons are not the type to take the easiest route, they like to analyze and have a job where their perfectionism is appreciated.

A few careers that are ideal for this pair would be some type of organizer, whether it be to completely re-work someone’s home or office. Something they can exercise their creative side such as writing or being a news reporter. Another great job for Leo Sun Virgo Moon would be a food critic.

Whatever career they choose they will have no problems excelling at it. They don’t necessarily set out to be a leader or boss at whatever job they’re at. They will be happy with the behind-the-scenes work, but a little attention here and there won’t hurt them.

Their Home Life Is Important

Leo Sun Virgo Moon people can’t live in chaos or disorder. When you walk into their home, expect it to look like one out of a magazine. They can’t operate when something is out of place or things are scattered around everywhere. They need order and structure, just like any other area of life.

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Their home is more than likely a minimalist approach. They don’t want things to look cluttered, so they will avoid overly decorating. It will always be clean, and if it’s not, it’s most likely because they are feeling down or depressed about something within their life. Their home is a direct reflection of their inner world.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon In Love

When it comes to love, they are open to the storybook romance. They enjoy being admired by their partner and they want to feel like the center of their world. Leo Sun Virgo Moon individuals may date around but when they find the one they want to spend their time with, they have no problems settling down.

Due to their Leo Sun, they have a sort of childlike innocence to them. They want a partner they can laugh and joke with, but who also knows when to be serious. Their partner must show them appreciation and pay them compliments to keep the romance alive.

If their partner does do these things and makes them feel special, Leo Sun Virgo Moon will no doubt shower them with gifts. Buying and giving luxurious gifts is their love language, but they will only do so if their partner can reciprocate the love.

Just like in their personal life, they will constantly want to improve and fix things in their love life. Because of this they may attract broken people and think they have the power to fix them. When things with a partner are too perfect, they will try to find faults in the relationship.

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Leo Sun Virgo Moon Man

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Man

The Leo Sun Virgo Moon man tends to be opinionated; some would explain him as having a big mouth. Although he seems confident and sure of himself, it’s hard for him to operate when all eyes are not on him.

He enjoys compliments and admiration from others. Those who do give him attention get to see his more gentle and generous side as he treats those who give him attention very well.

One downside to the Leo Sun Virgo Moon man is he can be stubborn, close-minded, and set in his ways. The ideals and principles he sets for his life are a constant, not much can happen to sway him from his opinions.

He is polite and charming, harnessing the positive traits of his Leo Sun, and he will use it to his advantage. Success finds him very easily as he excels in everything he sets out to do.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Woman

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Woman

A powerful and noble woman, the Leo Sun Virgo Moon woman knows what she wants and can make it happen. Those not attuned to a powerful woman may be scared to cross her path. She is gracious and generous, but if you are competing with her for something, she will have no problems being ruthless.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon woman knows how to get the respect of her colleagues and friend. She is motivated and works to gain the respect of those around her. These individuals hold power to their word, so any promises she makes she will keep. She is reliable, independent, and creative.

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Along with all this, she needs stability in her life, without it, her world can seem chaotic. She enjoys a normal life, and even though she dreams, her goals are obtainable. Leo Sun Virgo Moon women are not ones to go after big or unachievable goals. As long as she has a stable career, nice home life, good friends, and family, she will feel fulfilled.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Final Thoughts

Although the pair can be opposing at times, they embody the best of both signs. With their passion and creativity, they have the ability to create a great, stable life for themselves.

They will go through times when the spotlight is too much, but to balance that out they will try and be the life of the party amongst those that are closest. They make great for great people to have on your side as they are trustworthy and will always tell you the truth no matter how blunt it may seem.