Full Moon in the 7th House – Emotions, Close Relationships, and Endings

Full Moon in the 7th House

A Full Moon in the 7th House represents the endings of close relationships.

These relationships could be best friends, lovers, business partners, or even close coworkers. The endings could occur as your situation naturally changes (a move, project end, completion of work, or promotions) or because of harsher forces at play, such as a disagreement, breakup, betrayal, or even death.

Moon- The Emotional Influence

The Moon represents our emotions, secrets, the darknesses within us, and mysteries. When the Moon appears in your astrology charts, you can count on having more emotions and feeling more in tune with those emotions.

Full Moon- A Time For Endings

Full Moons signify endings; traditionally, they represent harvest time.

The endings are usually the finale of what began six months ago in the same zodiac sign at the New Moon. What starts in the darkness of the New Moon comes to fruition during the Full Moon’s brightness.

7th House- The House Of Partnership

The Seventh House corresponds with Libra energy; it rests in front of the First House and represents life-altering relationships and partnerships.

While the first six houses represent the individual’s immediate world, the Seventh House symbolizes the concept of perspective, partnerships, friendships, family, close relationships, and lovers.

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When planets move through the Seventh House, they push individuals to sign contracts, finish deals, and make official, documented moves.

Full Moon In The 7th House

A Full Moon in the 7th House represents the endings of close relationships.

And for reference, a Full Moon in the 11th House represents the endings of more distant relationships.

This is the time for many intimate relationships to come to a close. Your beloved boss may get promoted, and your best friend might be moving away, you may finally finish that project you were working on for a close client, or your lover could be ready to break up.

Death can also cause an ended relationship but is far less likely; disagreements and breakups are more likely the culprits.

Ended relationships can also be symbolic, not literal. You and your lover may decide to terminate your friendship to start dating, end your courtship to become engaged, or complete your engagement to get married. This may be the time for more profound commitment and new titles.

It can also be a time for you and other close people in your lives to become more intimate. For instance, a friend may become a roommate, or a colleague suddenly becomes your new business partner.

The Seventh House has a way of illuminating otherwise hidden aspects of people and your relationship dynamic with them. Whether you use this new enlightenment to take the next step together or break up is entirely up to you.

Relationships that began (or at least became more serious) six months ago are highly likely to be affected by a Full Moon in the 7th House.

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People Who Have Their Moon In The Seventh House

1 Vulnerable

People with their Moon in the Seventh House are vulnerable and heavily rely on their friends and family members to validate them. Their Lunar influence causes them to seek validation from others at all times.

These natives are the best versions of themselves when their lover or best friend is nurturing, intuitive, protective, possessive, or even needy. It is best for the people closest to them to constantly reassure them of their love and happiness. Lunar people worry a lot about how others perceive them and want to feel loved and appreciated.

In return, these natives will also nurture, protect, and shower their person with love, kindness, and support.

2 Needy Extroverts

People with their Moon in the 7th House do not enjoy spending time alone; they strongly prefer group settings.

These natives are usually the ones hosting dinner, game nights, or movie nights at their homes any chance they get. You are very unlikely ever to catch them dining alone or going out to the movies solo; they need others around.

These individuals are also highly likely to immediately jump into a new relationship after their previous one ends. They are in a hurry to find their soulmate and also don’t enjoy the single lifestyle. People who have their moon in the Seventh House are far more willing to hold onto a stale or even toxic relationship instead of being alone.

Marriage is a common primary goal for people with this placement. These natives are the most likely to marry at a very young age; once they think they’ve found their soulmate, they want to lock down that relationship immediately.

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As lovers, people with this placement are affectionate, loving, receptive, generous, and very willing to please their partners. They listen to feedback closely and do their best to be helpful, likable, and worthy of love.

Unfortunately, codependency is a frequent downfall of theirs. They will go against their own wants and needs to keep their partner happy and rely too heavily on the love and external validation of others.

They do not look inward to find their happiness or self-worth.

3 Peacekeepers

People with their Moon in the 7th House have the incredible gift of an unbiased perspective.

And as an added benefit, these natives are good communicators who have top-notch people skills. They can maintain their temper and understand both sides of an argument or misunderstanding. They can get others to see things from their viewpoint.

These natives are naturally helpful and do exceptionally well when placed in positions requiring lots of public exposure. They accept and reflect the personalities and energies of almost all people they meet, making them great people to work in service industries.

4 Repressed Self Image

People who possess their Moon in the Seventh House are prone to have aspects of themselves that they do not fully actualize.

This repression comes from a place of shame or disgust.

These individuals may repress their self-image or conscious ego. In addition to this, people with this placement are usually drawn to other individuals who possess the traits that they lack.

Creating an attraction with a person who holds the characteristics that they are sorely missing makes codependency very likely. These natives use others to fill the void of the qualities they are lacking. They use others to feel complete.

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Moon In The 7th House Transit- Desired Emotional Intimacy

The Seventh House is ruled by Libra and Venus and is also called the Descendant.

People who have this Lunar position want lots of meaningful companionships; whether that companionship comes from close coworkers, friends, family, or lovers, it does not matter to them.

These natives crave and hold a lot of value for the people who are the closest to them. The support they receive from others means everything to them.

When the Moon passes through the Seventh House, people desire a stronger, more meaningful connection with their closest people, especially with their life partners.

You may suddenly become more sensitive, require more affirmation, and feel compelled to collaborate, be more inclusive, ask consent, nurture, and pamper the people you love the most.

Doing acts of service for others to show your love and appreciation can make you feel better about yourself. On the other hand, it can lead to resentfulness, hurt feelings from a lack of reciprocity, or a perceived rejection from the other person.

Moon In The 7th House And Relationships- Nurturing Instincts, Tact, And Increased Attention To Joint Ventures

While the Moon transits through the Seventh House, you may notice that you want to do and give more for the people in your life.

You also want to build and solidify your preexisting relationships by being inclusive, uniting, and working towards a common goal with that person, and by doubling down on ventures that have the opportunity to lead to win-win outcomes.

During this time, you are not focused on yourself but rather more immersed in your empathy and working hard to help others feel loved and achieve their goals. Your ambitions may temporarily take a backseat to theirs during this period.

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A Full Moon in the Seventh House leads to codependent people and strange, dark times when intimate relationships must come to a close.

These relationship ends can be literal, with a breakup or time and space separating you from the other person. The relationship end can also be figurative, a time when you and your close person decide to end the old relationship in order to claim a newer, more intimate, or more contractually binding relationship for yourselves.

What began six months ago now comes to a close; what was once hidden in darkness comes to a new light. It is up to you to decide if you should escalate the relationship or put an end to it.

Whether these endings are sour, sweet, or bittersweet, you’re sure to remember and cherish the memories of these important people for a lifetime.