Mars Opposite Pluto: Struggling for Power & Transformation

Mars Opposite Pluto

The Mars opposite Pluto planetary placement is a combination of two potent cosmic forces that happen to be at odds with each other. The red planet affects what drives us and how we go after the things we want. That is why it corresponds to the qualities of passion, energy, aggression, conquest, raw instinct, and carnal desires.

On the other hand, Pluto in astrology represents unprocessed pain, deep wounds, and loss. It resonates with the mysterious, dark, and often terrifying reality that lurks beneath the surface. Although Pluto is associated with destructive forces, it also represents our capacity to rise from the ashes after experiencing psychological transformations.

So, what happens when Mars, the planet that corresponds to our conscious desires, happens to oppose Pluto, which correlates with our evolutionary intentions? Well, this placement can affect us in different ways, depending on how it manifests.

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect when Mars and Pluto oppose each other on the natal chart, during transits, and in synastry.

Mars Opposite Pluto In The Natal Chart

When Mars is in contact with other planets, it inspires action and self-assertion. In contrast, Pluto’s aspects reveal how our urge to find deeper meanings, the willingness to explore and the need for power play out.

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For individuals born with these planets on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, here are some of the traits that may define or shape their character.

1 Self-Reproaching

The opposition aspect between any two points of astrological significance usually implies the existence of a possible conflict. In this case, a clash exists between the personal desires influenced by Mars and the socially oriented Pluto.

If you were born with this placement in your natal chart, it could indicate you find yourself struggling to fulfill some positive role in society. The reason for that is the planet governing your actions is clashing with your pursuit for power or transformation.

The Mars-Pluto opposition person tends to be too demanding of him or herself. This individual has an inherent need to do the impossible or battle against the odds to prove him or herself.

With this planetary placement in your birth chart, you could be trying to pick yourself off the ground as an underdog. You are likely inclined to setting very high expectations. When things don’t work out, you end up being too hard on yourself because the heroic Mars in you feels like it needs to be reborn somehow.

A good analogy of Mars opposing Pluto would be an athlete who has to work very hard to come back from an injury or the will to regenerate in the wake of constant hardship. Essentially, this combination evokes feelings of wanting to do anything at all costs to have some kind of breakthrough. But, it can lead to straining, tearing, or a harmful kind of ruthlessness.

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So, although Mars opposite Pluto is a resurrecting drive, you have to be careful because it can be lead to destructive overexertion.

If you push too hard, you can strain or break something. It could be a relationship, career goal, or progress on something you have been working so hard to accomplish.

2 Victim Mindeset

The Mars-Pluto opposition in the birth chart sometimes points to a feeling of victimization that starts at a young age. You may have grown up with tough and uncompromising parents or teachers. Constantly feeling like the victim of societal pressures may continue into adulthood, resulting in conflicts with superiors and even other people in general.

Mars opposite Pluto natives can resolve this conflict by realizing their potential and role in the grand scheme of things. Overcoming the feeling of persecution or belief that the world is against them is possible once they realize they have the power to change their life circumstances.

3 Overly Aggressive Attitude

Mars opposite Pluto natives can often have an obnoxiously alpha male personality. And, this is not limited by gender because it can also apply to women. Their attitude comes from the intense energy that this planetary alignment brings.

Being born with Pluto opposite Mars could indicate that you have a forceful nature. You may see your strong will as a positive strength, but the intense energy you give off can often irritate others. Without meaning it, you push those around you to avoid contact, react with hostility or become defensive.

If you always seem to be aggressive or forceful with people, it will often backfire, so you have to be careful with that. To minimize an off-putting effect toward people you interact with, you will have to work on being more self-aware and sensitive to the rights and realities of others.

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Mars Opposite Pluto In Transit

The planets are constantly moving from one zodiac sign to another. Therefore, the Mars opposite Pluto alignment can affect everyone besides those born during this planetary placement. When it occurs as a transit, here are some trends that become commonplace across the astrological collective.

1 Pervasive Inspiration

It is a time when people instinctively have an intense desire to go after their biggest dreams. For as long as Mars opposes Pluto, people express unwillingness to compromise on their ideals. They feel more pressure than usual to go to great lengths to attain success.

During this transit, you may feel all fired up to complete a project that you started months ago. It is a period when everyone generally strives to unleash their full potential or improve on past efforts.

By channeling the cosmic energy that is active at the time, a fighting spirit is activated. Consequently, this can lead to making great strides despite having to deal with many obstacles.

2 Encountering Obstacles

Since Mars is afflicted when opposing Pluto, its influence is bound to encounter resistance. As such, conflict marks this astrological transit.

Whereas Pluto represents the collective will, Mars is responsible for personal desires. As such, astrological transits where these two planets oppose each other bring periods where society doesn’t allow us to do something we want. The obstacle you are facing could be a group of people or an institution.

Expect the challenge of going up against powerful forces or enemies to dominate your life at this time. Sometimes, people realize their efforts will not come to fruition as soon as they had expected during the Mars opposite Pluto transit. If that happens, it opens the door to re-evaluate goals and create a realistic and practical long-term plan.

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3 Widespread Anger

An irritable mood will also be pervasive as long as Mars opposes Pluto. You may notice that everyone seems tormented with whatever they are doing and cannot stand anyone interfering in their efforts.

During this astrological transit, many people react with tremendous anger to the point of even having violent outbursts, especially when they feel others are getting in their way. Often, these reactions stem from frustration due to challenges experienced in their endeavors or regretting whatever has been holding them back all this time from pursuing their goals.

Mars Opposite Pluto In Synastry

When two individuals share a Mars opposite Pluto placement in their natal charts, it suggests that they have a stormy relationship. After all, this combination brings together cosmic forces that strive for domination and power. So, the partners in this dynamic will fight to be the person controlling the relationship.

If a Mars opposite Pluto couple happens to be in a romantic relationship, they would be attracted to each other in a physical sense. The problem is that they still get on each other’s nerves. Both individuals are after power. However, they and go about acquiring it in different ways.

The Mars person is fiery, impulsive, and aggressive and will try to dominate the relationship directly. But, this can anger their partner who wants to be in a position of power as well.

In contrast, the Pluto person operates from the shadows on a subconscious level. A master manipulator, this individual resorts to mind-games or playing on the emotions of their Mars counterpart.

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Ultimately, resistance, anger, and resentment mark this connection. All this is avoidable or possible to overcome, but the opposition aspect requires mature people to handle its energy.

Patience is a virtue that could help both partners to get along better. The chances of success for this type of relationship will also depend on whether there are other favorable aspects on the couple’s natal charts.


When Mars makes an opposition to Pluto, make sure to remember that it suggests a conflict. Having it on your natal chart could indicate the need to go through a personal transformation but constantly struggling to live up to your expectations.

When it manifests as an astrological transit, we tend to experience a clash between what we want to achieve and the obstacles society throws at us. In synastry, this planetary placement breeds power struggles.

Regardless of how it affects you in an astrological sense, it creates the need to balance the energy of two very intolerant and sometimes very aggressive planets.