Moon Trine Moon – An Emotional Placement

Moon Trine Moon

Have you ever wondered what a Moon Trine Moon natal placement looks like for you?

This Trine is marked by peace, harmony, and wellness. This placement represents femininity, sensitivity, robust and vital intuition, and dashes of creativity.

Our most intimate thoughts and creative pieces stem from the Moon. The Moon is thought to hold onto all of the knowledge you experienced and learned in past lives.

This knowledge does not come thundering and grandiosely bounding into your current life; instead, it is a whisper that you must listen closely to and decide to follow on your own. Listening to your intuition is not easy, but once learned, it is an entirely life-changing skill.

Moon – Peaceful, Intuitive, And Snuggly

The Moon signifies our subconscious, our secretive desires, and it also controls the patterns of our lifestyles.

The Moon represents our feminine, motherly energies. It strongly wishes to be protective, responsive, thoughtful, and respective.

The things you know to be true instinctually, but you don’t understand why are because of the Moon. Your Moon knows what the Sun can not say. This is because the Moon remembers our past, infusing the previously learned knowledge into us through our emotions.

The items you produce as a result of your creativity are due to the Moon’s placement at your birth, too. Art, music, journal entries, and late-night thoughts are your most authentic version of your Moon shining through. The most intimate, quiet, unexplainable parts of who you are, are influenced because of the Moon placement when you were born.

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The Moon also influences our security, our childhood, and the relationship we have with our mothers. Many of our greatest strengths and weaknesses stem from our mothers, making this an essential aspect of who we are.

Moon Trine Moon Personality Traits

Moon Trine Moon people are imaginative, intuitive, irrational, soft, sensitive, moody, sentimental, thoughtful, protective, restless, and typically have a significant amount of feminine energy.

These natives are naturally vulnerable, understanding of others’ needs, and they’re usually quick to help out someone in need. They have strong urges to care for those around them and shower their closest people with lots of love to show their appreciation for a place in their lives.

It likely appears that these natives are just naturally lucky; the things they wish for seem just to happen effortlessly from the outside. What actually happens is that these natives have strong, usually correct instincts.

They almost always pay attention to their instincts; this sets them up for killer success and opportunities. In addition to this, Moon Trine Moon people are decisive, especially when it comes to their professions.

There is a high likelihood that others will feel drawn to these people because of how they always go with the flow, generally like to keep the peace, and because they have such kind, trustworthy feelings about them.

Their intuitions are usually pretty straightforward, too, with no secret, harmful, or ulterior motives. People can pick up on their genuinely good intentions, and that will open many doors for these natives.

It is easy for them to form solid and unbreakable attachments with people after spending some time with them.

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Their background is fundamental to them, seen as important, sacred, and worth talking about and celebrating. Genealogy, old family stories, and who their ancestors are are significant to these people. They’re always happy to learn about their family’s past while sitting in the warmth and comfort of their own home. They may also be apt to conduct some research on their ancestors on their own too.

Those with Moon Trine Moon feel a connection to every house they’ve ever lived in, every car they ever purchased, and their spirituality, religion, or political views. It can be difficult for these individuals to let go of preconceived notions, though not impossible.

If they’re able to settle down and create a home that is filled with meaningful, maternal-like chores, with some children, and a reliable lover, they’ll be pleased in this life.

Moon Trine Moon In A Relationship

This relationship is sure to be filled with mutual respect, love, admiration, sensitive actions, thoughtfulness, and lots of strongly bonded companionship that is destined to last a lifetime.

This relationship is comprised of two people who love each other dearly and who also want to spend a lot of time together. Quality time and affection are essential for both parties, which is why this couple usually seems so well matched.

These lovers are also good companions. Conversation, jokes, and content silences flow freely with these two. They enjoy each other’s company always and are happy to simply spend time together.

While life can be hot and spicy in the bedroom, their typical life together is usually stable and filled with a calming, straightforward kind of friendship that many others envy.

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Often, this couple is perceived to have been together for longer than they actually have.

It’s because they take the time and effort to get to know each other well in the first place, and they never stop these efforts, even after years have gone by.

This couple is likely to learn and overcome obstacles together and in very similar ways. This practice ensures that one person never “outgrows” the other.

Moon Trine Moon In Transit

Moon Trine Moon Transit is an excellent time to carve out space and time for those you love. Finding comfort and feeling the warmth, love, and familiarity of your friends and family is far more important than anything else on your to-do list.

During this time, your maternal instincts will be at an all-time high; don’t fight it, lean in, and accept these feelings.

You’re going to feel a strong, inexplicable urge to love, protect, and provide for your family. If you have children, you’re going to want to cook more often or use more intricate recipes to show your love.

You’ll also want to clean up, almost as if you were nesting once again. When you’re not cooking or cleaning, you’ll be looking for baby snuggles and meaningful conversations and connections with your older children.

Don’t fight the urge. Accept it, and enjoy your family time as much as you’re able. Host a dinner for your friends and family to tell them how much they mean to you and to soak up all the bonding that you possibly can.

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You’ll also be searching for more ways to show your love and affection with your lover, even if you’ve been together for years. During this time you’ll want to do more for them, and try to spend more time together as well. Soak it up; this time is precious too.

During a Moon Trine Moon Transit, your sensitivity and intuition will be heightened. Your instincts are good, so listen to them and act accordingly.

During Transit, you’ll finally strike a suitable, healthy, and sustainable balance between your home and your work. You’ll also be leaving your duties and headaches at work for once, so you can entirely focus on your home life, your lover, and any children you may have together.

Moon Trine Moon Synastry

Their relationships are balanced, harmonious, and emotionally healthy.

Moon Trine Moon and their partner are communicating as they should, making an effort to understand one another, and getting along quite well. Their home environment will also be peaceful. To them, home is more special and sacred than it is to most other natives in the zodiac.

They take the time to carefully curate the perfect safe, comfortable, and cozy nest for themselves and their loved ones. They also pay attention to the minor details of day-to-day life. This attention to minute details is how you can instinctively provide a safe, cozy, and welcoming place for yourself and others. The ‘devil’ is in the details and you know it.

Butterflies and jittery excitement are not part of the relationship. Instead of thrills and excitement, their relationship feels calm, safe, and like home. While they may feel excited to have such a great relationship, they and their partner will maintain a calm, level-headed composure at all times.

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These two feel safe with one another. Both confide their deepest, more intimate secrets and thoughts to the other person. Both desperately want to give as much as possible to their lover and to the relationship they share.

The only possible downside to this placement is how accommodating they may become for each other. These natives must learn to draw boundaries, and stick to them without making any excuses or exceptions. It is vital that they have healthy boundaries and don’t exhaust or irritate the other with incessant tasks for one another.

There may be brief moments of intense feelings or drama brought on by unpredictable mood swings; these moments are fleeting and typically rare. Luckily, with their strong foundation, things go back to normal almost instantly, and the peace is restored once again.

Moon Trine Moon: Conclusion

Moon Trine Moon is an emotional placement that results in creativity, past knowledge resurfacing in the form of intuitive thoughts, nurturing, security, and so much more. It brings out feminine, motherly tendencies.

Though these natives are typically soft and sensitive, they can become fierce and harsh if you mess with their friends or family.

All in all, this is a unique placement that is almost exclusively filled with companionship, kindness, and security.