Moon in the 8th House – An Emotional & Intense Journey

Moon in the 8th House

The 8th house in synastry is the house of change, deep thoughts, depression and sexuality. The Moon is known for its profound influences on transforming an individual’s state of mind.

If you are born with Moon in your 8th house, be mindful of the fact that you might not find peace and satisfaction in your romantic life. That’s the reason that you feel inclined to look for new partners every time your relationship starts getting serious.

Do you want to know more about how the lunar influence paired with the attributes of the 8th house affects your life?

Continue reading to understand longevity, sexual instincts and cryptic matters attached with the 8th house.

8th House In Synastry – The House Of Change, Secrets, And Magic

The 8th house in synastry warns its natives to be cautious because it is known for its tiring transformation. Astrology associates this house with intimacy, sentiments, fears, power struggles, religion and magic.

Being under the rule of Scorpio and Pluto, the 8th house symbolizes rebirth. The natives of this house might have some history of traumas, depression, drug addiction or fascination with black magic.

They always have some craziest or even scary stories and life experiences to tell others. Under the influence of the 8th house, you might despise the bad wolf inside you, but instead of feeling ashamed or ugly, embark on the journey of defeating your demons to overcome your problems.

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1 The house of intimacy

It is the house of sexual instincts and intimacy. It demands you to be as close to others as you are with your inner self. Distancing yourself from those you love indicates that you are escaping from true love, lifelong relationships, and deep connections.

As we know, that 7th house is the precursor of long-term commitments and associations. 8th house implies the fears that restrain you from keeping your relationship at bay because you do not want to reveal what is going in your heart to your partner.

By controlling your fears and voicing your emotions, you can build an intimate and loving connection with your partner.

Moon In The 8th House

When Moon falls in your 8th house in synastry, it reveals your possessive and jealous nature as a lover who wants to keep their partner only for themselves. The combination of the Moon and the 8th house breathes an aura of sensuality, innovation and truthfulness.

The 8th house natives want to develop a deep connection with their partners, but the lunar influence restricts them. It becomes a reason for many arising conflicts in their relationship.

You crave intimacy with your partner but often find yourself incapable of trusting them. Unknowingly your relationship succumbs to doubts and melancholic complexities.

1 Emotional & Heated Personalities

Individuals with Moon in the 8th house in their natal charts are intense, emotional personalities. Owing to their wild and sentimental nature, they feel everything intensely.

They feel others’ pain as their own and tend to feel an emotional heaviness inside them. With their stellar intuitive abilities, these natives possess an inherent sense of dominating others.

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They want to be loved, admired and taken care of. Under the Moon’s influence, they are restless, emotionally unstable and quickly moving from one person to another because they can’t follow the same thing for long.

They are inconsistent and unable to make concrete decisions in their life.

2 Obsessive Loop of Fears

Despite their emotional personality, people born with Moon in the 8th house have mature ideas about life. They are often found searching for the meaning of life and strategizing to accomplish their soul purpose.

Moon severely affects our thoughts and sentiments. The 8th house Moon becomes a reason for creating hurdles in your way to realize your targets and complete your assigned tasks.

It denotes karmic sufferings primarily relating to your mother’s side. The lack of affection or mother’s early death suggests psychological turmoil that might become a reason for the thorough transformation of one’s life.

The Moon creates an obsessive loop of fears about survival, love, protection and intimacy. This depression and anger actually decode an individual’s desire for true love and perfect harmony in a relationship to live a blissful life.

The Moon’s position in the 8th house is about harnessing your wild thoughts and anxiety to cater to your inner needs. When you learn to manage the personal challenges, the 8th house Moon brings good luck, prosperity and peace to your mind to live a life of your dreams.

3 Emotional Insecurity & Inferiority Complex

The most significant traits of individuals with 8th house Moon are their emotional insecurity and inferiority complex. They want to control their partner in an attempt to hide their complexities and insecurities.

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They continuously strive to be on the top in everything they do to impress others. They are extremely demanding in their romantic relationship. They get easily hurt if they find their partner prioritizing someone else over them. This is when they might call off their relationship.

Their dominating nature and mistrust issues become the enemy of their love. They have suicidal tendencies, violent thoughts and depressive minds. These individuals have an obsession with either sex or death.

Their romantic life is full of drama and upheavals. They want their partner to be appreciative of their individuality, generosity and accomplishments. Individuals with the 8th house Moon want their partner to follow their dreams.

4 The Desire for a Private Relationship

The 8th house natives do not want to publicize their love life. They want to keep their relationship away from the public eye. They want to spend their time together without thinking about the outside world.

They demand from their lover to only think about them and forget about everything else. They do not like the idea of sharing their love life and happy moments with everyone around them. Instead, keeping their life private makes their companionship flourish more.

Physical intimacy is an essential aspect of their relationship. Their relationship might start with physical attraction, but later on, they can not resist each other in any way.

5 Striking Traits and Conflicts of 8th House Moon

Individuals with 8th house Moon are well aware of their surroundings, occult, strange carnal desires and even death. Although they easily connect with others due to their deep feelings.

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But it also becomes a disadvantage in their life. They easily get hurt. They shower their pure love to those they feel attracted to and want the same to be reciprocated.

It is usual for the natives of this house to expect unfortunate events, heartbreaks and failures in life. These individuals inherit many traits from their mother’s side. They want to hide their past memories to avoid depression, pain, hatred or jealousy.

They want their close companions to believe in them and follow whatever they instruct them to do. If they do not, these individuals can have conflicts and rifts with them. They are different and confused, who can not let go of their desire for dominance.

Their refined intuition and psychic abilities make them dwell in realms of magic and alternative healing methods to nurture a better life. When it comes to lovemaking, they wish for a partner who actively listens to their fantasies and turns their intimate moments into one of its kind.

The natives of the 8th house continually reinvent their personalities and emotions to shape themselves into a better version. Although they are known for quick emotional change, but they are incredibly faithful to their partner.

Their rich imagination and supernatural abilities make them private, secretive and even alone and sad. They love being mysterious to others instead of revealing who they are.

8th house Moon symbolizes unconscious complexes and painful memories. The natives in this house often fall prey to confrontations because of their emotional nature. They can not hold onto their emotions of possessiveness, obsession, jealousy and mistrust.

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They have an inherent desire to probe deep into the depths of the soul to understand the essence of their existence.

Bottom Line

The Moon in the 8th house pushes its natives to work beyond their limits to reinvent themselves.

Though the individuals born under this house are loyal to their partners, yet owing to their sexual unrest, they can not settle into a long-term intimate relationship. They want to establish a deep connection with those they love and care for.

The 8th house is the ruler of wealth accumulated from others’ resources. It is the house of business-minded people with stellar organizational abilities. Its natives are fascinated with uncovering the details of anything hidden or forbidden.

Although people belonging to the 8th house Moon have trust issues, but they give their all to their relationship to find inner peace and security that serves as the foundation of love.