Virgo Sun Cancer Moon: The Perfect Emotional Balance

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon

A balanced personality, Virgo Sun Cancer Moon together are practical yet imaginative. Their Cancer Moon gives them the ability to intuitively discern what is right or wrong. They are deep thinkers who want the best for everyone and will help nurture others back to wellness.

Still, they are sensitive to any criticism, especially if it comes from people they are close with. Their Virgo Sun of course strives for perfection, as most Virgo placements do. But Cancer Moon comes in to balance this aspect of them by being able to talk themselves off the ledge when they’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

The Personality Of Virgo Sun Cancer Moon

Family is the center of their attention as they have a deep need for closeness with the people they surround themselves with. They are fine with not being popular as long as they have a close-knit friend and family unit to compensate for that.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon individuals take offense to those that disrespect or harm their loved ones, but for the most part they are easy-going people.

Prone to over-analyzing any person or situation, they are the type to read into any comment or insult they receive from outsiders. They don’t like feeling as if they did something wrong and will be very sensitive and even defensive if someone makes them feel as though they did.

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They tend to be guarded when first meeting someone which poses a challenge for those trying to get to know them. More than anything they fear rejection. It cuts like a deep wound when someone doesn’t like them or expresses any sort of distaste. But whenever they are comfortable, they have no problems showing off their fun and quirky side to their personality.

Since Virgo Sun Cancer Moon individuals hold great intuitiveness, they are basically human lie detectors. They don’t have time for people who are dishonest and will quickly cut someone off if they feel as if they are not being authentic. They hold great honor to rules as they can be seen as conservative or traditionalists.

Change isn’t their strong suit; they like when things are orderly and somewhat predictable. This is usually due to an unstable childhood, but of course, not everyone with these placements will experience that.

For those that do resonate with instability as a child, they tend to be the more reserved side of the Virgo Sun Cancer Moon personality.

As a whole, Virgo Sun Cancer Moon individuals tend to worry too much. They need to learn the art of patience as this is typically not their strong suit. Overall, people with this placement are sensitive souls that possess many great talents.

The only thing stopping them from reaching their greatest potential is themselves. It’s important for them to get comfortable with showing off this side to them as it can bring about many great opportunities.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon And Career

When it comes to their career, they will excel at anything that allows them to work with people and show off their empathetic side. This means careers such as social worker, doctor, nurse, therapist, or anything of the like will suit them best.

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They have a great ability to connect with people and get them to express their true emotions or thoughts. Virgo Sun Cancer Moon individuals can reason with anyone and get to the root cause of any issue. They work hard to make sure everyone’s needs are met, and they are a great asset to any team.

Since they possess the work ethic of a Virgo, they have no issues giving it their all within their career. They may even make for great business people because of their organizational skills and ability to read people well.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon And Their Love Life

When it comes to love, they need someone easygoing. They don’t do well with dynamics where one person is bossing the other around, they like an equal partnership. Virgo Sun Cancer Moon needs to also be careful about giving their partner too much of themselves. They tend to go the extra mile for others which often leaves not much energy for themselves.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon are also set in their routine and ways, so they need a partner who can be respectful of that. It will not work if their partner doesn’t pick up the slack on housework or other domestic tasks since these individuals like order and neatness.

The flipside is people with these placements are very loyal. They will do what they need to do to keep their family happy and healthy. Cancer Moons especially have a need to care for others, it’s just in their nature. They want to feel needed and won’t know what to do with themselves if they don’t have other people to care for.

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Of course, since they are so nurturing and kind, they run the risk of finding a partner who takes advantage of this side of them. It’s important that they don’t jump into any relationship too quickly so they can make sure the person they’re with is truly there for them.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon individuals are easily impressed, and they don’t care at all for material pleasures. Of course, they will appreciate a thoughtful gift, but they would much rather have someone emotionally available to them.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Man

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Man

A Virgo Sun Cancer Moon man would go to the ends of the earth for his family. Whoever ends up marrying him is a very lucky person as their spouse will always be loved and cherished. A man with these placements often has a great relationship with his parents and having children of their own is a definite goal in life.

His main mission in life is to provide for his spouse and children. Without his family, he would feel very lost in this world. With that being said, his children may view him as annoying at some points because he is so involved in their life.

Due to his Virgo Sun, he may fall into moods from time to time that makes him isolate away from others. Usually, this is from a bad day at work or because he is at odds with his family. But no matter what he will always come back to love them.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon man doesn’t typically go for the strong and independent woman (or man). He would much rather have his partner take care of the domestic duties while letting him be the breadwinner.

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He is completely devoted to his spouse and children; they will never have to wonder if his love for them is true. He will commit himself to the people he cares about, and he isn’t the type to cheat.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Woman

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Woman

The ultimate nurturer, a Virgo Sun Cancer Moon woman is also strongly attached to her family, just as a man with this placement. She is domestic and ready to take on any family responsibility where she may be needed.

She has a tendency to seem detached from time to time, but her true friends and family know that she will never go anywhere. When it comes to marriage, she may not find her perfect match on the first date. This is because she is inclined to go out with anyone who shows any sort of flirtatious energy.

She needs to use the intuitiveness from her Cancer Moon to sniff out anyone who isn’t being real with her. She may go through a few dates that try and take advantage of her niceness before settling down with the right person.

She has no shortage of emotions, which is mainly due to her water sign placement, Cancer Moon. This is why it’s important for her not to settle down with the first person she meets, she needs to take time to sort out if her emotions are true.

Once she does find her soulmate, that person is in luck. Those who are with a Virgo Sun Cancer Moon woman are in for a treat as she is always looking to improve her relationships and take care of them. She needs someone who can understand her emotional and analytical nature, and that will let her express herself as needed.

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Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Final Thoughts

Those born with this placement are in tune with their emotions and have an amazing ability to analyze any person or situation. They can get to the root of whatever issue thrown their way and work to alleviate the challenges that are associated.

Their family and friends are lucky because they have someone who will go the extra mile to make them feel secure and cared for. Virgo Sun Cancer Moon individuals illuminate the lives of anyone who has the pleasure of knowing them.