Sun Trine Venus Synastry

Sun Trine Venus Synastry

Are you about to enter a relationship and are curious to see if your natal charts are in harmony?

Are you curious to find out how your partner feels about you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you could find what you seek in a synastry chart.

For those who are new to this aspect of astrology, it is not as complex as often initially thought.

Synastry is all about comparing the astrological charts of you and your partner to determine your compatibility with each other.

You might think that such information is irrelevant and hardly necessary. But they do save you a great deal of headaches as they let you know what to expect in a relationship.

In this guide we’ll uncover everything you need to know about Sun trine Venus synastry. From its symbolism to making a relationship work and more.

Symbolism Of The Sun And Venus

The Sun depicts our personal identity, glory, aspiration, dignity, and nobility. It also symbolizes our self-worth and strength.

Its presence in our natal charts establishes our life purpose. The Sun helps us rationalize things, tells us where to be independent, and how to make the best decisions.

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The Sun also reveals areas we have a natural affinity for and how we can shine there.

On the other hand, Venus rules over beauty, attraction, love, art, and style. When Venus is in a sign, it reveals the things that attract us. It also shows us how we relate to others and the way we behave around other people. Not only that, but Venus also reveals our principles and the things we value.

Positive Aspects Of The Sun Trine Venus Synastry

The attraction between Sun and Venus is mutual in this synastry.

The Venus partner loves the charismatic confidence and natural strength that Sun possesses. The Sun person is enamored with their partner’s style, charm, expressiveness, and affectionate personality.

1 Supportive, Loving and Playful

This attraction ensures both partners pull their weight in the relationship. So it is common to see Venus and Sun supporting each other’s goals and dreams.

In addition, both signs will encourage their partner to fully express their pleasure-loving and playful sides. Since Venus and Sun are attracted to the same interests, for example the arts, the playful energy around them is always harmonious. This harmony makes them equal partners in the search for pleasure and comfort.

2 Creativity

However, even though they both love the arts, both signs are likely to express their creativity through different mediums.

For instance, Venus could be consumed with hobbies that require artistic expression such as painting, sculpting, decoration, designing etc. And since the Sun loves the spotlight, they would naturally opt for dramatics, dance, or the theatre.

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3 Naturally Defined Roles

In the relationship, the Sun partner naturally assumes the leadership role. But this does not happen because Venus is intimidated by the strong personality of their partner. It is mostly because Venus is content to take the back seat and does not feel overshadowed by their Sun partner.

This clear definition of roles thoroughly benefits both signs. With the absence of any leadership tussle, the Sun partner relaxes their guard and becomes comfortable with their Venus partner.

This in turn creates the right atmosphere for the Venus partner to fully express their affectionate nature without holding back.

Negative Aspects Of The Sun Trine Venus Synastry

There is always the flip side of the coin, and the Sun trine Venus synastry is no different. The most common cause of discord between both signs is their different value system.

1 Different Values

Venus loves to constantly indulge in a decadent lifestyle. And while the Sun partner does like their pleasures, they believe it should be done once in a while not always.

Besides, Sun views their Venus partner constant seeking for pleasures as unnatural. These different views leads to disagreements and rifts between both signs.

2 Determined and Sometimes Inconsiderate

Sun is ambitious, driven, egotistical, and determined to achieve their goals. When Sun is this focused, they don’t allow anything to stand in their way including their partners.

But, this may cause the Sun to unintentionally hurt Venus feelings and even overstep their boundaries.

When this happens, you get a situation where Sun is laser-focused on their aspirations while their Venus partner tries to keep the relationship conflict-free.

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3 Caring Gestures are Not Reciprocated

Also, Venus desire to live in harmony will see them bending backwards for their Sun partner.

They will usually go out of their way to please their Sun partner even to their detriment. Venus does this because they expect Sun to reciprocate their gestures. Sometimes, it works but mostly, Venus does not always get what they want.

The Sun person is always too focused on their own path to return the love and support they get from their Venus partner. Besides, Venus willingness to compromise only makes their Sun partner unappreciative of their gestures and takes them for granted.

4 Manipulative Tactics

But, in a bid to counter the Sun’s dictatorship and egotism, the Venus person can resort to manipulative tactics such as passive-aggressiveness. Venus can even charm or flatter their partner into doing what they want.

Also, Venus penchant to bend backwards for Sun and the lack of reciprocation from their partner can cause Venus to resent their partner. When there is no resolution, Venus affections and love can devolve into hate.

Creating Harmony In The Sun Trine Venus Synastry

Venus need to overcompensate for Sun’s shortcomings deeply points to their low self-esteem, insecurity, and lack of confidence.

This low self-esteem keeps them from sharing their creativity with other people and even partners. Also, their lack of assertiveness and people-pleasing ways usually makes others walk all over them.

With this in mind, Sun can work with Venus to build confidence in themselves and their identity. Sun can also teach Venus the techniques for setting boundaries so as to keep them from being doormats.

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In addition, Sun should not always be focused on their goals as it causes them to neglect their Venus partner.

Instead, the Sun person should make a conscious effort to reciprocate the gestures and attention of their Venus partner. Carving out the time from their busy schedules to make an emotional connection with their Venus partner can do the relationship a world of good.

Last Words

The Sun trine Venus synastry is good for both platonic and romantic relationships. The combination encourages teamwork and harmony causing both partners to be at ease with each other and contented in their relationship.

With that said, both signs should watch out for conceit in each other. Also, Venus and Sun should ensure that they both do their part in making one another happy.

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