Venus In Libra – What Does This Symbolize & How Does It Affect Your Life?

Now that my natal chart shows that Venus is in Libra, what do I do next?

How does this event affect my life assuming it has any influence at all?

Is there any special message attached to this reveal that I should know about?

If you are reading this, it is certain that the above questions and many more must have run through your mind at one point in time. In this post, we’ll answer these questions and more explaining what this means for you, your personality traits and your love life.

Symbolism of Venus in Libra

In astrology, Venus rules over our attractions, pleasure, the desire to gain material possessions, and the things that comfort us. It is for these reasons that Venus is regarded as the planet of love and affection.

Libra, on the other hand, is the most harmonious of all the zodiac signs. Its major focus is fostering unions and thus, it is no surprise that it rules over marriage, reconciliation, partnerships, and diplomacy.

It is quite interesting to point out that Venus is the natural ruler of the Libra zodiac sign. So when Venus places in Libra, it is actually nestling in its home. And this brings about harmony, balance and the purest form of love.

General qualities of Venus in Libra

When you talk about sociable personalities, Venus in Libra signs are high up the list. They blend well into any social circle and are particularly good at connecting like-minded strangers with each other.

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This trait is a major reason why their advice and opinions are highly sought after by both friends and acquaintances. In any case, you can almost say it is easy for them to be matchmakers, especially when you look at their calibre of friends.

Venus in Libra signs usually have friends that are a clear reflection of them. They avoid uncouth, tactless, and aggressive people, preferring, instead, those that are poised and refined.

Balance and a state of harmony is very important to these individuals. No matter the situation they find themselves in, they always consciously seek for the middle ground. In a conflicting atmosphere, you will never see these persons picking sides.

Rather, they tend to be the mediators and peacemakers. This diplomatic role comes easily to them because they have a natural gift for seeing things from opposing perspectives and coming to a solution that is beneficial to all.

In addition, this need for balance in every sphere of their lives also means Venus in Libra signs love to please people. They are ever willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their loved ones are happy.

Persons with this natal chart are kind, extremely well-mannered, and pretty adept at treating everyone fairly. They tend to have a strong admiration for social crusaders who champion the cause of equality and justice.

These people love and value everything that has to do with art. To them, life is all about justice, balance, and beauty. If one is asked to name their personal style, it will be christened as charming and graceful.

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They think nothing of spending money to invest in quality fabrics that makes them look classy. They tend to carve out their own style and will not be caught in the latest fashion trends.

Individuals with Venus in Libra signs love engaging in activities that stimulate their brain. Get them puzzles, brain teasers or engage them in witty banters and they will love you forever. Apart from the fact that it sharpens their mental acuity, these brainy activities tend to keep them always on their toes.

Positive traits of Venus in Libra

If this is your natal chart, then you must have a reputation for being easygoing. With you, there are no complicated sides. Friendship with you is as simple as it can be. You are also known for being a dynamic and energetic talker.

This trait is particularly obvious when you are discussing global issues associated with the concepts of fair play and justice. It is no surprise that this is your favorite topic because you are passionate about seeing that everyone is treated fairly and squarely.

You also have a reputation for having extremely good manners. In fact, most people consider you to be a literal example of poise and gracefulness. No matter the situation or even if an event calls for it, you will never use vulgar words. This refined mien of yours also goes hand-in-hand with your elegant and classy style.

Not only that, you have a knack for putting people at ease, even strangers you are meeting for the first time. Is it any wonder then that you are really good at settling squabbles and defusing explosive situations in your social circle?

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It also helps that you have the ability to read a room and know what to say that can endear people to you.

Negative traits of Venus in Libra

The act of always trying to please people can come at the detriment of their well-being and this could build a wall of resentment in them. Being a people pleaser also makes them a doormat and a prime target for bullies to push around.

These individuals also tend to be indecisive and can never seem to make up their minds about what they want. This can be frustrating when they find themselves in an environment where they have to take fast decisions.

Venus in Libra and love

Individuals with this sign are true romantics, they are in love with the whole concept of love and romance. When they get into a relationship, they go in fully without any reservations.

They thrive and bloom in relationships where they know they are loved by their partners. After all, being in a union is one of the ultimate needs of this sign.

They usually rush headlong into a new relationship and overwhelm their partners with their sharing nature. However, since they derive immense joy from the act of sharing, they run the risk of revealing too much information, too soon.

A great way to avoid this is for Venus in Libra signs to ensure that their partners feel the same way about them. Once they are certain of this, it will be pretty hard for anyone to take advantage of them.

They usually treat their partners in the exact way they want to be treated and can become unhappy if the affection is not reciprocated. Fortunately, it is quite easy to please Venus in Libra signs; simply be fair and kind to them and you will have their loyalties forever.

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Last words

Your poise, refined nature, kindness and friendliness will take you far on your life’s journey. So don’t relent in doing them. However, understand that it is impossible to please everyone and you will only be harming yourself if you continue on this path. Even though you are a natural born diplomat, it never hurts to choose a side sometimes.