Aquarius In 5th House – Dreamer, Gambler, Lover

Aquarius In 5th House

In certain respects, Aquarius is a natural fit with the fifth house.

Aquarius’s fast learning, quirky nature combines well with the 5th house’s desire for fun and growth. These two astrological signs come together to help us unlock new insights, but they can also provide us with some challenges we need to overcome.

Here is how having Aquarius in the house of growth and fun can shape a character.

Aquarius – It’s Actually An Air Sign

Let’s clear up one misconception. People often think of Aquarius as a water sign because of its name, but it’s actually an air sign.

Individuals with an Aquarius placement are advanced learners, smart, and self-reliant. They tend to be very emotionally aware and open to new experiences. Before we start thinking they are flawless – like some Aquarians would suggest – there are some flaws to consider.

Aquarius can also be emotionally distant, irresponsible, and, well, a little full of themselves sometimes.

5th House – Pleasure, Fun, And Character

The 5th house is tied into pleasure, fun, and the taste that we develop for the things that we enjoy the most. This is the house where your character grows to its fullest potential.

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The 5th house is tied in it to culturally important concepts like childhood, pregnancy, and the moments that are most full of the potential to create something wonderful.

Aquarius In 5th House – Character Traits

Whenever Aquarius is involved you can bet there’s going to be some interesting character traits in an individual’s natal chart. This is someone who’s going to be in touch with emotions and a little smarter than average, but you can expect a certain amount of overconfidence to pop up in their character as well.

Let’s see how this manifests when Aquarius is in the 5th house.

1 Dreaming Big

If you know anything about Aquarius, this one’s going to be no surprise at all. This individual has a tendency for dreaming big and easily grasping the bigger picture. Whether they’re all in for a political cause or they’re starting their own company, they’ve got big plans and all the energy it takes to get there.

Keep in mind, the big dreams require a lot of small details. This individual might not always be the best when it comes with the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make these lofty goals a reality. Slowing down and analyzing things step-by-step is going to be key to making sure these dreams become a little bit more real.

2 The Gambler

Can you think about some risks in your life that have been well worth taking?

That’s the exact kind of attitude that someone with an Aquarius in the 5th house placement is going to bring to the world. They are the consummate gambler whether this appears as a positive or negative trait.

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After all, sometimes we need to take a risk. We take risks when we make new career moves, and we take risks when we start a new relationship with someone new. An individual with this kind of Aquarius placement is going to be much more in tune with this kind of gambling than other placements.

However, this can also have negative character traits as well. This individual might treat these situations a little more like gambling at the casino than a level-headed risk assessment. Don’t forget to keep your goals in front of the thrill of gambling.

3 Get Ready for Change

Aquarius is an air sign and those signs are known for their ability to rapidly change and avoid ever being pinned down into easy to define categories. The 5th house is also a site of immense personal growth. When you combine these two factors, you’re going to get someone who changes quicker and easier than most.

In fact, this might make this person seem flighty from the outside. For individuals who take life at a slower pace, it might seem like this person is always changing their mind and never settling down.

However, in the heart of the Aquarius in the 5th house placement, they’re just always ready to adapt to new information and new situations.

4 Be Careful With Short Romantic Flings

These individuals are going to have a lot of problems when it comes to handling short romantic flames. These types of relationships are well and good for most people, but someone with an Aquarius in the 5th house placement is going to have a little bit of a hard time when it comes to relationships that are more about sexual passion than love.

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This doesn’t rule out friends with benefits or short relationships, but it does create a little bit more of a challenge. An Aquarius in the 5th house placement tends to burn through these relationships pretty quickly.

This doesn’t mean they’re bad with romance, it just means that they’re looking for love. If the love isn’t genuine, then neither is the relationship.

5 Enjoy Your Weird Hobbies

One of the most overlooked traits of the 5th house is that it’s the house of fun. This is where you go to relax, unwind, and kick back after a hard day’s work. Enjoying ourselves and having a good time is just part of life so of course that’s going to be represented in the stars.

However, always count on an Aquarius to make things a little weird. This individual is going to have some quirky hobbies. Whether they love doing tricks on their penny-farthing bike or they have an entire recreation of Middle Earth and Legos in their basement, this person’s going to have some pretty out their hobbies.

The key here is to pursue those hobbies and trust in the fact that you’ll find people that share those same interests. Even your friends who aren’t into local mycology are still going to take joy in the fact that you found things you’re passionate about.

Don’t be shy about the odd hobbies you’re into.

6 One Tip for Future Children

Our stars can also tell us things about the types of children we’re going to have in the future. Aquarius is well-known as a rebel and an Aquarius and the 5th house is definitely going to have kids that have a rebellious streak.

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As a parent, it’s going to be tempting to lay down the law. However, you should think back to when you were a young rebel and how you wanted to be treated back in the day. Give your kids a safe platform to express their individuality and freedom while still giving them the necessary structure they need to grow up.

7 Keep Your Inner Rebel Focussed

Speaking about her as a rebel, one of the most well-known character flaws for someone with an Aquarius in the 5th house placement is being a rebel without a cause. This can make these individuals cruel, biting, and lash out just for the sake of looking for something to fight against.

The key to overcoming this challenge is to keep your inner rebel focused. This isn’t about silencing your desire for change, but about giving it a positive outlet so that you can make the world a better place.

8 Stay Aware of The Feelings of Others

When Aquarius and the 5th house combined there’s an unfortunate side effect that can cause individuals to ignore the feelings of the people around them. We often become too preoccupied with our own dreams, rebellions, and personal focus which makes us lose sight of the feelings of the people we care about most.

Even though an Aquarius moves as freely as the air around us, it’s still worth taking the time to put down some roots and get connected with the feelings of the people around you.

Aquarius In 5th House Romance

We should spend a bit of time focusing on the love life of individuals with an Aquarius in the 5th house placement. This is a bit of an interesting one when it comes to dating. Having an Aquarius and the 5th house placement means having a very specific kind of love life.

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We’ve already talked about how short flings and friends with benefits situations tend to run out of steam quickly for this individual. This is because the combination of Aquarius and the 5th house encourages an individual to seek out long-term love.

It’s less about the particular shape of the relationship and more about how genuine that love really is. This is why plenty of individuals with an Aquarius and the 5th house placement tend to start off their relationship as Platonic friends before becoming romantically involved.

These types of Aquarius signs need to know that the love is real before the romance can start sparking off. This might take some time to build up towards. If you find yourself in love with an Aquarius with this placement, be ready to put in some emotional work before they’ll start catching feelings.

Wrapping Up Aquarius In 5th House

When you combine Aquarius and the 5th house you get an interesting blend of character traits that brings out an inner sense of freedom and combines it with our inner child and lifelong growth. This presents plenty of opportunities for interesting character development, but also reminds us to keep the emotions and feelings of the people around us in mind.