Venus In 8th House – The Influence of Love, Sex, and Death

Venus In 8th House

The relationship between love, sex, and death is just about as old as human literature and art. These are fascinating parts of our experience in this world, and they intertwine with each other.

A Venus in the 8th house placement, or transit, is the meeting of these influences. This is a combination of material and emotional forces that govern some of life’s most wonderful, and most challenging, moments.

If you have your Venus in the 8th house, you’ve got some interesting things in store for you.

Venus – Relationships, Intimacy, And, Of Course, Sex

Venus has one of the best reputations when it comes to all astrology.

This is the planetary body that governs sex, intimacy, and relationships. It’s worth keeping in mind that these relationships are more than just with romantic partners, but can also be the relationships we have with friends or the relationship we have with our finances.

Venus also tells us a lot about how we experience love, affection, and pleasure. How Venus is placed in your astrological chart can give you some insight into not only how you enjoy receiving love, but also how you enjoy giving love. This planet can also let you know a few things about how you want to experience luxury and personal enjoyment.

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8th House – Sex And Death

The 8th house in astrology is associated with sex and death. Despite this rock and roll association, the 8th house doesn’t have a strictly positive or negative influence. However, the 8th house does have a powerful impact on everything from relationships to how our legacy is remembered.

Venus In 8th House – Natal Chart Traits

Having Venus in the 8th House in your natal chart is largely beneficial. This astrological combination creates plenty of positive change in a person’s character, but there are a few trade-offs and flaws that individuals will have to overcome.

1 Signs of a Beneficial Marriage

Let’s start with one of the pieces of good news for individuals with a Venus in 8th house placement. This combination of astrological signifiers is often associated with a beneficial marriage.

It’s very common for individuals with his placement to marry into relationships that are happy, long-lasting, and involve a significant step-up in personal finances.

It might be a bit of a struggle to find the person you’re meant to be with, but once you find them things are going to look up. This individual’s partner could come from a wealthy family, have a great eye for business, or just be able to encourage success in your chosen career.

What’s better than finding love and improving your financial standing at the same time?

2 An Occult Interest

The 8th house has a powerful reputation with the occult. No matter which planet or sign it’s interacting with, it’s going to have a mystical or psychic impact on an individual’s character. Since Venus governs passion, it’s common for individuals with this placement to have an interest in the occult.

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This might be as simple as a fascination with astrology, but it could be a much more complicated dedication to a magical tradition or in a cult religion. The presence of the mystic and the occult will have itself known in this individual’s life even if it appears in an unexpected area.

3 Sudden Wealth and Good Profits

Here’s some really great news for individuals that have this astrological placement. There’s a tendency for wealth and good fortune to just fall into the laps of individuals that have their Venus in the 8th house. This money often comes from an inheritance or from marrying into a family that has a better economic standing.

It’s worth keeping in mind that money easily gained is money easily lost. Any funds that suddenly find their way into your wallet should be carefully used and judiciously saved. After all, it’s bad to make a habit of relying on these unpredictable, yet sudden, bouts of good fortune.

4 Can’t Get No Satisfaction

One of the big challenges individuals with Venus in the 8th house placement face is a difficulty in getting satisfaction. In a certain sense, their eyes are bigger than their stomachs which means that they desire far more than they can ever take.

This can pop up in their romantic relationships, their spending habits, and in any other area of life where a desire is being fulfilled. Finding a way to achieve your satisfaction while recognising the complexities of the world around you is a key part of growing with a Venus in the 8th House placement.

5 Trouble In Finding The Right Partner

This individual is also going to have a significant struggle finding the right partner. It’s going to be incredibly challenging to find someone that’s on their same wavelength, but there is someone right for them out there. The key is not to fool yourself into settling for anything less than your heart’s desire.

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There are always trade-offs to make when starting a new relationship. You and your partner are going to have to make adjustments as you grow together. However, it’s important not to sacrifice the things that are incredibly important personally, culturally, and in the other areas of your life that have been with you for years.

6 Attraction to the Taboo

Everyone has some attraction to the taboo inside them. With individuals that have their Venus in the 8th house, this attraction is more than a small part of their character.

This attraction can manifest in several ways. This fascination with the taboo can be an individual is studying magic and the occult, or it can be a kinky sexual relationship with their romantic partner. The taboo isn’t always bad, but it is almost always socially transgressive.

Learning who to share taboo interest with is a key part of managing this astrological placement. It’s also important to be able to open up, especially to long-term romantic partners, despite the 8th house’s desire to keep things secret.

7 Be Careful In Conversation

This is one of the biggest challenges that an individual with their Venus and the 8th house is going to have to face. This individual can be incredibly biting with their commentary. They have a way of knowing exactly what’s going to push someone’s buttons even if they’ve just met.

They also might not be fully aware of how much damage they can do with their words. Because this information comes so easily to them thanks to the 8th house being associated with secrecy and the occult, this individual has a tendency to say things that are incredibly hurtful without intending to be so dramatic.

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Individuals with their Venus in the 8th house or going to stand to gain a lot from the old saying ‘think before you speak’.

8 Follow Through With Your Commitments

Individuals who have a Venus in the 8th house natal chart placement are going to be in an interesting position when it comes to following through with what they’ve been tasked to accomplish or with what they’ve promised.

These individuals are extremely devoted. They will be devoted to both their romantic partner as well as devoted to their career and friends. However, they can also have a tendency for being a little superficial and distrusting. This creates some internal conflict when it comes to following through on that devotion.

Sticking to your guns and keeping your promises will help individuals with a Venus in the 8th house placement balance out these counterparts.

Venus In 8th House Transit

When Venus transits to the 8th house plenty of interesting things happen in terms of our romance, our personal lives, and even our financial outlook.

When Venus transits through the 8th house, you can expect that you might be opening up to romantic encounters you might not have otherwise considered. The 8th house is often associated with secrecy in the occult and Venus, of course, is the goddess of love. These two combined to help even the most shy individuals have a little bit more luck and love than usual.

This transit can also inspire individuals to get a better handle on even the most difficult circumstances. The passion that comes from Venus and the interesting perspectives that enter and exit the 8th house can help individuals play even some of the most challenging hands for the win.

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This is also time to be on the lookout for unexpected financial gain. Spending these funds wisely will help you keep an upper hand once this transit ends.

Wrapping Up Venus In 8th House

Individuals with a Venus in 8th house placement are going to find themselves fortunate when it comes to Landing a stable relationship that might also improve their finances. However, they’re going to have some challenges when it comes to trust and finding the right partner.

All in all, this is a positive astrological combination that gives individuals some unique insight into some of the biggest life events that we all share.