Neptune in The 8th House

Neptune in The 8th House

People who have Neptune in their 8th House are analytical, spiritual, generous, and moody.

These natives freely give in almost all aspects of their life. They give their time, love, money, and energy without a second thought. To them, being open and wanting to share with the people they love the most is natural to them, and it brings them joy.

This reckless showering of their resources can hinder them; people with Neptune in their 8th House really need to set boundaries to maintain a healthy balance and stay safe.

Because these natives are so welcoming, generous, and trusting, they will be targeted and used a lot in their youth. Even as young adults, they are susceptible to falling for convincing scams.

They can also be manipulated or financially abused by their lovers or partners too. People who have Neptune in their 8th House don’t place much importance on their finances. They’re happy to give it all away in exchange for companionship and to please the person they love.

Thankfully, as they age, they will wise up to this and start to protect themselves. It just takes time.


Neptune rules intuition, spirituality, empathy, imagination, and fantasies.

The planet Neptune moves slowly in the outer regions of our solar system; it influences entire generations. Neptune takes one hundred and sixty-five years for it to travel the entire zodiac.

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On the upside, Neptune reveals our world’s consciousness, compassion for each other, nearly limitless potential, agape love, and the truth. This side of Neptune relies wholly on faith and cannot be fully understood.

On the downside, Neptune unveils misconceptions, lies, deceit, addiction, fantasy escapism, and dark disillusion.

As people come closer to reaching their life goals, especially if their mission is to become famous or wealthy, Neptune’s negative manifestations will push down on them with heavy forces. This is exactly why so many seemingly “perfect” or “successful” people suddenly turn to drugs, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, or other dangerous addictions.

8th House

8th House

The 8th House is the doorway to the spirit world. It represents relationships, and taboos, especially death, sex, resurrection, and shared resources (aka- other people’s belongings).

In birth charts, the 8th House pertains to the spiritual learning experiences. It is known to affect how people live, how they handle their assets, metaphorical deaths (rebirths, big life changes, etc.), how often people will brush with death, and ultimately, when and how they will finally die.

The 8th House covers shared resources, especially in the financial sense. Taxes, inheritances, alimony, joint ventures, and other forms of financial support all fall under this umbrella. Finances are a focal point of the 8th House. When this collides with the rebirth and transformation influences of the 8th House, you’ll see that money reveals people’s true natures.

It is a common belief that money changes people. No, instead, it simply reveals their true identities that have been concealed before. The 8th House makes it all come to light.

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Neptune In The 8th House

When Neptune enters the 8th House, spirituality is better understood, and the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thin. People who have this placement have solid and accurate intuitions. They also experience deja vu often and may even have psychic abilities or prophesy dreams.

Regardless of if these natives dream of the spiritual or physical world, they fantasize a lot, and with a vivid picture too. Their dreams and thoughts are as real and present as the world around them. They can picture anything; it is one of their gifts.

Strengths Of Neptune In The 8th House

People who have Neptune in their 8th House are spiritual, observant, loving, generous, decisive, and intuitive.

One of the main components of people with this placement is their undying desire to give to and serve others. They can anticipate the needs of other people, often before other people can pinpoint exactly what they need or crave.

It’s easy for them to fall into a pattern of constantly hyper-analyzing others, catching the little signs that they have a need, and then selflessly fulfilling that need without saying a word. If they are in a codependent relationship, especially with a selfish or narcissistic person, their kindness quickly becomes expected by the other person.

From childhood well into their early to mid-thirties, people with Neptune in their 8th House are likely to take part in unhealthy relationships. It’s not that they’re naive; they just want to give and please.

Luckily, with time and experience, they will recognize the pattern, learn how to set and enforce boundaries, and expect better for themselves. They never lose their sense of loving-kindness or generosity; they simply learn how to rein it in and reserve it for people who are truly deserving of it.

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Like most other placements, these natives mature and do better with age.

Another perk of Neptune in the 8th House is a sense of decisiveness and seemingly divine instruction. People born into this placement are gifted with an intuition that is so strong their ancestors may as well be sitting in the room with them, guiding them on their life journey.

For those in transit, their intuition feels stronger and has greater accuracy. It is easier to make decisions and feel at peace with these choices during this time. This is one of the gifts of Neptune in the 8th House.

Weaknesses Of Neptune In The 8th House

For people born into this placement, codependency, abuse, deceit, addiction, and other undesirable traits can be prevalent. It is easy for them to fall victim to tricksters, scammers, and liars. They believe in other people and don’t want to see the ugliness that hides in some.

Occasionally, this happens out of selfless love. Sometimes it happens because they love to live in their fantasy world; it’s difficult for them to accurately view reality, meaning they see the world through brightly rose-colored glasses.

This optimistic view of people and life can also wreak havoc on their finances. Even during hard times, people who are born with Neptune in the 8th House believe that their luck will turn around soon and are happy to hold on.

They are more likely to take on loans with high interest give away the majority of their cash with the expectation that they will miraculously make enough money later on. Being broke or in debt are large possibilities for these natives.

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If a friend or family member asks for help, they don’t mind giving away their last few dollars, even if it means it will run them short (or completely break them).

It is essential that people with this particular placement learn how to set boundaries, enforce boundaries, budget, and get a realistic view of their world and finances. This takes time, but it is entirely possible.

During transit, lies and deceit is usually unveiled. This is the time for the darker aspects of life to be seen and corrected.

Lastly, addiction is a more significant problem for this specific group. They are highly sensitive to all substances, so it takes very little to put them under the influence in a strong, dangerous way. They need to find a friend, mentor, or therapist to pull them away, should they even fall into dangerous habits.

Neptune In The 8th House Romance

Since people with Neptune in their 8th House are so trusting and generous, they are prone to be taken advantage of; especially financially speaking.

For these natives, it would be best to find a partner who is looking for a long-term commitment which is also generous and economically secure. This will prevent the person with Neptune in their 8th House from being used, and it will create a healthy balance in their relationship.

It is important for them to be able to connect with their partner on a highly intimate spiritual level. Yes, their sexual chemistry can be off-the-charts incredible- but this doesn’t hold a candle to their deeply spiritual intimacies.

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Speaking of sexuality, since these natives love to fantasize and can vividly picture anything they want, they are masters of fantasizing about what they want in the bedroom.

For them, lovemaking doesn’t begin in the bedroom; it begins first thing in the morning as they start their day and start to have flashes of the fantastical adventures they hope to have with their partner that night. They are always “on,” and it’s best if they can find a partner who thinks and operates similarly.

People with Neptune in their 8th House are generous lovers who live to give. They are happy to spend lots of time and effort on their partner, especially in the bedroom. Their lover is sure to feel seen, noticed, and worshipped in between the sheets.

While these natives love to give and don’t ask for anything in return, they will flourish with an equally selfless partner who also wants to give love.

Final Thoughts About Neptune In The 8th House

Neptune in the 8th House is filled with mystery, life-changing transformations, deceit, generosity, wealth, sexual relations, and death.

This placement is unique and controls some of the most critical aspects of human life and should not be easily dismissed. Understanding the transit and placements can give people an edge and help them better understand themselves and the world around them.