Aquarius Man and Jealousy: Everything You Need To Know

Aquarius Man and Jealousy

When it comes to the Aquarius man and jealousy it’s not always easy to figure out what he’s feeling, thinking or how to respond.

In this complete guide you’ll find out how to tell if he is jealous, how to respond and more.

How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Is Feeling Jealous

1 He Becomes Possessive or Controlling

If he suddenly acts controlling or second-guesses more of your actions, it’s almost certainly because his insecurities are getting the best of him.

It’s not common for Aquarius to act controlling, but when they do, it usually happens in the form of him trying to occupy all of your time, and asking for lots of details on your day-to-day life. He does this so you don’t have time to see or think about other people.

Sometimes this is more muted and pleasant though. For an Aquarius man with just a hint of jealousy, he may do a better job of honoring your love language.

This can happen with him spending more quality time with you, taking you out on planned dates, offering to help you more in your daily routine, giving you a steady supply of thoughtful gifts, or leaving you kind, uplifting notes, and text messages.

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While these actions are nice to be on the receiving end of, be sure to take time to talk to your Aquarius man and really check on him. This will give you an opportunity to ease his mind, talk through the insecurities, and find new solutions for you two as a couple.

If all is well, start reciprocating your love through his love language. Returning the love will ease his mind and put these nagging insecurities of his to bed once and for all.

2 His Insecurities Begin to Show Through

An insecure Aquarius man will second-guess you a lot, battle you for power, and even act condescending towards you. He may undermine you in front of others, start to angle against you, using your insecurities, or play mind games.

To nip this in the bud, you need to have an honest, level-headed conversation about your feelings right away. He isn’t going to want to participate, but it is absolutely necessary.

3 He’s Acting Detached or Oddly Reserved

Aquarius men get comically uncomfortable with negative feelings and energies. He absolutely cannot handle them because he hasn’t learned how to regulate himself.

If he seems to pull away from you, especially in an emotional sense, it’s because he’s trying to sort through his feelings on his own. He is looking at the situation that made him feel this way from every angle, and he’s also examining his own behaviors that led to this.

He is nearly incapable of thinking through these feelings and situation with another person, which is why he acts so reserved and cold. Aquarius men have to be alone to think and process their feelings.

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If he feels that his insecurities are justified, he will quickly and coldly break off the relationship if you have been together for a while. For younger, less established friendships, he’s likely going to ghost you without an explanation or have any type of conversation. He just wants out and to go away while his ego is still intact.

4 He Acts Out

If his insecurities are particularly strong, it is not uncommon for a jealous Aquarius man to revisit his romantic options.

He partially does this because he wants to subconsciously (though not outright) hurt you, but he also does it because he doesn’t want to be alone, or feel humiliated if you leave him. Feeling safe with extra options protects his ego and makes him feel safer.

This is one of the more toxic traits that he needs to work on, but he will procrastinate for as long as he possibly can.

5 He Outright Tells You

Most Aquarius natives are forthright and matter-of-fact.

He is an expert at detaching himself from his emotions, which is why he is usually so calm and logical. He wants to cut straight to the truth, and avoid drama at all costs. It’s important for you and him to be on the same page, and for both of you to be clear about your intentions, directions, and actions.

Tread lightly, if you have done anything to betray his trust, it is easy for him to walk away without a second thought. His ability to detach himself from his emotions makes this easy. His ego also contributes to this trait.

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On the bright side, if you haven’t done anything to hurt him, he will quickly drop the subject and move along. He doesn’t enjoy drama, and won’t draw this issue out. He wants to get back to the way things were.

How To Make An Aquarius Man Jealous

If you want to instigate feelings of jealousy in your Aquarius man, here’s exactly how to do that. Use these sparingly, and for good, not evil. Keep in mind that Aquarius men don’t like to play games or engage in drama, so use these tactics sparingly, and know that overusing them can lead to him breaking up with you or ghosting you. You’ve been warned!

1 Downplay His Role in Your Life

Aquarius men are known to be prideful. If you want him to feel jealous of you, you need to make him feel more like a side character in your story, and not the sweeping, epic, main love interest. He sees himself as the primary character, so yanking that rug out from underneath him will have him thinking and wondering what else is going on in your life.

Don’t drop everything you’re doing to accommodate him. It’s okay to ask for a rain check on that next date.

If he asks you as a spur of the moment thing to spend the afternoon with him, at least take a moment to pretend as if you may have something else going on.

If he doesn’t feel like he is the center of your world, he’s going to rethink things and grow a little jealous.

2 Act a Bit Mysterious

This goes hand in hand with the last point.

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He is not entitled to every detail of your life and what you’re up to; use this to your advantage.

Drop a fun nugget of information about yourself and leave it. Don’t indulge the details to him, and don’t tell him everything about yourself.

This advice works well in two ways, because for one, he will feel jealous. But also, this will make him curious, and want to chase you even more. Aquarius men love a good pursuit, especially in romantic relationships, so this is a great way to pull him into you.

If you want to take this a step further, make your visits and interactions with him sweet and adventurous, but also short. If you don’t have a lot of time for him, he’s going to be so interested in what else you’re up to that he won’t be able to stand it. This will also leave him pining for you and feeling clingy.

Clinginess and neediness are not comfortable or common feelings for him. He’s going to wonder what it is about you that’s so unique and intriguing. If you play your cards right, he will be so interested in you that you’ll be all that he can think about, all the time.

3 Don’t Act Needy, Jealous, or Possessive Yourself

While this trait won’t necessarily make him feel jealous of you, it will make you more attractive to him. He is not impressed by these actions and may feel compelled to leave or end the relationship if you are too much of any of these.

Remember that Aquarius men are down to earth and logical people who will avoid drama and emotional outbursts at nearly all costs. Always keep this in mind when you’re around your Aquarius man.

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The Best Way To Stop An Aquarius Man’s Jealousy

Now you know what triggers his insecurities and envy, but how do you shut them off and lean into a healthy relationship with your Aquarius man?

Here are some of the best ways to calm his mind and build a happy and healthy, jealousy-free relationship.

1 Give Him Space, But Communicate

Aquarius men are independent and value their time alone. It’s ideal if you’re similar. He feels his best when he is allowed to keep his independence.

If you want to honor one another’s personal space and privacy while maintaining a jealousy-free relationship, make sure you take the time to inform each other of what you’re up to.

If you’ll be away from your phone all day on Saturday because you’ll be out on a hike, tell him in advance. Also, let him know where you’ll be going, and who you’ll be going with. It only takes a few moments to tell him, and it will ease his mind so much.

2 Check In With Each Other Emotionally

While it’s true that Aquarius natives don’t necessarily enjoy talking about their emotions, it’s still a wise idea to occasionally discuss how you’re both feeling and how you can improve the relationship.

He may take a more logical or analytical stance, but as long as he feels heard, seen, and respected, he’s going to be happy.

If he does mention that there are things you’re doing to upset him, listen closely and take the time to be self-reflective. It’s not easy for him to dig deep, so it’s important for him to talk about it.